Great Business Ideas: Redefine your audience

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Redefine your audience Finding new audiences for your product can allow you to broaden your sales potential and escape crowded markets. The idea Do you think you know who the best people are to target with your marketing? Think again. Reconsidering who may be interested in your products opens … Read more

Great Business Ideas: Valuing instinct

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Valuing instinct Personal qualities such as instinct, experience, and intuition can be used to defy market research and create a previously untapped niche in the market. The idea Market research is often hailed as the main factor that should drive decision making. However, instinct, personal experience, and intuition are … Read more

Great Business Ideas: Partnering

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Partnering With commercial partnerships, firms can pool resources and achieve complex goals that might otherwise have been out of their individual reach. The idea By organizing a corporate partnership it is possible to use your competitor’s resources—such as transport networks, physical structures, raw materials, knowledge, and customer reputation—to realize … Read more