My other home

It’s not been a year since the blog was launched, and I have the chance and the honor to have been invited several times to participate in inter-blogger events . The logic is as follows: a theme is defined and shared, then each blogger is invited to write an article on the subject, all within … Read more

Good resolutions or well-defined goals?

There you go, 2014 is gone and a new year 2015 full of promise is starting slowly. The time has come to take stock of the past year and define your goals and desires for the one that is beginning, all accompanied by your traditional good resolutions. But before all that, I take advantage of … Read more

The skills and qualities of a sales supervisor

A sales supervisor is the manager of a sales team within a company. Being affiliated with a sector or a line of products, he is both the supervisor and the manager of the sales objectives with the management. A sales supervisor can perform the same role of a sales manager. Thus, both work under the … Read more

Understand the world of finance

Even if some say that the world of finance is an enemy in times of financial crisis, this sector of activity can reveal itself to be both exciting and interesting. But with financial technical terms that are sometimes quite complex for the most beginners, it is best to get informed and consult blogs specializing in … Read more

Why am I a happy investor?

We are in September 2018. I have been what you could call a happy investor for a few months now. Accompanied by my charming wife, I quietly enjoy a little homemade cocktail on my terrace . Children on weekends play a little further in the garden. The embers crackle in the barbecue. I get up … Read more

In short, I created my company

2016 will be a great year or it won’t be! Today, I can say it and I can be proud of it. It’s done: I created my business. It was one of my objectives for the year but I had to achieve it as soon as possible. How did I do it? Which status did … Read more

Why do we need money?

We always need money

We need money. We all need money . Or at least that’s what a lot of us think. A very large majority. It’s a phrase we often hear, but we all tend to forget it: money is not an end in itself. It is an engine, a fuel. In today’s society, it is often put … Read more

Animator salaries: when the radio pays a lot

The star radio hosts bring interesting programs but above all their voice well known to the public as well as their fame. To benefit from their presence, the radios are ready to pay several thousand euros per show. The monthly salary of these animators is therefore particularly important, especially for the most popular. Among the … Read more