Great Business Ideas: Web presence

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Web presence Despite every organization being online, the fundamentals of developing an effective website and presence online are often neglected. The best websites display at least eight out of ten key attributes. The idea If your website does ten things well, it will succeed. One organization that has an … Read more

Great Business Ideas: Selling online

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Selling online Selling online is a fast, flexible, and highly effective way to reach customers and increase revenues. Online sales are growing at a phenomenally fast rate—and yet the first online sale occurred as recently as 1994 in America. What are the lessons, and how can a business increase … Read more

Great Business Ideas: Instant recognizability

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Instant recognizability Creating a distinctively packaged product will secure it a lasting place in the memory of customers, convey an image, and ensure it stands out among other choices, making it easy for people to recognize instantly. The idea How to successfully differentiate your product is a much-debated issue … Read more

Great Business Ideas: Using customer information

Great Small Business Ideas to Start: Using customer information Seamlessly gathered information can be used to save costs, to provide a tailor-made service to individual clients, and to sell more—often using the internet. The idea The American online retailer has redefined bookselling. Its culture appreciates the potential of technology, with the company using information … Read more