My first niche site #4, review after 3 months

January is already well under way. My first niche site celebrated its first three months of existence a few days ago. It is therefore time to make a new assessment on the subject. How have things evolved since late November? Is the trend still up or is the site starting to stagnate? Answers in the … Read more

My first niche site #5, review after 4 months

It’s time for the first review of the year 2015 of my niche site. Launched last October, the objective of this project is to continue to diversify my sources of income. It’s a job I started last year. If in 2013, my income came almost exclusively from my salary (and that of Madame 🙂), more … Read more

My first niche site #6, new goal achieved!

The second month of the year has now been completed for several days. How about a little review of the progress and progress recorded on my first niche site? I’m thinking of making a shorter post than the previous ones. The main actions having already been launched in the previous months, my activity around this … Read more

Ambulance assistant, what salary to aspire to?

Assistant to the paramedic, a paramedic’s main function is to transport the patient to the emergency room. He is usually the first medical professional on the scene of an accident and the level of care he provides can range from the management of life-threatening conditions to minor illnesses and injuries. In addition to transporting the … Read more

The 10 best paid jobs in France

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5 little-known jobs that pay well

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Well-paid jobs without degrees

For a lot of people, diplomas are linked to substantial salaries. Thus, not having one means financial worries at the end of the month. However, this is not true! Obviously, having studied for a long time offers the possibility of not (normally) running out of money. However, did you know that the reverse is also … Read more

A Practical Guide to Generating Passive Income with Amazon

Today, more and more people are looking to diversify their sources of income and create passive income. One of the most popular platforms for generating passive income is, the e-commerce giant. In this article, we'll explore different strategies for making money on Amazon and creating passive income for you. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) … Read more

The Best Passive Income Sources to Boost Your Portfolio in 2023

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