My first niche site #3, review after 2 months

It’s already time for the second monthly report following the launch of my first niche site. It was early October. Depending on the progress and your interest in the subject, I will see if I maintain this rate of publication of a monthly post on this new challenge. This second month of life has been extremely interesting , as you will discover later. It allowed me to reinforce the idea that a niche site can be an excellent source of income…

This article covers the month of November 2014 . For the curious and/or the latecomers, the balance sheet for the month of October remains accessible on the site.

I indicated during the previous report the following actions for this month of November:

I more or less stuck to this trajectory, which in itself is already a good thing! For readability, I’ll start with SEO-related actions.

Let’s start with the comments, where I contented myself with publishing a few comments here and there, without any particular logic and in a really small number, around ten at most. They were still published on blogs with similar themes.

On the directories part, I continued the inscriptions. To date, the site is validated on 6 separate directories and awaiting validation on 4 others . I think some of these listings have given me a nice little boost in ranking on certain keywords, just to get me out of the depths of the Google search pages.

Always to improve my referencing, I decided to define a small strategy to contact blogs of similar themes. I was able to obtain some good quality links, with some appearances in the partner pages of certain blogs. Links to the site were also able to be integrated directly into articles and one of the contacts made even wrote an article dedicated to the site on his own ! This is the part I’m most satisfied with: I was able to get to know a few bloggers in the targeted theme and get some interesting links in return.

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Now let’s talk a bit about publishing. For this month of November, objective achieved compared to what I was aiming for in October: I published 4 new articles . The first targets a keyword that I consider potentially interesting, so I worked on a relatively complete article on the subject, with more than 1,200 keywords. The other 3 articles are around 500 words, and I started with one of them to broaden the target niche.

After the initial Twitter account, I added a Facebook account. I had my first visits this way, without knowing how people came across the still somewhat empty page.

Concretely, what do all these actions result in? Even if the results are not necessarily instantaneous, some beneficial effects have already been felt.

Let’s start by observing the progress on the appearance in the search results. As in the previous month and as with future articles, I am focusing exclusively on Google.

My first niche site #3, review after 2 months

Figures in brackets represent the difference from the previous month. For November, we therefore have:

The numbers have exploded compared to October . Even if I am not yet at the top of the results, it is clearly great pleasure to see such results. And I’m even very pleasantly surprised: I didn’t think I could reach such good numbers so quickly. This is probably called beginner’s luck! 🙂

In terms of visits, this is obviously felt, Google being my main supplier of “customers”.

My first niche site #3, review after 2 months For this month of November, the figures are on the rise:

In percentage, the figures are also very satisfactory with an increase of almost 500%! I left bounce rates and such this month, but I don’t think I’ll post them again starting with the next report. For information, the comparison is slightly biased compared to the previous month when I had not excluded my IP address from the statistics.

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Finally, let’s move on to positioning the niche site on the keywords specified last month. As a reminder, the first figure in brackets corresponds to the average number of exact searches per month. The second corresponds to the place occupied the previous month. The photo of these positions was taken on December 1, 2014:

Logical in view of the figures presented above, my position has greatly improved on most of the targeted keywords. The most spectacular and significant progress is obviously that on the main keyword. It allows the site to knock on the doors of the first page of Google results after 2 months of life , I did not expect that!

Of course, I am aware that the progress made this month will not be repeated every month, so I take advantage of it! The next rungs will be harder to get through.

Let’s finish quickly with social networks, where I haven’t yet defined a real strategy. I am interested in any idea and advice on this theme that I am far from mastering:

It is the sinews of war. Because a niche site only makes sense if it makes money . This is its primary objective. Apart from the time spent writing articles, much less than last month, I did not realize any expense for the site.

On the financial side, the good news continues on this side as well! I had set myself the goal of making my first sales and my first earnings 6 months after the launch of the site, ie by the end of March 2015. Well after less than 2 months, I have already made 2 sales ! I don’t know if this only bodes well for the future, but it’s still very motivating!

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My first niche site #3, review after 2 months

So I got €5.90 this month. Admittedly, it’s not huge, but it’s a good start. The summary of the site is as follows:

For the month of December, no big change to be expected. Between some personal projects, work and the looming end-of-year celebrations, I won’t have the means to spend a lot of time on the site (and on Optimize My Finances, by the way 🙁 ).

On the content side, I set myself the goal of posting between 1 and 2 new articles on this niche site. I will probably continue my diversification policy by not targeting keywords directly associated with the targeted niche.

On SEO, I hope to contact new bloggers to have new links to the site. On the directory side, I don’t think I’ll get back to it before 2015. A month of December that promises to be relatively calm therefore. In the idea, this will also allow me to validate the stability of my current positioning and to check if my ranking on my main keyword does not regress, as it could have done in its first month of existence.

I had promised to make it shorter, but I finally exceeded 1,000 words again for this monthly review! It’s that I’m talkative after all! 🙂

What do you think of these numbers? If you have embarked on a similar project, what is your strategy? Any advice for me, especially on the social media part? Feel free to comment, see you soon!