My first niche site #4, review after 3 months

January is already well under way. My first niche site celebrated its first three months of existence a few days ago. It is therefore time to make a new assessment on the subject. How have things evolved since late November? Is the trend still up or is the site starting to stagnate? Answers in the rest of this article!

This article covers the month of December 2014 . If you missed an episode, the previous report remains accessible.

I indicated during the previous report that the month of December would be relatively calm in terms of equities. I had simply mentioned wanting:

Like the previous month, I more or less stuck to these simple actions, very busy like many of you with the end of year celebrations and family vacations.

These contacts allowed me to obtain some very nice links, the effects of which have begun, I think, to be felt on my Google positioning on my main keyword. We will come back to this a little later. Like the previous month, some sites added me to their “Partners” page and again, some sites wrote articles directly with a link to my site ! Many thanks to them! 🙂

After SEO, let’s now continue with a bit of posting. And when I say a little, it’s a reality since I only had (took?) the time to publish a single article. And again, I published it on December 30 or 31… 🙁 Anyway, at just over 700 words long, it targets a very uncompetitive keyword present in the long tail of my main subject.

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Another change, more harmless, I slightly modified the main page of the site :

And that’s it for the month of December!

Let’s move on to the result part and see how the figures have evolved in 1 month.

Let’s start by observing the progress on the appearance in the search results. As in the previous month and as with future articles, I am focusing exclusively on Google.

My first niche site #4, review after 3 months

Figures in parentheses represent figures for the previous month. For December, we have:

Last month’s beginner’s luck wished to continue in December! Once again, the numbers improved dramatically. With almost twice as many queries on which the site is visible, impressions multiplied by 4 and a number of visits 2.5 times higher than in November , I am very satisfied with this progress. But I suspect despite everything that I will not be able to maintain such a rate of growth for the months to come.

On the visit side, the numbers are obviously also on the rise, Google being my main supplier of “customers”.

My first niche site #4, review after 3 months

For this month of December, the figures are on the rise:

In percentage, the figures correspond to an increase of more than 100% in all sectors!

Finally, let’s move on to positioning the niche site on the keywords targeted by the first articles. As a reminder, the first number in parentheses corresponds to the average number of exact searches per month. The second corresponds to the place occupied the previous month. The photo of these positions was taken on January 1, 2015:

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Progress is significant on most of the targeted keywords. But the most interesting progression is once again to be associated with the main keyword, which arrived on the first page of Google, with a nice 9th position . Frankly, I did not expect to expect such a place so quickly. Among the small disappointments, this passage on the front page was not accompanied by a jump in the daily consultations of the site. The latter remained stable, as did the overall number of impressions in the search results. Perhaps it is related to a lower search for this keyword in the few days surrounding Christmas? Or maybe the real gains in terms of clicks are only felt when you arrive in the first 3 results?

The following places will undoubtedly be harder to climb, but I will continue my efforts over the next few months to get closer to the top 3 as quickly as possible. My Finances advances on the site (ranking, sales, advances…), so do not hesitate to subscribe to my page! 🙂

Let’s finish quickly with social networks, where I still haven’t defined any real strategies. I am (always) interested in any idea and advice on this theme that I am far from mastering:

It is the sinews of war. Because a niche site only makes sense if it makes money . This is its primary objective. As in the previous month, no expenditure is to be reported. And I finally devoted little time to the site, except for making contact with other sites of similar themes.

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On the financial side, the good news continues! I had set myself the goal of making my first sales and my first earnings 6 months after the launch of the site, i.e. for the end of March 2015. After the 2 surprise sales last month, I had in December….Drum roll … 21 products ordered for 19 shipped . I am only paid on the products shipped. And I can’t figure out what happened to the other 2 commands, if anyone has an idea why this discrepancy…

But I do not get excited by this large number of sales, which I do not think I can reproduce every month, at least in the short term. And this for many reasons :

My first niche site #4, review after 3 months

So I got €43.96 this month . This is starting to be nice, isn’t it? Even though I am aware of having taken advantage of the Christmas effect, I finally came close to the €50 monthly gain that I set myself for the end of June 2015.

The summary of the site is as follows:

For the month of January, I intend to keep the same strategy as the one used until now, between new articles and referencing.

I aim for 2 or 3 articles on this first month of the year, the keywords associated with these being already identified. However, I will slightly adjust my logic by targeting less searched keywords, but with less competition.

On SEO, I’m thinking of offering the site in a few directories and just posting a few blog comments here and there. Do you see other actions that could promote the site’s referencing?

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What do you think of these figures and these first returns on investment? Do you have any advice for me to continue on this path? Do not hesitate to express yourself on the subject, the comments are there for that!