Get A Handle On Money – Budgets Made Easy

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 5. Get A Handle On Money

A Weekly Journal & Workbook to Help You Take Real Control of Your Money

What it is…

An agreement you make with yourself that determines how you will spend money.

How it helps…

Provides organization and structure to your spending.

Provides a ready-made base for financial decisions.

Provides you with an opportunity to do advance planning.

Provides you with a tracking system to evaluate your progress.

Key items to look for…

A plan that is realistic and easy to live with.

A plan that balances spending today and saving for tomorrow.

One hour to set up.

One hour monthly to evaluate and revise.

Keys to action…

Review your financial goals and objectives.

List all of your income.

List all of your fixed expenses.

Project surplus or deficit.

Revise and evaluate monthly.


Use the budget to reach your goals.


A budget can help you say “no.”


Your budget need not be a complicated document.



Your reaction to planning your spending.

Your feelings and thoughts regarding this project.

Your willingness to explore new options.

Your reaction to taking action.

But what if…

I come out short every month?

Read chapters on cash flow (Chapter 7), overspending, (Chapter 14), relationship with money (Chapter 2), and credit cards (Chapter 15).

Thought primers …

To me, budgeting means…

The bad thing about being responsible with my money…

If I consistently spent less than I bring in…

One of the ways I could alter my spending…

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If I saw myself in charge of my spending…

The good thing about living within my budget might be…

Get A Handle On Money - Budgets Made Easy
Get A Handle On Money – Budgets Made Easy