Where Do I Start – First Easy Step

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 3. Where Do I Start

A Weekly Journal & Workbook to Help You Take Real Control of Your Money

What it is…

A commitment to create a new, more effective financial relationship.

How it helps…

Increases joy and satisfaction in your life.

Reduces worry and suffering.

Creates a feeling of effectiveness and financial well-being.

Time …

One hour to set up plan

Ongoing as needed.

Keys to action …

Decide on one aspect of your financial life that you want to alter.

Set a specific, measurable goal for that area.

Divide the goal into workable, manageable steps.

Plan for problems and breakdowns.

Create a support system or network if necessary.

When you reach your goal, acknowledge yourself and your success.


Recognizing the need for improvement is the first important step toward betterment.


Take one small portion at a time in goal-set­ ting. As a start, choose an area in which suc­cess is easy to achieve.


Set aside time when you will not be interrupted.


Your reaction to the structure.

Your reaction to accepting responsibility.

Your commitment to the plan.

Where you most likely might get into trouble.

Your willingness to ask for help.

But what If

I fail?

Notice what was missing.

Revise your goal and try again.

Thought primers

If I managed my money effectively, one of the things I might change would be…

“Staying on track” means…

When all this feels like too much work, I might…

If I found someone for support, I m ight…

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If I were really committed, I might…

The good thing about making changes…

The scary thing about making changes…

Where Do I Start - First Easy Step
Where Do I Start – First Easy Step

” When you are young you think money it the most important thing in life, when you are old, you know it is .” — Oscar Wilde