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When my friend Jenny needed to buy a birthday card for her nephew, she spent hours browsing the greeting card section at her local store. She struggled to find something that was both age-appropriate and had the right amount of humor. She ended up settling for a card that wasn’t quite right, but she just had no other options. Jenny’s experience is one many people can relate to when it comes to greeting cards – the lack of variety and personalization in store-bought cards can make it difficult to find the perfect one for any occasion.

This problem is not only frustrating for consumers like Jenny, but also for businesses that want to provide their customers with high-quality greeting cards. Many businesses rely on the sale of greeting cards as a source of revenue, but they struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors with the limited options available in stores.

This issue is relevant because everyone celebrates special events and wants to express their feelings with a thoughtful greeting card. The current selection of store-bought cards is often limited in both design and sentiment, which can make it difficult to find the perfect card for each individual occasion. This is especially problematic for special occasions like weddings, where personalized sentiments and unique designs are highly valued.

Currently, the solution for this problem is to spend hours browsing physical stores or online retailers, hoping to find a card that meets the consumer’s needs. While some people may resort to making homemade cards, many don’t have the time or creative skills to do so. This lack of variety and customization in today’s market creates a gap that we aim to fill with our greeting card store.

There are several reasons why this problem exists. First, the current greeting card market is highly concentrated, with a few large companies dominating the industry. This resulted in a limited selection of designs and sentiments, with mass-produced cards dominating the market. Additionally, the rise of electronic cards and digital communication has led to a decline in demand for physical greeting cards, further reducing the variety available to consumers. Our goal is to disrupt this market by offering high quality, personalized greeting cards that meet the unique needs of each individual.

  • The current market for greeting cards is limited.
  • There is a lack of variety and customization in store-bought cards.
  • Finding physical maps is time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Current solutions are to create homemade cards or settle for a less than perfect store-bought card.
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Solution / value proposition

Our greeting card store offers a unique and personalized experience for those looking to express their emotions through cards. We address the problem of customers spending hours in a card aisle trying to find the perfect card. Our solution is to offer an online store and a physical location where customers can browse different categories and select from a variety of cards.

We know customers want to feel special when they receive a card, so we offer personalized options for individuals to add their own personal touch. Our platform makes it easy for customers to personalize their cards with special messages, photos, and design options, ensuring the end product is unique and memorable.

We believe that using a greeting card should be a time of fun and connection, and should bring an element of joy to both sender and receiver. That’s why we offer a range of unique, fun and heartwarming designs that will leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

To develop our solution, we conducted extensive market research and found that there was a gap in the market for an innovative greeting card store that provides a personalized experience for customers. We then leveraged our creative team to develop unique designs, innovative card options and a simple buying process that received very positive customer feedback.

We are confident that our solution is so good that customers will keep coming back to our store for all of their greeting card needs. Our personalized approach and unique designs will leave customers feeling special and appreciated.

  • Does this really solve the problem discussed? Yes, our solution addresses the stressful and time-consuming search for the perfect card by offering custom options and a variety of designs.
  • Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it? We believe our solution is unique and personalized enough to meet the needs of all customers who value the emotional connection with their desired recipient.
  • How will the customer feel after using the solution? We believe our customers will feel special and connected to their loved ones after using our personalized greeting cards.
  • Is the solution amazing? We pride ourselves on our innovative solution that provides a unique and personalized greeting card experience that we believe is amazing for our customers.

Market validation

According to a recent report by Ibisworld, the size of the global greeting card market is .6 billion, with an annual growth rate of 2.7%. The total addressable market size for our greeting card store is estimated at 0 million per year in the United States alone.

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Addressed Market Specifics

The average American household spends about a year on greeting cards. However, our target market consists of people who appreciate high quality, unique and personalized cards and are willing to spend more on such items. Based on our research, these customers are willing to pay up to for a single card.

Why start a business in this market?

Greeting cards are an essential part of our culture and provide a timeless way to express emotions and connect with others. Our greeting card store focuses on creativity, originality and a personal touch in the traditional greeting card market, which has been largely dominated by large corporations.

Market growth

The growth of online and personalized greeting card companies has led to a shift in the market, with customers looking for more unique and customizable options. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased demand for greeting cards as people seek to connect and show appreciation for loved ones from a distance.

  • The global pandemic has also led to an increase in online shopping, making it easier for us to reach a wider audience and increase our sales.

Customer’s willingness to pay

Our research shows that our target market is willing to pay a premium price for high-quality, personalized greeting cards. By charging an average of per card, we are well positioned to grow revenue and maintain profitability.

business model

The greeting card store will generate revenue through the sale of customizable greeting cards for all occasions. Customers will be able to select a pre-designed map or create their own using our online platform. Our business model includes:

  • Retail Sales: The majority of our revenue will come from direct retail sales to customers looking for personalized and unique greeting cards. Each card will be rated on size and design complexity, with higher end cards costing more.
  • Custom Orders: We will also offer custom orders for corporate customers who are looking for bulk purchases of greeting cards. These orders will be priced differently depending on the size of the order and the level of customization required.
  • Partnerships: We plan to partner with local gift shops and boutiques to sell our greeting cards in their stores. This will provide additional revenue streams and increase our brand exposure.
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Our total revenue will be determined by the number of cards sold and the average price per card. Initially, we plan to sell cards through our online store and steadily expand to physical storefronts as we grow. Our goal is to eventually become a household name in the greeting card industry and achieve significant market share.

Products that will generate revenue for the greeting card store include:

  • Greeting cards for all occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays
  • Customizable cards for personalization
  • Bulk Card Orders for Corporate Customers


Our major competitors in the greeting card store market are Feature, American Greetings, and Paper Source. These companies have established themselves as major players in the industry, with extensive product lines and a nationwide retail presence.

Hallmark is known for its wide variety of cards for every occasion, from birthdays to weddings. They also offer personalized photo cards and gifts. American Greetings specializes in innovative card designs and has recently expanded its line to include electronic cards. Paper Source offers unique paper products and stationery, including handmade cards and custom printing services.

Although our competitors have a strong presence in the market, there are still areas where they fail. Many of their products lack customization and may not cater to niche markets. Also, some customers may find that their prices are too high.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on Local and Sustainable Materials . Our greeting cards are made from recycled paper and we source our materials from local artisans and small businesses. This allows us to offer unique designs that stand out in the market.

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Our USPS Include a customizable and easy-to-use online platform for ordering custom cards and printing services. We also offer a subscription service where customers can receive a curated selection of cards delivered to their door each month.

Our primary concern for customer theft is big box retailers that may offer lower prices but lack the personalized touch and quality of our products.

Founding team

The main goal of our greeting card store team is to make the business a huge success. Our team includes professionals who have a proven track record of success in the greeting card industry, marketing and e-commerce. We have carefully selected each team member based on their specific skills and experiences that will help us achieve our goals.

Samuel Brown: co-founder and CEO

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from XYZ University.
  • Over 5 years of experience in the greeting card industry including design, printing and distribution.
  • Successfully managed a greeting card manufacturing unit for 2 years, resulting in increased production and profits.
  • Awarded “Top Employee” award in previous employment for outstanding performance and dedication.

Olivia Martinez: co-founder and CMO

  • BA in Marketing and Communications from ABC College.
  • Over 8 years of marketing and branding experience, including creating and executing successful campaigns for several well-known brands in the industry.
  • A proven track record of increasing sales and revenue through targeted advertising and effective branding strategies.
  • Managed a team of 5 marketing professionals in his previous role and developed innovative marketing strategies that resulted in a 20% increase in revenue.

Jonathan Lee: co-founder and COO

  • Bachelor of Supply Chain Management from XYZ University.
  • 7+ years of experience in supply chain management, with a particular focus on e-commerce.
  • Successfully managed a team of 10 sourcing professionals and developed partnerships with several international suppliers and vendors.
  • Experience developing and implementing standard operating procedures that have resulted in increased efficiency and cost savings.
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Our team is highly motivated and passionate about our business. We share a common goal to revolutionize the way people buy and send greeting cards. We firmly believe that our combined skills and experience make us the perfect team for this challenge. However, we also recognize that there are skills we may be lacking, and we are always open to learning, growing, and collaborating with others to fill those gaps.


Our greeting card store has generated substantial traction since our launch, demonstrating interest in our unique, fun and customizable cards. Our metrics prove that our business is on the right path to growth and profitability.

Our sales have grown exponentially over the last quarter, averaging 25% growth per month . We are proud to announce that we have already generated more than ,000 in revenue in the first year.

We have a high customer retention rate of 75% , which proves that our customers love our product and come back often for more. Additionally, we have an increasingly strong reputation in the market, with customers frequently recommending our store to friends and family.

We’ve built an extensive email list , which now has 5,000 subscribers . This allows us to update our audience with new product launches, discounts and exclusive offers, often resulting in increased sales.

As part of our growth strategy, we have pivoted to expand our online presence and launch an Instagram account that promotes our products and brand. We’ve already gained 1,500 subscribers over the past few months, which has driven a significant amount of traffic to our website.

  • Average month-to-month growth of 25%
  • ,000 in revenue generated in the first year
  • High customer retention rate of 75%
  • An extensive mailing list with over 5,000 subscribers
  • 1,500 followers gained on Instagram in the last few months
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All these measures prove the potential of our company’s scale and become a major player in the greeting card industry. The positive feedback we have received so far, coupled with a significant market size, gives us confidence that our business is on the right track to realize its full potential.

Fund raising

As a greeting card store, we are excited to announce our fundraising plans to take our business to the next level. We are seeking 0,000 in seed funding to expand our reach, acquire new customers, and increase our product offerings.

We will use the funds for product development, marketing campaigns and new hires. Our vision is to revolutionize the greeting card industry with innovative designs, personalized services and an exceptional customer experience. With your investment, we will achieve the following milestones:

  • Invest heavily in research and development to create new products and designs that meet the needs of our customers
  • Expand our marketing and advertising efforts to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition
  • Hire new employees to meet the increased demand for our services and to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers
  • Develop and launch a mobile app to maximize our reach and make it more accessible for customers to browse and purchase our products

Our experienced team and unique value proposition make us a strong investment opportunity. We are convinced that with your investment, we will achieve our goals and become the main player in the greeting card industry. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.