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Imagine a single mother, who works long hours to provide for her children, wakes up in the middle of the night to find her family alarm has gone off. Terrified for her family’s safety, she carefully investigates the premises, only to find no sign of intrusion. This type of scenario happens more than people realize, and it leads to a tremendous amount of stress and fear that could have been avoided.

The problem is the lack of reliable security solutions for residential and commercial properties. Crime rates continue to rise and people need to feel safe at home and at work. According to a summary of the Statista 2020 report, real estate crime rates in the United States reached nearly 2,300 per 100,000 residents in 2019. People invest a lot of time and money in installing security systems, to be let down by their performance during critical times.

When people become victims of property crimes, they often feel violated, unsafe and helpless. It is more than physical property that is taken; It is the loss of a sense of security that can affect a person mentally and emotionally.

Existing security solutions have a reputation for being inefficient or expensive or a combination of both. Traditional alarm systems rely on loud noises to alert property owners or managers, but they are often ignored because they produce false positives. Even systems that have the ability to detect intruders on properties often have flaws that lead to false positives, leaving homeowners feeling frustrated.

  • Existing security solutions are unable to provide an effective and reliable sense of security.
  • False alarm rates are high, leading to frustration and apathy with traditional security systems.

The need for innovative, cost-effective and reliable security options is greater than ever, and there is an urgent need to address this problem with a solution that works.


Solution / value proposition

Our security agency provides an innovative solution to the growing need for high quality security services. We understand that traditional security methods are no longer sufficient in the modern world, where threats come from a variety of sources and can be unpredictable. Our approach is based on the latest technologies, advanced training and unparalleled experience, which allows us to provide our customers with an exceptional level of security and peace of mind.

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At our security agency, we believe that security is not just about preventing crime, but also about creating an environment where people feel safe and protected. Our solution is designed to effectively solve the problem addressed, as it combines advanced technology with human expertise to provide comprehensive security services. We offer a range of services, including security assessments, risk management, security training and executive protection, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our innovative approach to security is a unique proposition that differentiates us from our competitors. We have developed an AI-based security platform that allows us to monitor and analyze real-time data from various sources including CCTV cameras, drones and smart sensors. This platform allows us to detect and respond to potential threats quickly and efficiently, giving our customers the edge they need to stay ahead of security risks.

Additionally, we understand that customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business, and our solution is designed to exceed our customer’s expectations. We empower our security staff with the latest training and tools, ensuring they are fully equipped to handle any situation professionally and with maximum efficiency. Our customers can relax and focus on their core business while we take care of their security needs.

The benefits of our solution go beyond simply solving the problem being addressed – it provides a sense of security and peace of mind to our customers. We aim to build long-term partnerships with our customers, and we believe that our exceptional service is what makes us stand out from the competition.

  • Our solution effectively solves the problem addressed, combining advanced technology with human expertise to provide comprehensive security services.
  • Our innovative approach to security sets us apart from our competitors, as our AI-powered security platform allows us to detect and respond to potential threats quickly and efficiently.
  • Our solution is designed to exceed our customers’ expectations, empowering our security staff with the latest training and tools, ensuring they are fully equipped to handle any situation professionally and with maximum efficiency.
  • The benefits of our solution go beyond simply solving the problem being addressed – it provides a sense of security and peace of mind to our customers.

Our journey to find the right solution was not easy, but it was an exciting and rewarding experience. We have assembled a team of security experts, technology specialists and industry veterans who share a common passion for providing exceptional security services. Our goal has been to improve the efficiency of security services while ensuring that we provide world-class customer service to our customers.

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Market validation

Our security agency targets the 6 billion global security services market, with a focus on high-end social clients. Our Total Addressable Market (TAM) represents approximately 1% of the overall market, which equates to .16 billion in opportunity. With approximately 10,000 potential corporate clients worldwide, our service offerings cater to large multinational corporations, net worth individuals and government agencies.

Our addressed market is composed of customers with high security needs, requiring specialized and personalized security solutions. Revenue per customer in this market is typically high, averaging ,000 per year per customer, with sales cycles ranging from 3 to 6 months. Our security agency prices are competitive with other high-end security service providers, allowing us to capture market share and expand our reach.

The market is ripe for a high-end security service provider that can meet specialized needs and provide customized solutions. With increasing levels of uncertainty and risk in the global business environment, our security agency provides clients with the assurance they need to operate safely and securely. Additionally, the private security services market is expected to grow at 6.2% CAGR through 2025, driven by continued geopolitical instability, growing number of high-value individuals, and increased occurrence of terrorism and crime. organized.

Our customers are willing to pay a premium for our specialized and comprehensive approach to security services, with prices ranging from ,000 to ,000 per month depending on the level of service required. Our focus on providing customized solutions that meet individual customer needs ensures long-term customer loyalty and repeat business.

  • Global security services market size: 6 billion
  • Market addressed: high-end enterprise customers
  • Total Available Market Size (TAM): .16 billion (1% of overall market)
  • Revenue per client: ,000/year
  • Sales cycle: 3-6 months
  • Projected Market Growth: 6.2% CAGR through 2025
  • Client’s willingness to pay: ,000 – ,000 per month

business model

Our security agency operates on a subscription-based model. Customers sign up for security monitoring services on a monthly or yearly basis. The more advanced the security package, the higher the subscription fees. We also offer one-time security assessments and audits for customers who want a detailed understanding of their existing security infrastructure and recommendations on improving their security posture.

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Our main source of income comes from subscription fees. We estimate total first-year revenue to be million, projected revenue growth of 25% each year for the next five years. In addition to subscription fees, we will generate additional revenue through the sale of security equipment, software and hardware. We plan to partner with leading security technology vendors to provide customers with the latest and most advanced security systems and tools.

Our unique selling proposition revolves around our highly trained team of security experts. Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in areas such as risk assessment, threat management and incident response. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized approach to each client, ensuring their unique security needs are met. Additionally, we plan to use machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to improve our security tracking and assessment services, making our services even more efficient and effective.

We plan to generate repeat business by providing exceptional services, engaging in effective marketing, and staying up to date with the latest security trends and technologies. We are confident that our business model will not only drive long-term growth and profitability, but will also position us as a market leader in the security industry.

  • Subscription-based model
  • Monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Unique security assessments and audits
  • Sale of security equipment, software and hardware
  • Advanced security systems and tools
  • Highly qualified team of security experts
  • Personalized approach to each client
  • Machine learning and AI algorithms for improved monitoring and evaluation


In the security industry, there are several companies that offer services similar to ours . Our direct competitors include:

  • Secure Inc. A well-established security agency with a large customer base that offers a wide range of security services. However, they are known to have communication issues and can sometimes fail to meet customer needs.
  • Shield Security A newer security company that offers affordable pricing and custom security plans. However, they lack experience in the industry.
  • Elite Security A high-end security agency that provides VIP protection services. However, they are more expensive than other options and may not be a viable choice for small businesses or individuals.
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While we recognize these companies as strong competitors, we believe our unique business approach sets us apart from the rest of the market. What makes us better is our emphasis on a customer-centric approach to security.

Our USPS include:

  • 24/7/7/365 Availability: We provide round the clock security monitoring, ensuring that the safety of our customers is always our top priority.
  • Highly Trained Staff: Our security staff undergo rigorous training to ensure they are experienced, competent and equipped to handle any situation.
  • Customizable Security Plans: Each client is unique and therefore we offer customized security plans tailored to their specific needs and requirements.
  • State-of-the-art technology: We use the latest technologies in the industry, such as surveillance cameras with facial recognition technology and real-time alerts, to provide our customers with the utmost security.

Our target market consists of businesses and individuals who value a personalized, customer-centric approach and are willing to pay for it. Our competitors’ customers may also become our customers if they are dissatisfied with their current security services. Additionally, we believe we can steal customers from our competitors by improving our communication and response times while providing customized security solutions that better match their needs.

Founding team

Our founding security agency team brings a wealth of diverse and relevant experience to the table. We are passionate about revolutionizing the security industry and we have come together to make it happen.

John Smith , our CEO, has over 15 years of experience in the security industry, beginning his career as a security officer and working his way up through the ranks. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and has run several successful security companies. His expertise in management and strategy will be essential to the success of our company.

Jane Doe , our COO, has over a decade of logistics and supply chain management experience. She has an MBA from Wharton and has worked with Fortune 500 companies to optimize their supply chain operations. She brings her expertise in operations and efficiency to streamline our security operations and ensure efficient delivery of services to our customers.

David Lee , our CTO, has a background in software engineering and cybersecurity. He has a master’s degree in computer science from MIT and has led cybersecurity teams at major tech companies such as Google and Facebook. He brings his expertise in cybersecurity and technology to ensure that our services are state-of-the-art and secure, and we are able to protect our customers’ digital assets.

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Victoria Rodriguez , our Head of Marketing, has over a decade of marketing and branding experience. She has a BA in Marketing from NYU and has worked with several startups to craft their messaging and positioning. She brings her marketing and branding expertise to ensure we reach our target audience and effectively communicate the value of our services.

We have a shared vision to provide our clients with the highest quality personalized security services. Our team members have proven track records of success in their respective fields and are highly motivated to make this venture a huge success. We believe we have the right mix of skills, knowledge and passion for the challenge ahead.

As we build our team and scale down our operations, we will identify any skills gaps and bring in additional talent where needed to ensure we are able to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We are confident that the strength of our founding team, combined with our common purpose, will enable us to achieve our vision of revolutionizing the security industry and setting new standards of excellence.


In our security agency, we have made significant progress in our progress towards success. Our customer base has grown continuously, our team has grown, and we have implemented key strategies to support our growth.

We have seen steady revenue growth over the past year, with a monthly increase of over 20% in sales. Additionally, our client base has grown to include several large companies, with whom we have established long-lasting relationships.

One of our proudest achievements has been achieving a high customer satisfaction rating, which stands at 95% based on feedback received from our customers. This has been a major factor in our customer retention rate, which is at 85% .

We have also made notable progress in our efforts to achieve product market fit. Our team has analyzed the critical drivers of growth, and we are continually testing different strategies and approaches to refine the business model to better meet our clients’ needs.

  • One of our key growth drivers has been to improve our customer acquisition costs. We have successfully reduced our cost per client by 15% over the past six months, making our services more accessible to a wider clientele.
  • In addition to this, we also saw growth in our customer lifetime value, which increased by 25% due to our focus on expanding customer service offerings and our emphasis on building relationships at long term with customers.
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As our industry continues to grow, we keep pace with growing demand. The security services market is expected to reach 5 billion by 2026, indicating a significant growth opportunity for our agency. We are poised to capitalize on this growth and continue to accelerate our expansion.

Fund raising

Our security agency is seeking million in funding to complete development of our security product and release a beta version for early adopters. This investment opportunity will allow us to accelerate our growth and become a leader in the security industry.

Funds will be allocated to several key areas:

  • Product Development: We will allocate 50% of the funds to finalize the development of our security product, including improving its functionality, security features and user interface. We will also perform extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure the product meets our high standards.
  • Marketing: We will allocate 30% of funds to marketing efforts that will help us reach our target customers. These efforts will include paid advertising, social media marketing, content creation and attendance at industry events to promote our product.
  • New Employees: We will allocate 20% of funds to hire additional staff who have the appropriate skills and expertise to help develop and promote our product.

With this seed funding, we will achieve several key milestones:

  • Complete development of our security product and release a beta version for early adopters to test.
  • Create a strong marketing campaign that will help us reach our target customers and create awareness of our brand.
  • Hire new staff to help us advance our product development and marketing efforts.
  • Secure new partnerships with companies in the security industry that can help us further evolve our product and expand our reach.
  • Generate short-term revenue and attract additional funding in the near future to fuel our continued growth.

We are confident that this seed funding will help us achieve our goals and become a leading company in the security industry. Thank you for considering our investment opportunity.