Unlocking Investment for Shaved Ice Drinks: The Winning Ground

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Have you ever been on a hot day, desperate for a refreshing, indulgent beverage that will quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings? Imagine walking down the street, sweating in the heat and looking for something cold, something unique, something that will transport you to a place of relaxation and pleasure. Yet when you look around, all you see are the same boring, mundane drinks that have been on the market for years. This is the problem we are trying to solve.

The lack of unique, high-quality beverages on the market is not satisfying consumers’ thirst and craving for a refreshing and indulgent experience . Customers are looking for something that is not only refreshing but also indulgent, something that can pick them up from a tough day and transport them to a magical place. And yet, there are few options on the market that can capture this feeling, leaving customers feeling unsatisfied and disappointed.

What exacerbates this problem further is that current solutions aren’t much better. Of course, you can always buy a bottled soda or iced tea, but these drinks provide neither the refreshment that a cold drink should nor the indulgence that customers crave. Likewise, juices and smoothies are healthy options, but they’re not ideal for the indulgent, gut-busting, refreshing treats that blow customers away. Consequently, there is a real gap in the market for unique, refreshing and indulgent beverages that can capture the imagination of customers.

Solution / value proposition

Our solution to the lack of unique, high quality beverages on the market is our “shaved ice beverage” business. We offer a variety of specialty drinks made from traditional shaved ice, combined with premium, fresh ingredients such as fruit, cream and syrups that provide guests with the perfect escape from their day. Our unique value proposition is to provide an unparalleled experience of refreshment and indulgence that keeps customers coming back for more.

Our shaved ice beverage business offers a solution to the problem by providing a unique, high-quality product that can satisfy consumers’ cravings and cravings for a refreshing and indulgent experience. Our product is so good that customers will do anything to have it and keep coming back for more. After consuming our product, customers will feel refreshed, indulged and satisfied with their purchase.

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Our solution is amazing because we have developed a unique and innovative product that addresses the market need for healthier and unique beverage options. We only use fresh, premium ingredients to craft our drinks, ensuring customers only receive the best quality drink. Additionally, our ability to create unique flavors sets us apart from the competition and provides customers with a one-of-a-kind experience.

To develop our solution, we conducted extensive market research to identify gaps in the market and potential customer demand. We then collaborated with culinary experts and beverage scientists to create our unique and innovative product. Through this process, we were able to demonstrate our thinking patterns and build additional trust with investors by showcasing our expertise and ability to solve the problem.

In conclusion, our company “Shaved Ice Beverage” offers a unique and high quality solution to the lack of unique and healthy drinks on the market. Our product is so good that customers will do anything to have it and keep coming back for more. By focusing on fresh, premium ingredients and our ability to create unique flavors, we believe our solution is truly amazing and will disrupt the frozen drink market.

Market validation

The shaved ice beverage business has a huge potential market given the growing demand for unique and refreshing beverage options. According to market research, the total addressable market size (TAM) for the frozen beverage market in the United States alone is estimated to be around billion.

We focus on the indulgence and refreshment needs of our customers, with unique, high-quality beverages that provide the perfect escape from their day. Revenue per customer depends on location, drink size, and add-ons customers choose. We expect to generate an average revenue of -6 per drink and have a sales cycle of approximately two minutes per customer.

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Starting a business in this market is a good idea as market trends are moving towards healthier and unique drink options. Customers are increasingly interested in trying new flavors and are willing to pay extra for high-quality, fresh ingredients.

The frozen drinks market is growing, with a projected CAGR of 6.5% from 2020 to 2025. Furthermore, our market research indicates that the lack of innovation in the sector creates immense opportunities for a new and unique product like ours.

Customers are willing to pay for unique, high-quality drinks. In our market research, we have found that our target customers are willing to pay between and per drink, depending on location and drink size.


  • Competitors in the frozen beverage market lack the unique selling proposition that we have, which is our focus on using fresh, premium ingredients, combined with our expertise in creating unique flavors.
  • However, some of our competitors have an established customer base and brand recognition, which we must overcome by showcasing our company’s high quality and unique offerings.
  • Our main competitive advantage is our food truck concept, which allows us to travel to various locations and reach different customer segments. This allows us to be flexible and adapt to customer requirements and preferences.

Market Research Sources

  • Ibisworld Industry Report: US Frozen Yogurt Stores.
  • “US Frozen Beverages Market – Growth, Trends and Forecast (2020 – 2025)” by Mordor Intelligence
  • Primary customer surveys and feedback during pilot testing of our menu offerings.

business model

Our business model is centered around providing a unique, high quality shaved ice experience to our customers. We will operate from a food truck that will serve customers in different locations, such as events, festivals and high traffic areas. Additionally, we also leverage social media and online marketing to attract and retain customers.

Our revenue will come from the sale of our shaved ice drinks and related products, such as additional toppings and flavorings. We have conducted extensive market research to ensure that our pricing strategy is in line with our competitors and that our profit margins are sustainable. Our projected revenue for the first year of operation is 0,000.

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We offer a seasonal menu with a variety of unique, refreshing and indulgent flavors of shaved ice drinks. We focus on using fresh, high quality ingredients such as fruit, cream and syrups. We also offer a range of additional products, such as sugar-free syrup options and toppings including candies, fruits and nuts.

Our business strategy is to use food truck to reach various customer segments and generate revenue. We have obtained necessary permits and licenses to operate in various locations and are able to move the truck from one area to another as needed. This allows us to increase brand exposure and also target areas with high traffic flow.

To ensure the success of our business, we will focus strongly on customer retention. We will use various customer loyalty programs and we will also focus on developing a strong online presence to create brand awareness and attract new customers. Our goal is to become the preferred refreshment and indulgence option for customers in our target market.


Our main competitors in the frozen drinks market include major chains such as 7-Eleven, Smoothie King and Starbucks. They provide a wide range of frozen and frozen drinks that cater to different market segments. These competitors have extensive market reach and established customer bases, making it a challenge for new entrants to gain a foothold.

There are also several smaller independent vendors that provide products similar to ours. They are mainly regional players and operate in niche markets. However, their lack of resources and limited reach make them less of a direct threat to our business.

Despite the presence of existing competitors in the market, we believe our unique selling proposition sets us apart. Our focus on using fresh, premium ingredients to create unique flavors delivers an unparalleled taste experience. Plus, our use of traditional shaved ice provides a unique texture and consistency, which sets us apart from competitors who use icing and ice cream bases.

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Our competitive advantages include:

  • Craft unique and refreshing flavors that are not available in the market
  • Using only high quality, fresh and natural ingredients for our drinks
  • Delivering an exceptional experience by focusing on providing the perfect balance between indulgence and refreshment

We view our market position as a premium alternative to existing players. We don’t target the mass market like Starbucks or 7-Eleven, but rather aim to appeal to a more discerning, health-conscious clientele that is looking for something unique and refreshing. Our target customers are those who value quality and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Our main challenge is to overcome the brand recognition and established customer bases of our competitors. However, we believe that the uniqueness and quality of our products, combined with our focus on customer experience, will help us win customers and build a loyal following.

Founding team

Our founding team is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and individuals with diverse expertise in the food and beverage industry. We came together with a shared passion to create a unique, high-quality beverage experience that meets consumers’ needs for indulgence and refreshment.

John Smith, CEO and Co-Founder:
John holds a Masters in Business Administration and has spent over 10 years in the food and beverage industry. He has a background in marketing and operations, having previously worked for a large beverage company and running his own food truck business.

Jane Doe, Head of Culinary:
Jane is a graduate of a prestigious culinary school, with over 8 years experience in the food industry. She has worked in high end restaurants and has expertise in creating unique flavors and experimenting with various ingredients to create innovative dining experiences.

Mike Lee, Chief Marketing Officer:
Mike has extensive experience in marketing and advertising, having worked for a large advertising agency for several years. He has managed successful marketing campaigns for several food and beverage companies and has an in-depth understanding of creating effective branding and brand positioning strategies.

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Sarah Johnson, Chief Operating Officer:
Sarah holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and has experience managing the operations of several small businesses. She has expertise in logistics and supply chain management and will oversee the efficient and effective operation of our food truck operations.

Our team is very passionate about our business and is committed to building a successful business that provides a unique, high quality drinking experience for our customers. We believe that our diverse skill sets and expertise will enable us to overcome any business challenges that come our way.

In the event that we identify any missing skills, we will seek to acquire those skills through hires or strategic partnerships to ensure that our business has the expertise necessary to succeed.

Ultimately, we believe our team is the right team for the challenge of building a successful and sustainable ice drinks business.


Our traction and milestones so far indicate that we are on the verge of building a successful ice drink business. We are focused on creating a unique and irresistible product that customers will keep craving for more, and that has been our driving force for a short time.

As part of our market research, we have conducted taste tests and surveys to gauge customer satisfaction with our products. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with 95% of attendees rating our drinks as “excellent” or “very good”.

  • We secured a prime food truck location in a high-traffic area, which generated considerable interest and foot traffic for our dealership.
  • Additionally, in the past month, we have had sales figures of over ,000, with an average turnover of 0 per day.
  • Our social media presence on Instagram and Facebook grew organically, with over 2,000 followers on both platforms in just four weeks.

We continue to build on our momentum and improve our products and operations to support our growth. We are focused on growing our customer base, improving customer satisfaction and expanding our footprint in new markets.

Fund raising

Our company is seeking total funding of 0,000 from interested investors to cover our initial start-up costs, including marketing, operations and food truck modifications. This investment will be used to accelerate the growth of our unique shaved ice beverage business.

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Funds will be used for product development, marketing and advertising, food and equipment purchases, and hiring additional staff. With the investment, we plan to expand our operations by establishing multiple food trucks in various locations and opening a physical store to allow us to cater to a larger customer base.

  • Product Development: Investment funds will be used to purchase high quality ingredients, develop new recipes and improve the existing menu.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Our business aims to effectively target customers by implementing various advertising and marketing strategies, such as radio, social media and digital marketing.
  • Food and Equipment Purchases: Investment funds will be used to acquire additional equipment and supplies needed to effectively operate the food truck. We will also offer more premium ingredients and maintain a reliable supply chain to ensure we can run our businesses efficiently.
  • Hiring additional staff: We aim to hire additional staff, including food managers, customer service staff and marketing staff, to meet the growing demand for our unique beverages.

With the funds, we intend to achieve the following milestones:

  • Successful soft launch of our business in multiple locations
  • Build a robust social media presence and attract more customers
  • Expansion into new geographies and revenue growth
  • Establishment of a physical store to improve our operations and cater to more customers

As the founder and leader of our company, I strongly believe that the allocation of investment funds in the stated areas will enable us to achieve long-term growth and success as a unique and premium beverage company.

Unlocking Investment for Shaved Ice Drinks: The Winning Ground

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