The 4 best software to do your accounts

Managing your budget can be quite complicated. In order to facilitate this mission, I advise you to use software to carry out your accounts. With a monthly budget, you optimize a strategy to finance the dreams and goals you care about.

Discover different budgeting software to do your accounts, which will allow you to manage your money more efficiently, from your PC or your mobile device.

Find out everything there is to know about this application to do your accounts.

It is a mobile application, accessible to the greatest number, extremely famous and free. Its goal is simple: easier money management. Thanks to it, you will be able to manage your budget more easily.

Offering a modern look, Bankin above all allows you to take advantage of multiple and varied possibilities for managing your personal finances. Here are the main functions of the application:

Important aspect: synchronization of the application with the bank account in order to automate each of these tasks is possible. Thus, you will be able to manage your money in total transparency.

Find out everything there is to know about this application.

Conceived and designed by two French people, Linxo is an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn budget application. With it, you will be able to change the way you do your accounts and manage your savings. It will no longer be a headache and above all it will be much lighter for you.

Present in the TOP 5 of the best software to carry out your accounts, Linxo offers a minimalist look allowing you to benefit from a complete budget monitoring with clear graphics presenting the strong point of going to the essentials. I tell you: in order not to take your head, you will not find better!

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Linxo, an application to be used free of charge, offers you the possibility of effective monitoring of all of your accounts via a single and unique interface. Nevertheless, there is a paid version with more premium functions. However, if you start in the management of your budget, the free version can be largely sufficient.

Another essential strong point: the mobile application, available on Android and iOS, offers you the possibility of having access to your balances at any time. Nevertheless, a web and desktop version remains present if you prefer the big screen. Appreciable since even if the mobile application is of quality in order to benefit from a management of daily expenses, taking advantage of a greater panorama of its finances for a monthly analysis proves to be more than essential.

Here is a personal finance management software that I love. Moreover, it is much more than an application: it is a philosophy. The current version of this software offers a multitude of functions that make YNAB a high quality, complete and relevant tool, offering you the possibility of easily managing your personal finances.

Thanks to it, you will be able to track your purchases, your expenses and your accounts, make budgets, see how your capital is changing or even create savings objectives. YNAB was designed specifically for those new to budgeting. All the functions do not make it a difficult application in terms of use. Take advantage of the ease of use of this platform!

One of the major weak points of the software is the translation. Indeed, it is not fully translated even with a specific extension. In order to translate more than half of the site, I recommend downloading the browser extension (named Toolkit for YNAB). A point that I appreciated is that I was able to design and call my own categories in French.

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Another strong point of the software: it offers multiple and varied blog articles and webinars. So you can better understand the portal. Benefit from the excellent quality-price ratio (6.99 dollars per month), which is in the average of the software allowing to carry out its accounts.

For my part, I recently managed my accounts with one of the best known and easiest to use software. Above all, it’s completely free… It’s about Excel! Indeed, you can easily and quickly control your budget with the latter.

In order to follow all your expenses, your health reimbursements or the amount of your savings in dedicated sections, choose Excel. You can download charts specific to account management for free and quickly.

Simple and effective software to use, I recommend that you download a ready-made Excel budget. If this does not suit you, you can modify it to your liking so that it becomes a real personal painting. Designing an Excel table adapted to your needs, by creating automatic calculations, is a must!