The Popular Savings Account for a couple: discover its advantages and conditions

The Popular Savings Booklet (LEP) is a regulated savings product intended for people with modest incomes. This booklet offers numerous advantages, particularly in terms of yield and taxation. In this article, we will explore the benefits and conditions of opening a LEP for a couple.

The LEP stands out for several significant advantages for couples who wish to save:

To open a LEP, you must meet certain conditions linked to household income. Here are the main rules to know:

If these conditions are met, the couple must go to a bank offering the LEP to apply for it. It is necessary to provide certain supporting documents, such as:

Once the LEP is opened, the couple can start making payments. Here are the main characteristics of how the booklet works:

If the couple no longer meets the conditions required to hold a LEP (for example, in the event of an increase in their income), they must inform their bank within two months of receiving their new tax notice. The bank then proceeds to close the booklet(s) concerned.

In addition, the couple can decide to close their LEP(s) at any time, without fees or penalties. The funds are then transferable to another savings account or available to carry out personal projects.

The Popular Savings Booklet is a savings product adapted to the needs of couples with modest incomes. Its attractive interest rate, its tax exemption and its security make it an interesting solution for putting money aside. It is therefore important to regularly check whether you meet the necessary conditions to benefit from it and make the most of its advantages.

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