How to earn money during your school studies?

Money occupies a very important place in our daily life, and it is difficult to say otherwise. Each person needs a minimum of money to live, to fulfill their dreams. When you are a student, you need money to finance your studies, your accommodation, your shopping, your outings, your car and your projects. Daily expenses that can quickly make student life difficult for you… In this article, I will share some tips for you to earn money when you are a student. These different avenues will not make you rich overnight but you will certainly help you round off your end of the month.

One of the good tips that I can suggest to you is to find a part-time job.

Indeed, several companies offer in their offer, a part-time job that can perfectly suit your student schedules. It is a solution and a job that can help you earn some money to end your month end more comfortably.

Giving private lessons, or looking after your neighbour’s children every weekend and evenings is also a possibility for you to obtain money! In addition, these small jobs are very beneficial thanks to the flexibility of the schedules.

Another solution to earning money when you are a student is to start a freelance activity. Nowadays, the auto-entrepreneur status is much more flexible and accessible. In a few minutes you can fill out an online form and create your micro-enterprise and become a micro-entrepreneur (no investment and very light legal obligations). This status has many advantages.

It’s a very good way to earn money while building up your first professional experience.

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Depending on your knowledge and skills, you will be able to offer your services to companies or individuals. Platforms like bring together freelancers to promote them to people looking for services in all areas.

You have probably heard that it is possible to make money on the internet. And that’s true !

Internet and new technologies are ubiquitous, so you might as well take advantage of them. They can become very good allies to increase your student income.

Thanks to simplified CMS tools like WordPress, which are software designed to create pages of a site automatically, you can for example create a blog quickly and easily.

If you’re comfortable in front of cameras, you can also create a YouTube channel.

The benefits are many! The initial investment is low or even free, and Youtube allows you to share your passion on these channels.

With the evolution of e-commerce and online sales, you also have the possibility of embarking on the creation of a dropshipping site. This business allows you to sell products on the internet without even having any stock! It is also a very profitable and popular activity among students who want to earn money.

As a student, you can also rely on other ways to make money online such as advertising, following paid links or sponsored articles, but in these cases you have to do a little research to avoid the unpleasant surprises and scams.

There are some faculties that have students contribute experiments for the purpose of doing advanced research with behavioral studies. These experiments can be carried out in groups or alone, and they often allow the students who participate in them to have additional income. This method is not very popular, but at least it does exist.

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To easily finance your studies, you can also follow your studies on a work-study basis if your school allows it. It is also possible to have other sources of income, by becoming a concierge for example.

Other students opt for more complicated and risky choices such as product testing. Indeed, some pharmaceutical companies are recruiting to find people who can test their products. It is a mission that is well paid, but a little dangerous for health.

There are dozens and hundreds of ideas and businesses to earn money as a student. It all depends on you, your skills, your desires and above all your motivation!