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Aquarium maintenance is a time-consuming and challenging task for pet owners and commercial establishments that own aquariums. It requires expertise, time and effort to keep the aquarium clean and healthy for aquatic creatures. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to stressful and unhealthy conditions for aquatic life, resulting in fatalities .

Consider the story of a pet owner trying to maintain his aquarium, John. John noticed that his fish weren’t as active as before and often lingered on the surface of the water. He tried to remedy the situation by changing the water more frequently, but that didn’t seem to help. John was at a loss and didn’t know what to do until he realized he needed a professional.

The issue is particularly relevant in today’s climate, where time is limited and people want to create hassle-free environments for their pets .

Currently, the solution for aquarium maintenance is to either do it yourself, which can be time-consuming and difficult, or hire a local shop to do it, which can be expensive and often lacks customization.

The problem exists because the necessary expertise is needed to keep a well-maintained aquarium, and such expertise is not readily available to the common person .


Our solution to the problem of tedious and difficult aquarium maintenance is professional, quality service that ensures a clean, healthy and stress-free aquatic environment for pets and commercial establishments. We offer a range of packages at different price points to meet the needs of different customers with convenience, reliability and expertise, removing the maintenance burden from pet owners and commercial establishments.

Our services are personalized to each client, offering specific advice and recommendations to meet their unique aquarium needs. We go beyond simple aquarium cleaning; We offer our customers expert advice on water chemistry, nutrition and disease prevention, ensuring that aquatic creatures thrive in a healthy environment.

We use high-quality products and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible service, and our team includes aquarium maintenance experts with years of experience. Our solution to aquarium care is comprehensive, ensuring customers get the best value and pets receive the best possible care.

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After using our solution, the customer will feel a sense of relief and satisfaction knowing that their aquarium is in the best possible hands. They’ll have more time to spend with their pets because they won’t have to worry about tedious maintenance tasks. With our personalized advice and recommendations, we also ensure that customers gain knowledge and expertise in proper aquarium maintenance, leading to a stress-free and enjoyable experience of owning an aquarium.

Our solution is amazing because it solves the problem of stressful and difficult aquarium maintenance in a comprehensive way, providing convenience, expertise and quality service to customers. Our personalized approach and use of high quality products and equipment sets us apart from other aquarium maintenance service providers, making us the best choice for pet owners and commercial establishments who value excellent service. and care.

  • Does this really solve the problem discussed? – Yes, our solution comprehensively solves the problem of tedious and difficult aquarium maintenance, ensuring aquatic creatures thrive in a clean, healthy and stress-free environment.
  • Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it? – Our personalized and high quality service is so good that customers keep it away above all else, making it a must-have for pet owners and commercial establishments.
  • Is the solution amazing? – Yes, our solution is amazing, providing convenience, expertise and quality service, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

Market validation

Our market validation for aquarium maintenance service is based on in-depth research and analysis of the aquarium industry, identifying key trends and opportunities to provide a unique and valuable service in this sector. According to a 2020 report, the global aquarium market size was valued at .6 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.3% from 2020 to 2027.

Our Total Addressable Market (TAM) is large and diverse, catering to pet owners and commercial establishments that own aquariums. We estimate that there are approximately 500,000 potential customers in our target market, including households, offices, hospitals and public spaces. Our research indicates that there is significant unmet market demand for personalized service and expertise in aquarium maintenance, making us a key differentiator in the market.

  • What is the size of the TAM = Total Addressable market? How big is this?
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Our TAM is estimated at around 0 million, depending on the size of the global aquarium market and the potential number of customers in our target market. The market may expand significantly with the increase in pet ownership and the growing trend of aquariums in commercial establishments.

  • What are the details of your addressed market (e.g. revenue per customer or sales cycles)?

Our addressed market includes pet owners and commercial establishments that own aquariums. Revenue per customer varies based on service package and specific customer requirements. Our services are offered through a subscription-based model, with prices ranging from to 0 per month, based on the service package. Our estimated sales cycle is approximately four weeks from initial contact to subscription signup.

  • Why is it a good idea to start a business in the market?

The aquarium industry is growing and there is a growing demand for quality maintenance services. Lack of proper maintenance can lead to adverse effects on aquatic life, resulting in fatalities. Our service aims to provide a valuable and professional solution that ensures a clean, healthy and stress-free aquatic environment for pets and commercial establishments. Our subscription-based model provides convenience and reliability, taking the burden off pet owners and commercial establishments.

  • Is the market growing?

Yes, the aquarium industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.3% CAGR from 2020 to 2027, according to a 2020 report. business drives this growth.

  • How much are customers willing to pay?

Our clients are willing to pay between and 0 per month for our services, depending on the service package and specific requirements. Our research indicates that customers in our target market prioritize quality service and expertise, which makes our pricing strategy competitive and viable.

business model

Our business model is a subscription-based service, offering multiple service packages at different price points to meet the needs of different customers. Our sources of income are derived from:

  • Subscription Models: Clients can subscribe to our services on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis, and we offer a discount for longer-term commitments. Our monthly subscriptions start at , and our services range from a basic aquarium cleaning and water change to a full-scale aquarium overhaul.
  • Sell aquarium supplies: We sell a variety of aquarium supplies, including tank decoration, water filters, and fish food, among others. Our customers can purchase these supplies as part of their subscribed package or separately, and we source them from reliable vendors to ensure quality.
  • Secondary Services: We offer additional services, such as aquarium installations, repairs and consultations, at additional prices. These services respond to specific customer needs and offer a more personalized touch to our customers.
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Our total revenue will depend on the number of customers, their subscription packages and the additional services they receive themselves. We project our annual revenue to be approximately 0,000 in our first year and to grow at a rate of 10% per year, driven by our ability to retain and attract more customers.

Overall, our business strategy is to provide personalized and quality services to our customers, ensuring that their aquatic pets thrive in a safe and stress-free environment. We believe this approach will help us build a loyal customer base, which will, in turn, drive our growth and profitability.


Our research indicates that while there are few aquarium maintenance service providers in the market, our unique value proposition is personalized service and expertise, meeting the specific needs of individual customers. Let’s take a closer look at our competitors:

  • Company A: This company offers similar services to ours, but their goal is to focus on large commercial aquariums rather than home aquariums. They have a strong reputation for providing high quality maintenance services but are not equipped to offer personalized services to individual clients.
  • Company B: This company provides complete aquarium maintenance services including design, installation and maintenance. However, their price is relatively high, which makes them inaccessible to pet owners with small aquariums.
  • Company C: This company offers a wide range of pet care services, including aquarium maintenance. Their strength is in their all-inclusive service offerings, but their lack of expertise in the aquarium industry can lead to mistakes and unsatisfactory results for aquarium owners.
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What sets us apart from our competitors is our personalized approach to aquarium maintenance. We take the time to understand our clients’ individual needs and offer tailored advice and recommendations. Our expertise in the aquarium industry, combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction, makes us the preferred choice for discerning aquarium owners.

Our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) include:

  • Expertise and professionalism
  • Personalized service
  • High quality results
  • Competitive prices
  • Convenient and reliable service

Our biggest threat in the market comes from pet stores and online retailers that sell aquarium supplies. Although they don’t offer aquarium maintenance services, they can rob our customers by providing DIY solutions that aren’t always effective. However, we believe that our USPS and our commitment to customer satisfaction will help us stay competitive and continue to grow our customer base in the future.

Founding team

Our founding team is the backbone of our aquarium maintenance service, bringing with them 20 years of relevant experience collaborating and working efficiently. Our team is comprised of experts in aquarium maintenance, business management, and marketing, each with diverse educational backgrounds and unique skill sets that enable us to execute our vision.

The primary goal of our team slide is to instill confidence in our abilities to successfully execute our vision, and we believe our team is more than up to the challenge. Each of our team members has a proven track record of excellence in their respective fields and are passionate about contributing their skills to make our business a huge success.

  • [Name], our aquarium maintenance expert, has over 10 years of experience in the field and has a degree in marine biology. With extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining different types of aquariums, [name] is committed to ensuring that our customers have stress-free and healthy aquariums.
  • [Name], Our expert in business management holds an MBA from [Name of university][Name][Name][Name] is responsible for the development and execution of our marketing strategy.
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Our goal is to revolutionize aquarium maintenance and make it accessible to every household and commercial establishment. We believe that maintaining the aquarium should not be a burden, and every pet owner should be able to provide aquatic creatures with a healthy and happy environment.

Although our team has diverse backgrounds and skills, we recognize that there may be a lack of skills in areas such as technology, logistics and the legal aspects of the business. As we continue to grow, we plan to bring in additional team members or consultants to fill in the gaps.

We are confident that our team is suitable for this challenge, and we are committed to achieving our goals to provide professional and quality aquarium maintenance services to our customers.

Traction / Milestones

Since our pre-launch stage, we have made tremendous progress in securing customers and growing our customer base. Our marketing efforts have proven successful and we have received positive feedback from our customers.

  • We currently have 50 recurring customers subscribing to our monthly maintenance services, generating ,000 in monthly revenue.
  • We have achieved an 85% customer retention rate, which is a testament to the quality and reliability of our services.
  • We have been able to expand our services to meet specific customer needs, such as aquarium installations, repairs and consultations. This has helped us generate additional income, with an average of ,000 earned per month.

Our metrics continue to show promising growth, and we are constantly working to improve our services to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

  • We have seen a 10% increase per month in the number of customers opting for our services.
  • We have achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating, indicating the effectiveness of our service offering and customer experience.
  • We have successfully created a robust referral network, with over 60% of new customers coming from existing customer referrals.
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Our milestones showcased our ability to provide professional and quality services while achieving significant growth in a short period of time.

  • We hired an additional team member, bringing our team to a total of four full-time employees and two part-time employees.
  • We have expanded our service areas from a single city to four cities, allowing us to cater to a larger customer base.
  • We launched a customer rewards program, creating an added incentive for repeat business.

Overall, our traction and milestones demonstrate that we are making progress towards achieving our goals by providing exceptional service to our rapidly growing customer base.


As we launch our aquarium maintenance services, we are seeking an investment of 0,000 from potential investors. This investment will be used to fund our initial expenses on operations, marketing and staff. With this seed funding, we aim to establish ourselves as a key player in the aquarium maintenance industry, providing quality and personalized services to our customers.

Our funding allocation will be as follows:

  • 50% – operations (including equipment costs)
  • 30% – Marketing and Advertising
  • 20% – Staffing and training

We aim to achieve several milestones with funds obtained from our investors, including:

  • Develop our range of services and respond to a growing clientele
  • Create brand recognition and customer loyalty through our marketing efforts
  • Invest in staff development and training, ensuring quality services to our customers

We believe our business and service model offers a unique opportunity for growth and profitability. We welcome investors who share our passion and vision to join us on this exciting journey.

Swim in success: be financed with our aquarium maintenance service

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