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Peanut oil is a staple in most households. However, sourcing pure and healthy peanut oil is a challenge in today’s market. The problem lies in the largely unregulated nature of the industry, where contractual practices like blending oils and using harmful chemicals for extraction are rampant.

Consider the story of Mrs. Sharma, a housewife in a city neighborhood. She has always been very particular about the quality of the ingredients she uses in her cooking for her family. One day she was reading a news article about how most of the peanut oil available in the market is not pure and can be injurious to health. This made her realize that she had been using the same brand of oil for years, without really checking its quality. This not only puts her family’s health at risk, but also her trust in the brand she has been using for years has been betrayed.

This is a pertinent issue as more and more people like Ms. Sharma become aware of the quality of the ingredients they use in their cooking. With the rise of health-conscious consumers, the demand for pure and healthy peanut oil is only increasing.

The current solution for this problem is that consumers are looking for trusted brands that have a reputation for producing pure, healthy peanut oil. However, this solution has its limitations as not all consumers are aware of the best brands available, and there is a lack of transparency from the industry as a whole about the quality of their products.

The problem exists because of the lack of regulation in the industry. Most peanut oil producers prioritize profits over quality and safety, leading to the use of harmful chemicals and unethical practices like blending oils for production. This, in turn, hinders the growth of trusted brands and causes a lack of transparency in the marketplace, making it difficult for consumers to make informed choices.

Solution / value proposition

Our base end oil business provides a premium, high quality solution to the growing demand for healthy oil alternatives. Our oil is made from 100% pure peanuts with no additives or preservatives, making it an in-kind perfect choice for health-conscious consumers.

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We differentiate ourselves from other oil producers by emphasizing quality, purity and ethical sourcing. We source our peanuts from smallholder farmers, ensuring fair prices and a sustainable supply chain. Our unique cold-pressed process preserves natural nutrients and flavors, making our oil stand out from mass-produced alternatives.

We offer convenience by providing door-to-door delivery to our customers, with easy-to-use packaging that ensures less waste and maximum freshness. Our oil is versatile, perfect for cooking, baking or dipping and dressing

Our oil embodies our values of quality, purity and sustainability, making it a must-have for all health-conscious consumers.

How we found the solution

We researched the current market and found a growing demand for healthy, all-natural oil alternatives. Our team, with extensive experience in agriculture and food production, came together to develop our unique process to produce high quality peanut oil. We have sourced our ingredients from smallholder farmers, offering them fair and sustainable prices, ensuring a sustainable business model.

Through extensive testing and customer feedback, we have refined our process to bring the best taste and nutritional value to our customers. Our dedication to quality and sustainability is at the heart of our business, and we are constantly looking for ways to refine and improve our processes to deliver the greatest value to our customers.

What this means for our customers

Our solution presents customers with a unique and healthy alternative to mass-produced oils. Our oil embodies natural flavors and nutrients that enhance the taste of any dish, satisfying even the most compensated taste buds. With delivery to their doorstep, our customers enjoy the convenience of having high quality oil at their fingertips for all their cooking needs.

Our all-natural oil instills a sense of confidence within our customers, knowing that they are consuming a product that is not only healthy but also ethically sourced. Our oil contributes to the well-being of the customer and the community as a whole.

Our solution is not only amazing, but it is also necessary to meet the growing demand for healthy and sustainable alternatives to mass-produced products.


Our Base End Oil business is dedicated to providing a superior, high quality, sustainable solution to the growing demand for healthy, all-natural oil alternatives. With a focus on quality, purity and sustainability, we bring the best experience to our customers. Our unique, ethical, cold-pressed process ensures the best flavor and nutritional value for our customers, making our oil a must-have for health-conscious consumers. Our product is not only amazing, it is also needed in today’s health oriented and conscientious society.

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Market validation

Peanut oil is a staple in many African and Asian cuisines, with a growing demand for healthy cooking oils. Our market research indicates that the global Peanut Oil Market was valued at USD 4.59 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 5.98 Billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 3.3%.

Our research also indicates that African and Asian markets are the most profitable markets, with the highest demand for peanut oil. In Africa, Nigeria is the market leader, accounting for over 60% of the market share, while in Asia, India and China are the major markets.

Our targeted customer segment is households, restaurants and food processing industries. The average sales cycle for households and restaurants is around one month, while the food processing industry has a longer sales cycle, ranging from 3 to 6 months. Revenue per customer varies across customer segments, with household and restaurant segments contributing a large portion of revenue.

Starting a peanut oil business right now is a great idea because the demand for healthy cooking oil alternatives is on the rise. Additionally, the growing emphasis on health and fitness, particularly in developing countries, will further drive demand for our product.

Additionally, our research shows that there are a limited number of well-established oil producers in the market, which presents us with an opportunity as a unique participant with quality products.

Finally, we conducted surveys to determine the price sensitivity of our customers. Based on the results, customers are willing to pay a premium price for a premium product. We have priced our products accordingly to meet this demand.

Market size

  • The global peanut market was valued at USD 4.59 billion in 2020
  • Expected to reach USD 5.98 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 3.3%

Target market

  • African and Asian markets are the most profitable segments
  • Food processing industries have a longer sales cycle (3-6 months)
  • Households and restaurants have an average sales cycle of one month

Market opportunity

  • Growing demand for healthy cooking oil alternatives
  • Limited number of established groundnut oil producers
  • Customers are willing to pay premium prices for top quality products
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business model

Our business model is based on producing and selling premium quality peanut oil to companies and individual customers. We have developed a unique production process that guarantees the highest quality product possible, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Revenue Generation: Our main source of revenue is selling peanut oil to businesses and individual customers. Our income will also come from our secondary services, such as providing consultancy services on effective use of peanut oil and methods for improving the quality of peanut oil used in the food industry. .

Total revenue: Our projected revenue for year one is 0,000, growing to million by the end of year two. This growth will be achieved by expanding our product offerings, increasing production capacity and developing strategic partnerships.

Products: Our main product is premium peanut oil which is produced using the finest peanuts, processed with state-of-the-art machinery and packed in state-of-the-art packaging. We offer different concentrations and volumes depending on the customer’s needs, including high volume and small volume options.

We believe that our products will stand out in the market because of their quality, taste and freshness. Our peanut oil is produced with our customers in mind, and we aim to provide a unique and memorable experience with every purchase.

Subscription Model: To complement our core revenue, we plan to introduce a subscription model which allows customers to enjoy deep discounts and additional benefits such as free delivery on regular purchases of our peanut oil . By providing customers with a predictable and steady supply of high quality oil at discounted prices, we expect to build long term customer relationships.

Recurring revenue: In addition to the subscription model, we also plan to generate recurring revenue from our consulting services, which will provide companies with advice and best practices to optimize their use of our peanut oil.

Overall, our business model focuses on producing and selling premium quality peanut oil to different target markets, using various innovative strategies such as subscription services and consulting services to generate recurring revenue. We believe our unique business model will allow us to grow rapidly and maximize profits while providing high quality products and services to our customers.


There are several players in the peanut oil industry. Our research indicates that our main competitors are ABC Fating Forping Processing Limited, Kakau Farms and Golden Oil Limited.

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ABC Found-Nut Processing Limited has been in the peanut industry for over two decades, offering peanuts and other nut products like peanut butter, nut bars and nut milk. They have an excellent distribution network and have been able to scale their operations through strategic partnerships. However, their products are primarily for mass production and cater to a larger market with minimal fuss over quality and organic production.

Kakau Farms is another player in the peanut oil industry. They have a strong understanding of the organic food market and offer a range of organic products that cater to various customers. However, they have limited distribution channels and have not been able to significantly escape their operations.

Golden Oil Limited is a well-established oil producer, offering products in various sizes and blends. They are known for quality and their excellent distribution network, which allows them to reach different markets. However, their products are more expensive than others in the market, which limits their target market and customer base.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on organic farming and sustainable production practices, ensuring our products are of the highest quality. Additionally, our focus on small-scale production ensures a more personalized experience for our customers. We cater to customers looking for premium products and those with specific dietary restrictions.

Our competitive advantage lies in our unique selling points (USPs), which include:

  • Organic farming and sustainable production practices
  • Small-scale production for a more personalized experience for customers
  • Premium products with specific dietary restrictions

Our target market consists primarily of health conscious people and people with specific dietary restrictions who are willing to pay a premium for high quality, organic products. Our competitors are traditional peanut oil producers who do not focus on the organic market and offer mass-produced products. We do not anticipate significant competition to steal our customers as we cater to a specific niche market which is steadily growing.

Founding team

Our founding team is comprised of highly skilled experts with a passion for the peanut oil industry. Our combined experience, education and knowledge in different fields make us the perfect team to make this business a huge success.

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First, our team leader is John Doe , who has over 15 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He has worked with some of the major oil companies and has extensive knowledge in the production, marketing and sales of various petroleum products. His experience will guide us in making key decisions efficiently and effectively.

Mary Smith , our co-founder, has over 10 years of agribusiness experience, specializing in crop farming and import/export business. She has a degree in agriculture and has spent her career promoting sustainable farming practices. His expertise will be vital in sourcing the best peanuts for our oil production, supporting our local farmers, and ensuring we maintain environmental sustainability practices.

Our third member is Steve Johnson , who has been in the packaging industry for over 5 years. He is experienced in packaging product design, packaging material marketing and sales. With Steve on the team, we are confident that we can design and create packaging materials that meet standards that are environmentally friendly and appeal to our customers.

Grace Oboh , our fourth member, has over 8 years of accounting and financial management experience. She has managed the accounts and finance department in some large companies in the country, and her experience will be essential in managing our finances, maintaining records and managing the payment of salaries that align with our policies.

Finally, our team has a shared passion for promoting healthy living through the production of healthy and natural peanut oil products. Our goal is to promote the use of healthy peanut oil and provide customers with a natural, affordable and environmentally friendly high quality product.

We strongly believe that we have a competent team to succeed. Although our team includes experts in different fields, there is still room to learn, and we will rely on continuous professional development, research and personal improvement to acquire new skills and knowledge that will benefit our business. and will contribute to our growth.

With our passion, dedication and expertise, we are the right people for the challenge of starting and running a healthy oil production business. Our combined experience in different areas will help us mitigate risk and make smart decisions that will create sustainable growth.


Our base-end oil business showed considerable traction in the market, with several positive indicators of growth and success. Here are some of our milestones and key metrics:

  • First 3 months of operation: we made ,000 in revenue
  • The first 6 months of operation: we reached 0,000 in revenue, with a growth rate of 50% over the month
  • Customer Retention Rate: Our company has a high customer retention rate of 80% indicating satisfaction with our product and service
  • Product Market Adjustment: We have conducted extensive market research and made significant product improvements, leading to positive feedback from our customers and higher demand for our product
  • Customer Reviews: We have over 50 positive customer reviews on various e-commerce platforms, with an average rating of 4.5 stars
  • Growth Opportunities: Our market analysis indicates a potential market size of .5 billion, with a projected CAGR of 5.2% to 2025
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Based on these milestones and metrics, we are confident that our business is growing rapidly and has strong potential for future success. We also identified several key growth drivers, including our cost of customer acquisition and our customer lifetime value.

Fund raising

For our peanut oil business, we are seeking an investment of 0,000 to fund our initial expenses on operations, marketing, and personnel.

The funds will be used to cover the following:

  • Product development and prototyping
  • Market research and brand initiatives
  • Working capital to cover operating expenses and inventory
  • Hire a team of experienced professionals to run the business more efficiently

With these funds, we will be able to achieve important milestones, including:

  • Launching our product in online markets and physical stores
  • Establish partnerships with organic food retailers and supermarkets
  • Acquire more customers through targeted marketing efforts
  • Generate positive revenue and cash flow to fund our growth

We are confident that our experienced team and innovative product will have great success, and we hope you share our vision of creating a healthier and more sustainable cooking oil option.

We offer return on investment and preferential return on investment to investors who can help us achieve our fundraising goals and make our vision a reality.

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