Social networks and business

Tools of our daily life, social networks are essential for many people today. They are also a major asset for your business, we explain.

The history of social networks

On March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee founded the internet. This allowed people all over the world to communicate and stay in touch. These two “objectives” are the same for social networks.

Here are some notable dates:

  • 1997: Sixdegrees is launched.
  • 2003: LinkedIn , the first social media for professionals.
  • 2004: Mark Zuckerberg and his comrades Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes found Facebook (Meta group).
  • 2006: Creation of Twitter and the famous Tweets.
  • 2010: Instagram integrates phones, it is the first mobile social network.
  • 2011: Snapchat is born.
  • 2016: Launch of the Musically application (newly named TikTok ).

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Social networks and business

How to generate business on social networks?

In less than 20 years, the economic model of networks has evolved. This model relies on funding from advertisers. In exchange for data, companies adapt the content of advertisements to a certain user profile. They do targeting .

Social media or how to grow your business

It is good to know that France brings together 53.5 million users on social networks for an average duration of use of 1h46. In addition, nearly 4.5 billion people around the world are present on these platforms. Something to delight your income statement.

Thus, they are effective tools to inform users of the release of a new product/service. The cheapest way is sharing. In fact, word of mouth promotes the transmission of knowledge, and it is increased tenfold on social networks because it is easy to communicate.

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Social media is like communicating without actually doing it. Intriguing, no?

Indeed, the majority of content produced on a brand is not produced by the brands themselves, but by the users.

Pamper your communication

First of all, it is necessary to define the reasons for which one wishes to have a presence on social media. You can choose among these three possibilities:

  • The e-reputation : develop its notoriety and its brand image.
  • Commerce : acquiring customers (this is an effective tool for an acquisition funnel).
  • The community : interact with it to make it grow.

This choice is essential insofar as it determines the communication plan that will be put in place to feed the profiles. ESCadrille also offers a service to support you in the implementation of this plan.

Your decision thus made, all you have to do is feed your page with content adapted to your objectives to show you, reach your target and thus generate leads (prospects).

Social networks and business

Define your target social networks

We have just seen that it is necessary to set up a communication plan to maximize the results. However, we omitted the choice of the ideal channel. Here is our analysis of the most promising media at the moment:


Did you know that the average salary per user is around 3725€ per month?

This network will allow you to directly target businesses and professionals. It will allow you to share your content on your company page, to know the users who have consulted your profile, to create LinkedIn Ads campaigns and above all to prospect with cutting-edge tools like Sales Navigator .


130 million is the number of daily clicks on commercial ads.

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If Instagram is acclaimed by Generation Z (84% of them use it), it is also frequently used. Indeed, 62% of users open the application at least once a day.

You will in fact be able to take advantage of this strike force with your professional account and wide distribution on your page, but also through paid advertising campaigns. In addition, you will have the possibility to create a store directly on the application to promote and generate traffic on your website .


42% of 16-24 year olds spend nearly 52 minutes a day there.

After the acquisition of Musically and a name change, TikTok quickly established itself as a major social media. The application registers 1 billion active users per month. Today is a way for you to implement a lucrative marketing strategy.

His strength ? Its immediacy.

Indeed, as soon as the application is opened, Internet users are immersed in content that they will scroll to infinity. But what makes it its strength is the possibility of acquiring very high visibility (several million views).

A necessary presence for its business

  • Loss of visibility

It is hard to think that we can easily sell products/services when we are not even known by consumers. In addition, you greatly limit the possibilities of acquiring new customers . Social networks are a good gateway to your website to convert your prospects.

  • Control your image

Your social networks, just like your website, allow you to keep control of your e-reputation . This presence will allow you to communicate with your customers, to know what they think of you and to discuss with them.

  • Limit the expansion of its turnover
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The two previous points will tend to slow down your growth if they are not implemented. However, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of all the opportunities available at your fingertips.

Be accompanied by experts

ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil , is a cutting-edge Junior-Enterprise that has all the essential know-how to promote your development within your digital ecosystem.

Our expertise is attested by our JE status but also by the many awards we have been able to win, the Best Communication Strategy for example.

We can thus create your communication plan , your website and/or help you with your digital strategy.