Become an auditor consultant for the CNJE

Become an auditor

51 is the number of people who were appointed Auditor-Advisor by the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises in 2021.

Indeed, this weekend marks the end of the selections. Nearly 1,300 participants took part in the tests leading to the title of Auditor-Advisor.

After 29 years , the date of the first audit campaign , all the Juniors were able to become aware of the importance of auditors in the proper functioning of the Movement .

What are the missions of the consultant auditors?

First of all, the Auditor-Advisors carry out their missions on a voluntary basis . During their free weekends, they carry out audit campaigns all over France.

These audits refer directly to the two missions of the Audit-Advisor :

Protecting the “Junior-Entreprise” brand and ensuring compliance with the legal framework : this mission refers to the Audit part . The auditors ensure that the Juniors adopt a disinterested management and an irreproachable quality management system .

Helping Juniors in their development : this mission refers to the Consulting part. Experienced auditors support and advise the Juniors in their various processes such as human resources or commercial activity.

Why become an auditor?

As we have seen, becoming an Auditor-Advisor means getting involved in the Movement by raising the skills of the more than 200 Juniors and 25,000 Junior-Entrepreneurs present there.

Moreover, being an Auditor-Consultant is the opportunity to travel all over France and visit many Juniors, whatever their level of development. Over the course of the audits, the auditor develops an overall view of the state of the Movement .

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It is also an opportunity to develop critical thinking , pedagogy , confidence and versatility . So many essential qualities in the professional world .

Finally, becoming an Auditor-Advisor means living an enriching experience and making many instructive encounters .

How to become an auditor?

There are Organizational Auditors-Advice and Treasury Auditors-Advice. They audit different processes.

The organizational auditor audits the management of human resources, the management strategy, the legal framework and the commercial activity.

The treasury auditor audits the social process (social declarations) and transversal (accounting management), sales and purchases.

Their selection tests are therefore different in substance but follow the same pattern:

A written test is organized by the CNJE during a national congress. It assesses candidates’ knowledge of specific topics such as the Movement, the legal framework or methods for calculating social security contributions. This test is corrected during the day and gives access to the second written test.

During this,

Finally, those who have passed this second test are summoned to Paris to participate in the Auditor and Trainer Training Weekend: WEFAE. During this trying weekend, the candidates follow training courses with members of the CNJE as well as partners such as EY. Finally, they are confronted with simulations during which they audit and advise a fictitious Junior.

It is only after these particularly selective tests that the candidate sees himself receiving his letter of mission and officially becomes Auditor-Advisor.

Become an auditor consultant for the CNJE
EY providing training at WEFFAH 2020.

ESCadrille is proud to have 2 consultant auditors at the end of WEFAE 2021

The entire ESCadrille team is pleased to announce that two of our members Lucas Wenderbecq and Nicolas Lebrun have been appointed Auditor-Advisor .

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This testifies to their involvement in ESCadrille and more generally the Junior-Enterprise Movement .

For them it’s the beginning of a new adventure , they will be auditing Juniors all over France in the next few weeks.

Within ESCadrille, passing the tests to become an Auditor-Advisor is a common practice and has been for years.

Today, each member takes the first written test to challenge their knowledge of the world of Juniors and hope to become an auditor .

Every year , we have new Auditor-Advisors.

Article written by MAXENCE RIVOIRE, 2021.