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The problem we are trying to solve is the lack of quality and affordable tutoring services in our area. The relevance of this issue stems from the fact that more and more students are struggling academically, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds who do not have access to adequate educational resources.

Let me tell you about a student I recently taught, whom we will call Sarah. Sarah is a high school student who struggled in math. Her parents are immigrants who work long hours and are unable to provide the support she needs to succeed in school. Sarah’s school had a tutoring program, but it was overcrowded, and the tutors were overwhelmed with the number of students they had to help. As a result, Sarah was not getting the help she needed to improve her grades.

Unfortunately, this is a common story in our community. Many students, like Sarah, fall behind academically because they don’t have access to the academic support they need. The current solution is inadequate because school programs are understaffed and over-enrolled, private tutoring services are too expensive for many families, and many students simply drop out due to lack of available resources.

This is why the problem exists: the education system is failing many students due to a lack of resources and support. We believe that every student deserves access to quality educational resources and support systems, and that is why we are committed to creating an affordable and effective tutoring service to meet this critical need.

Solution / value proposition

Our tutoring service offers a solution to the problem of student gaps by providing personalized education to students regardless of their level or location. Our innovative platform allows students to be matched with tutors who specialize in the topics they struggle with, and sessions can be scheduled at a time that suits them. Our tutors have both the knowledge and the skills that can help students overcome their academic obstacles and achieve their goals.

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We believe our solution is perfect for students who are struggling to keep up with their studies, as well as those who simply want to perform better in their academics. Our platform provides a personalized one-on-one experience for students, where they can work at their own pace and convenience.

Our tutors are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate individuals who enjoy teaching and helping others succeed. They are handpicked for their expertise and communication skills, ensuring that students have a constructive and positive experience during each session. With our service, the student can benefit from the advice, feedback and support of an experienced tutor, right from the comfort of their own home.

  • Our solution is unique because it offers personalized education to students
  • We have experienced and passionate tutors who care about student success
  • Students can learn at their own pace and convenience

Our goal is to ensure that every student who uses our tutoring service is successful in their academic endeavors. Our solution provides an innovative and effective way for students to overcome their academic difficulties, and we are confident that our platform will be able to help thousands of students around the world.

Market validation

Our tutoring service has been validated by extensive market research, which indicates a growing demand for affordable and accessible tutoring services. The total addressable market for our service is estimated at approximately billion, with a potential customer base of over 50 million students in the United States alone.

One of the specificities of our market is revenue per client, which can vary considerably depending on the level and subject of the tutoring. For example, SAT/ACT test prep can command rates over 0 per hour, while elementary school homework help is typically around per hour.

We believe it is a good idea to start a tutoring service in this market due to the high demand for academic support and the increasing availability of technology, which enables remote tutoring sessions. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for affordable and accessible online tutoring services, which we can provide.

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The education market is growing steadily, with an increasing number of students enrolling in schools and universities every year. This growth is expected to continue in the years to come, providing a long-term opportunity for our service.

Our market research shows that clients are generally willing to pay between and 0 per hour for tutoring services, depending on level and subject. However, many of our competitors charge much higher rates, creating an opportunity for us to capture market share by offering affordable, quality tutoring services.

  • Our TAM is estimated at around billion
  • Customer base of over 50 million students
  • Revenue per client varies by level and subject of tutoring
  • Growing demand for affordable and accessible online tutoring services
  • Education market is growing steadily
  • Clients willing to pay between and 0 per hour for tutoring services

business model

Our tutoring service operates on a subscription-based revenue model, with three different subscription plans available to customers. Each plan has a variable pricing structure based on the number of tutoring sessions per month and the length of each session. Our service is designed to be accessible and affordable for students of all ages and academic levels.

Our tutorial sessions can be arranged online or in person, depending on client preference. We keep overhead cost low by operating a completely virtual business with no physical office location. This allows us to keep our subscription prices competitive and to invest more in our tutors and marketing efforts.

  • How will you generate income? – Our revenue will come from our customers’ subscription fees.
  • What is the total amount of income? – Our estimated annual revenue should be 0,000 in the first year.
  • What products will generate revenue? – Our products are the subscriptions offered to our customers for tutoring services in various subjects and academic levels.

Our tutoring service operates by sourcing qualified and experienced tutors from academic institutions and certified educational programs to provide a personalized tutoring experience for our clients. Each tutor is paired with students based on their academic needs and preferences. We invest in frequent training sessions and performance reviews to ensure that our tutors maintain a high standard of quality and efficiency in their teaching methods.

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We aim to create a sustainable business that grows through word of mouth referrals and strategic marketing campaigns. Our partnerships with academic institutions and referral programs also help expand our customer base and generate revenue.


Our tutoring service operates in a highly competitive market, with many established players offering various tutoring services.


  • Local Tutoring Centers: These brick-and-mortar establishments offer in-person tutoring services for a variety of subjects. They have many experienced teachers on staff and specialize in giving individual attention to each student.
  • Online Tutoring Services: There is a plethora of online tutoring services, both free and paid, with different focus areas and features. These services offer great flexibility and convenience to students from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Freelance Tutors: Freelance tutors offer personalized services to their students, usually on a one-to-one basis. They often have more flexible hours and prices than traditional centers and can work closely with students in a variety of subjects.

What they do well: Our competitors have established client bases and experienced staff, and in some cases can offer more specialized and niche tutoring services than we do.

What they’re doing wrong: Some competitors may lack flexibility and personalization of their services, while others may struggle with customer retention due to high prices or limited services. Additionally, some centers may have limited hours of operation and cannot accommodate the busy schedules of students.

What makes us better: Our tutoring service differentiates itself by providing flexible, personalized and affordable tutoring services to students of all levels. Our team of qualified tutors have years of experience in the education industry and are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. With our personalized programs, individual attention, and online platform, we provide a unique experience for each student that promotes success in any subject.

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  • Flexible Scheduling: We are available to students whenever they need us, even outside of regular working hours, making us the ideal option for busy students.
  • Personalized attention: Our tutors personalize programs and lesson plans to meet students’ needs and goals, delivering focused and effective lessons.
  • Personalized online platform: We use a personalized online platform that allows our tutors and students to engage in real-time lesson sharing, document sharing, and assignments and feedback.

Who steals your customers and how: Our competitors who offer similar flexible and personalized services are most likely to steal our customers. For example, freelance tutors or online tutoring services may attract them with lower rates or a different focus area. Additionally, locally established tutoring centers may already have a large clientele, which makes it difficult for us to establish our foothold in the market. However, we differentiate ourselves by providing a personalized online platform, flexible scheduling and personalized attention, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Founding team

Our tutoring service is led by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping students achieve their full potential. We are confident that our team has the skills and expertise to make our business a huge success.

John Doe , our founder, has an MBA from Harvard and has worked as a consultant for some of the biggest names in the education industry. He has experience in developing and implementing strategic plans that drive growth and profitability. His ability to identify market opportunities and develop effective business strategies makes him an exceptional leader.

Jane Smith , our main tutor, has a PhD in Education and has been teaching at prestigious schools for over 10 years. It’s proven to help students improve their grades and achieve their goals. His expertise in creating personalized learning plans for each student has allowed him to make a significant impact in the lives of many students.

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David Lee , our technology expert, has a BS in Computer Science and has over 5 years of experience developing and implementing software solutions. He has developed a state-of-the-art platform that allows students to easily access our tutoring services from anywhere in the world.

Our team is united by a common goal – to help students unlock their full potential and achieve their academic goals. We believe that education is the key to success, and every student deserves access to high quality tutoring services.

We recognize that no team is perfect and that we are constantly working to improve our skills. We are committed to continuous training and development, and we always seek feedback from our customers to help us better meet their needs.

We believe our team has the right skills and experience to meet the challenges of the tutoring industry. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to providing exceptional service to every student we work with.

Traction / Milestones

The traction slide is a crucial part of our investor pitch deck, as it provides evidence of our potential for success in the tutoring services industry. We tracked various metrics and saw steady progress toward our goals.

  • Growing customer base: We have successfully acquired a number of customers since our launch, with a steady increase in repeat customers. Our monthly average monthly growth rate is at 15% .
  • Customer Satisfaction: We have received positive feedback on our services from our customers, with an 80% satisfaction rate. We believe this indicates that we have achieved the right marks in terms of course content, teaching methodology and overall quality of service.
  • Product Market Fit: We have targeted a niche market that requires specialist tutoring in specific topics. Our market analysis indicated a growing demand for our services, especially among STEM subjects, who have a higher demand for tutoring services. This indicates that we have reached product market adjustment.
  • Reduced customer churn: We are working to improve our customer retention rates by offering personalized learning plans and follow-up sessions. Our churn rate dropped from 10% to 5% last quarter.
  • Increase in average order value: We have been successful in upselling our customers to higher value packages, resulting in an increase in average order value by 10% .
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These measures not only prove our potential, but also reflect our keen understanding of our business and our customers. We believe these milestones are realistic, achievable and indicative of our growth potential. We are confident that with continued efforts, we will see even greater traction and growth.

Fund raising

Our tutoring service is seeking 0,000 in seed funding to enhance our platform, increase marketing efforts and expand our reach. We believe our innovative approach to e-learning provides a valuable investment opportunity.

With the funds, we plan to allocate the following:

  • Product development (40%) : We will use part of the funds to refine our tutoring platform, improve user experience and add new features.
  • Marketing (30%) : We aim to grow our customer base by investing in digital marketing strategies, promotional campaigns and brand awareness initiatives.
  • New Hires (20%) : A portion of the funds will be used to hire additional tutors, programmers and customer service representatives to support our growing customer base.
  • Operations (10%) : We plan to allocate a small portion of the funds to rent, utilities and other essential overhead costs for our day-to-day operations.

With the capital infusion, we are confident that our business will achieve the following milestones:

  • Expand our reach to new geographies
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention
  • Forge partnerships with educational institutions to extend our reach
  • Improve our user experience and student outcomes
  • Become profitable within 18 to 24 months

Overall, we believe our tutoring service offers an exciting investment opportunity for investors looking for a scalable and innovative business in the education space. We are confident that with our experienced founding team and the infusion of seed funding, we can establish ourselves as a key player in the online tutoring industry.