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Many people want to support local farmers and eat fresh produce. However, it is not always convenient to visit the local farmers’ market during its limited operating hours. This downside causes consumers to turn to grocery stores for produce, which may have spent weeks in transit and storage, losing taste and nutritional value in the process.

To illustrate this problem, imagine a busy working mother named Sarah who values healthy, fresh food for her family. Sarah heard about the local farmers market which sells affordable fresh produce. However, she works long hours and cannot go to market during her limited operating hours.

This issue is highly relevant today as more and more consumers are looking for healthy, eco-friendly and fresh options when shopping for groceries. According to a 2020 survey by IMF -The Food Industry Association, 57% of consumers say they enjoy buying locally sourced items.

The current solution for Sarah is to visit a grocery store to buy her products. However, on her last visit, she saw that the selection of fruits and vegetables was limited, and she knew they had been transported hundreds of miles. Sarah understands that this may not be the best option for her family’s health or environment.

The problem exists because the current hours of operation of the farmers market do not match the busy schedules of many consumers, and these consumers then turn to grocery stores for a lackluster solution.

Solution / value proposition

Our solution to the problem of limited access to local and fresh produce is our Farmers Market Truck, which is a mobile farmers market that brings fresh produce, dairy and meats directly to customers. Our truck visits different areas of the city where there is limited access to fresh produce, such as food deserts and low-income neighborhoods. The Farmers Market Truck not only provides fresh produce, but also aims to educate and inform customers of the benefits of eating fresh, locally sourced food.

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Our Farmers Market Truck offers a convenient and accessible solution to the problem of limited access to fresh produce. By bringing the farmers market directly to customers, we eliminate the need for customers to travel long distances to purchase fresh produce. This not only saves time for our customers, it also saves them money by eliminating the transportation costs associated with traveling to a farmers market.

Our solution also highlights the importance of healthy eating and local food production. By supporting local farmers and providing fresh, local produce, we promote healthy eating habits and a more sustainable food system. Our customers will feel good about supporting local farmers and consuming fresh, locally produced food, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

The Farmers Market Truck is an amazing solution as it not only delivers fresh produce to those who need it most, but it also supports the local economy and small farmers. Our customers will feel good about supporting a sustainable food system while enjoying the convenience and accessibility of a mobile farmers market.

Moreover, the Farmers Market Truck is not only a solution to a problem, but it also provides a unique experience for our customers. We don’t just sell produce – we offer recipes, cooking tips and advice on how to incorporate more fresh produce into your daily meals. Our guests will feel empowered and educated on healthy eating habits, and part of a community that values food from sustainable development.

  • Our solution is innovative and practical, bringing farmers market directly to customers from different low-income city locations and food deserts to promote healthy eating
  • We emphasize fresh, locally sourced produce that supports a sustainable food system and local economy
  • Our solution not only solves a problem, but also provides a unique experience for our customers by offering recipes, cooking tips and advice on how to incorporate fresh produce into their diet.

Market validation

Our Farmers Market Truck business idea is validated by the growing demand for locally sourced and organic produce. The health and wellness trend has become increasingly popular with consumers, with an emphasis on maintaining a balanced diet and supporting local agriculture. The APR for organic food sales is 4 billion, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% by 2027, according to Grand View Research Inc.

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Our specific market targets health conscious people between the ages of 25 and 50 who are willing to pay a premium for locally sourced and organic products. Average revenue per customer is estimated at , with potential repeat customers weekly for a 6 month duration. We plan to visit different farmers markets twice a week throughout the summer season to increase sales.

It is a good idea to start a business in this market as it offers a unique opportunity to disrupt the traditional agricultural industry, which suffers from supply chain and middleman issues. By sourcing directly from local farmers, we can offer fresher produce at a competitive price to customers. Additionally, we can leverage digital technology to deliver better customer experiences and higher customer loyalty.

The organic food market is growing at a significant rate, with growing consumer preference for natural and healthier foods. About Porte de Recherche , demand for organic food products is growing nearly 20% annually, and revenue from organic food sales has tripled over the past decade. This trend is expected to continue, making our business a sustainable and lucrative opportunity.

Customers are willing to pay a premium for locally sourced and organic produce. According to USDA , organic food sales grew 31% between 2016 and 2020. Additionally, research shows that 71% of millennials are willing to pay more for organic products, according to Miner . Our products offer a premium value proposition to customers that goes beyond the products themselves.

  • Tam: 4 billion
  • Target market: Health conscious people aged 25-50
  • Average revenue per customer:

business model

Our business model is based on the concept of a mobile farmers market truck. Our company aims to provide fresh and local products to customers who have limited access to healthy and organic products. We believe there is a growing market for fresh produce that is not only healthy but also contributes to the local economy. Our truck visits various locations including communities, schools and office complexes to deliver fresh produce.

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How will we generate revenue?

We will generate income through the sale of organic fruits and vegetables. Our products will be priced competitively with other local organic farmers markets. In addition, we will also offer unique blends of juice products and salad mixes. We are also exploring the possibility of partnering with local chefs to create recipes that incorporate our fresh produce.

What is the total amount of income?

Our total expected revenue for the first year is 0,000. As we continue to expand our customer base and increase our product offering, we expect our revenues to grow. We are confident that our mobile farmers market will provide both healthy and economical benefits to our customers and the community.

What products will generate revenue?

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Juice blends
  • Salad mixes

Our team consists of experienced market farmers who have a passion for delivering fresh produce directly from farm to customer’s plate. We strongly believe that our business model will not only generate revenue for us, but also support local farmers, promote healthy living and contribute to community well-being.


Our main competitors in the farmer’s market food truck industry are Eat Street, the Craving Truck and the Grilled Cheese Truck. These companies have established themselves as strong players in the market with loyal followings at popular farmers’ markets and area events.

Eat Street, known for their fusion cuisine, offers dishes from various food cultures, including Asian and Latin American. The Cravings truck also offers a diverse menu with an emphasis on comfort foods. The Grilled Cheese Truck serves classic gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Eat Street is known for its innovative recipes and bold flavors, but their prices can be on the high end.
  • The cravings truck tends to draw more of a late-night crowd, leaving room for a daytime market presence.
  • The grilled cheese truck can have long wait times due to their popularity.
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What sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and offering a rotating menu that adapts to the seasonal availability of ingredients. Our vegetarian and vegan options are far more diverse than any other food truck on the market. We also offer customizable bowls and build options.

Our Unique Selling Points (USPs) include our focus on healthy and sustainable food choices, which sets us apart from the traditional street food scene of fried and greasy options. Additionally, we offer vegan and gluten-free options for guests with dietary restrictions.

The customers we are losing the most to our competitors are those looking for a specific type of cuisine, such as Asian or Mexican cuisine. To combat this, we are continually refining our menu to include more diverse options while maintaining our farm-to-table philosophy.

Founding team

Our founding team is made up of people with extensive experience in the food and hospitality industry. Our combined background allows us to bring the skills necessary to make our Farmers Market Truck a huge success.

Samantha Ortiz – CEO

  • Graduated with a Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Diploma
  • Over 10 years of experience owning and operating a successful food truck business
  • Certified in sustainable agricultural practices and greenhouse technology

Erica Chavez – Coo

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management from Cornell University
  • Restaurant and catering management experience, including leading teams of up to 50 employees
  • Trained in financial management and budgeting

David Kim – CMO

  • Northwestern University Masters in Marketing
  • Previously conducted marketing campaigns for several well-known food and drink brands
  • Expertise in social media marketing and digital advertising

Our goal is to provide locally sourced, sustainable food options to communities across the United States while promoting the benefits of sustainable agricultural practices. We believe everyone deserves access to healthy, high-quality food, and we’re committed to delivering just that.

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Although we have a talented and experienced team, we recognize that there are areas where we may need to bring in outside expertise. We are open to working with consultants and advisors on specific challenges as we expand our business.

We firmly believe that we are the right people for this challenge. Our passion for sustainable agriculture and dedication to providing access to healthier options makes us the perfect team to make that vision a reality. We’re excited to work together to bring our farmers’ market truck to communities across the country, one fresh, delicious meal at a time.


As a relatively new company, we have made significant progress in our short period of operation. We understand that investors want to see evidence of our progress towards building a successful business, and we’re excited to share our traction with you:

  • We successfully launched our Farmers Market Truck in [City] and gained a loyal following of customers who appreciate the high quality products we offer.
  • We have consistently hit our weekly sales targets, with revenue steadily increasing each week. Our weekly earnings have gone from [$][$][$].
  • We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers, with a [percentage][percentage] customer satisfaction rating, indicating that our customers come back to purchase from us again and again.
  • We conducted customer surveys to gather feedback on our product, pricing and customer service. Using this feedback, we have made improvements to our products and services that have resulted in increased customer satisfaction.
  • In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have adapted our business model to include online ordering for pickup and delivery. This has allowed us to increase our revenue while providing a safe and convenient option for our customers.

We are constantly striving to improve and grow our business, and we are confident that we will continue to achieve positive results. Our traction demonstrates that we are on the right path to building a successful business and that we have the potential to make a significant impact in the market.

Fund raising

As we embark on this incredible journey to bring fresh, healthy produce directly to consumers, we are seeking a total of 0,000 to make our dream a reality.

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With our funds we plan to invest:

  • Development : We will allocate 50% of the funding (i.e. 0,000) to product development. This includes investing in our farmer’s market truck design and refrigeration, shelving and storage design to maintain the freshness and quality of our produce.
  • Marketing : We plan to invest 20% of the funding (i.e. 0,000) in marketing our brand, both online and offline. This includes developing and executing targeted social media and email marketing campaigns, local print ads, and partnerships with local businesses and farmers markets.
  • Human resources : We plan to invest 30% of the funding (i.e. 0,000) in hiring additional staff, including drivers, delivery staff and administrative support, to meet the demands of our growing clientele.

With these investments, our team plans to achieve the following milestones:

  • Launch our farmers market truck in two major cities in the first six months of operation.
  • Develop and execute strategic marketing campaigns that drive traffic and awareness of our business.
  • Ensure that over 90% of our products come directly from local farms within 200 miles of our target cities.
  • Generate .5 million in revenue within the first 24 months of operation.
  • Partner with five local businesses to expand our reach and community impact.

We are confident that our innovative approach to on-farm product delivery will be well received by consumers and will have a positive impact on the communities we serve. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss investment opportunities and believe that this funding will take us to new heights in our mission to provide access to healthy, locally sourced products.

Revolutionize local agriculture with our Farmers Market Truck!

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