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Alcohol consumption has been part of human history and culture for centuries. However, in today’s fast-paced and hectic world, convenience is king and consumers are looking for ways to access their favorite beverages without leaving their homes. This poses a significant challenge for people who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes, creating the need for a solution that provides convenience, ease of access and rapid delivery.

Today’s market offers limited options for liquor and beer delivery, forcing consumers to rely on traditional brick-and-mortar stores or limited delivery options, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

The disadvantage of access to alcohol is not only a matter of preference but also of necessity. For example, people with disabilities or those in rural areas may also face challenges in getting their hands on their favorite beverages easily. Therefore, the problem of inconvenient access to alcohol is not only relevant, but also widespread.

Consumers who are unable to easily access alcohol may resort to other options to meet their needs, including resorting to purchasing from unregulated sources or turning to more potent substances. or harmful. That’s why the need for a reliable, easy-to-use liquor service is more critical than ever.

Solution / value proposition

Our solution is to provide customers with a quick and easy way to order beer and liquor anytime, anywhere through our app and website platform. We understand that customers may not always want or have the ability to leave home to buy their favorite beverages, so our platform offers a convenient and comfortable solution.

With just a few clicks, customers can select their favorite beer or liquor and have it delivered to their doorstep within hours. Our platform also offers customers the option to schedule their deliveries for a specific time or date, making them even more convenient.

Our delivery service not only solves the problem of inconvenient access to alcohol for those who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes, but it also offers customers the opportunity to increase their alcohol consumption. alcohol without having to leave their homes. This value proposition is unique and attractive to many customers, setting us apart from our competitors.

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We are committed to providing our customers with an incredible experience. Our platform is user-friendly and our delivery service is reliable and efficient. Customers can expect to feel delighted and satisfied after using our solution.

We are constantly striving to improve our solution to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. As a team, we are passionate about providing customers with the convenience they need to enjoy their favorite beverages.

  • Our solution is unique, innovative and solves a real problem on the market
  • Our platform and delivery service provide convenience and comfort to customers
  • Our solution offers a unique value proposition to customers to increase their alcohol consumption without leaving their home
  • Our solution is user-friendly, reliable and efficient to deliver an amazing customer experience

Market validation

Our market validation shows that the alcohol delivery market is viable and profitable. The global alcohol market size is expected to reach .68 trillion by 2024 growing at a compound annual growth rate of 3.1% .

Additionally, research by Harris Poll found that 60% of Americans consider drinking alcohol at home with friends as as enjoyable as going out to a bar or restaurant. This is further supported by our market research, which shows high demand for alcohol delivery services, especially among millennials.

With the current covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns, there has been an increased demand for delivery services and a shift towards e-commerce and app-based businesses. This presents a unique opportunity for our beer and liquor delivery business to provide a convenient and safe solution for customers.

Additionally, the market for alcohol delivery services is relatively untapped, with limited competition. Major competitors in the delivery market, such as Grubhub and Ubereats, focus primarily on food and grocery delivery. Our unique value proposition and focus on alcohol delivery sets us apart.

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According to Ibisworld, the online alcohol sales market is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 9.3% over the next 5 years, reaching a total revenue of .8 billion .

Our addressed market is made up of people who enjoy drinking alcohol and are looking for a convenient and safe solution for home consumption. Based on our market research, the Average Revenue per Customer for our business is estimated at -0 per order, with Repeat purchases expected to drive a significant portion of our revenue.

Customers are also willing to pay a premium for the convenience of alcohol delivery, with an average markup of 10-20% on retail prices being acceptable. Additionally, as our business grows and we are able to partner with larger liquor stores, we can negotiate better prices and increase our profit margins.

business model

Our business model in delivering beer and liquor delivery is simple and efficient. Our main sources of revenue come from delivery charges and markup on alcohol prices . We have partnered with local liquor stores to ensure high quality inventory and efficient distribution. Our app and website platform use technology to maintain a hassle-free and hassle-free ordering and delivery process.

In terms of revenue, we expect to generate substantial amounts from our delivery charges and alcohol price markups. With a growing customer base, we expect annual revenues of approximately million 3 years .

Our main revenue-generating products are alcoholic beverages. However, we offer an added convenience to our customers with an option of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase.

We also offer a unique subscription-based model, where customers can pay a monthly fee to receive Discounts on delivery charges and liquor prices . This model has proven to be successful in beta testing and we plan to develop this aspect of the business further in the future.

Our strategy focuses on using technology for order processing and delivery, as well as building strong partnerships with local liquor stores. This allows us to maintain a competitive edge and establish ourselves as the go-to option for alcohol delivery services in the market.


Our main competitors in the alcohol delivery market are online delivery platforms such as Drizly and Minibar. These companies provide similar services, delivering alcohol using their own delivery fleets or partnerships with local liquor stores. They do well due to their established brand names and wide variety of product offerings. However, they also have limitations. Both providers have minimal brand differentiation, resulting in consumers treating them interchangeably. Moreover, they mostly focus on big cities and fail to cater to more rural areas.

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There are a range of food delivery platforms that also offer alcohol delivery as an extension of their service, for example, Uber Eats and Grubhub. These direct competitors have well-established networks, however, there is little differentiation between their services, and their focus on food delivery is greater than on alcohol products.

What The Beer Liquor Delivery Company Sets Apart From Its Competitors Is Our Exclusive Focus On Liquor Delivery, Our Personal Relationship With The Customer Through Excellent Customer Service And Our Efficient And Prompt Delivery Of The beer and alcohol. This unique proposition allows us to differentiate ourselves from other delivery services and respond to all customers in all areas; Even more rural communities. Our USP is customization with other services offering no adaptation of the liquor shopping experience and only offering current in-store inventory. Our application technology allows us to monitor stock levels and predict demand, ensure timely delivery and access to required beverage selection.

Our research shows that our audience would much rather choose a provider that is solely focused on alcohol delivery as they are perceived to better understand customer needs and preferences in this area. We firmly believe that our dedication to improving the customer experience along with our unique liquor delivery offering will make us the leading provider in the growing liquor delivery space.

An obvious threat to our business is big box retailers who may create liquor delivery platforms or add it as a service within their existing platforms. However, we must bear in mind that this will require a significant allocation of resources which will have a negative impact on their operational orientation. While other delivery services and retailers have brand recognition, Beer Liquor Delivery Company may have carved out its niche, offering liquor-only delivery.

Founding team

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds who are critical to the success of the beer liquor delivery business. Each team member brings a unique skill set and expertise that is leveraged to build and grow our innovative platform.

  • John Smith , our CEO, holds a degree in computer science from UC Berkeley and has over 10 years of experience developing and launching successful mobile applications. His previous experience includes founding and scaling three technology start-ups.
  • Jane Doe , our COO, holds a master’s degree in logistics management and has over 15 years of experience in logistics and warehouse management. His previous experience includes managing a supply chain for a Fortune 500 company and launching several successful e-commerce platforms.
  • Mike Johnson , our CMO, holds a degree in marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and has over 20 years of experience in brand management and marketing strategy development. His previous experience includes major marketing initiatives for large retail and e-commerce companies.
  • Sarah Lee , our liquor manager, holds a degree in chemistry and has over 10 years of experience in the liquor industry. She has worked as a distiller, brewer and master mixologist for several established brands.
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We are passionate about providing our customers with the most convenient access to their favorite beverages. Our founding team has a proven track record of launching and scaling successful start-ups, giving us the knowledge and expertise to navigate any hurdles we may face.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between customers and retailers by providing quick and easy access to beer and liquor delivery. Our focus is always on the customer, and we strive to provide the highest level of service possible.

There is no shortage of skills in our founding team, and we have the right combination of skills and experience to make this company a huge success. We understand the market, our customers and how to grow and scale a business.

We are the right people for the challenge of launching and establishing the beer liquor delivery business as a major player in the liquor delivery market. Our team is passionate, committed and able to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Traction / Milestones

The beer liquor delivery business has seen several successful milestones, proving that the business is headed in the right direction and the time is ripe for investors to jump on board. These milestones include:

  • Beta Testing: The company has launched a successful beta test which has received positive feedback from customers. The test has proven that customers are interested in the beer and liquor delivery service, which is evident from the high levels of demand received.
  • Partnerships Established: The beer liquor delivery business has partnered with local liquor stores to ensure a wide variety of beverages are available for delivery. These partnerships have helped the company reduce sourcing and delivery costs while providing customers with a wide selection of products.
  • Initial marketing campaign: The company launched an initial marketing campaign which generated a high level of interest and demand for the service. This response indicates that there is a critical driver of growth in the market and that the beer liquor delivery company has a solid business model that resonates with potential customers.
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These milestones indicate that the beer liquor delivery business is making promising progress and that customers are responding positively to the company’s offerings. Additionally, the company is scaled and positioned to take advantage of changes in the market.

The company’s progress has also allowed it to continually reassess its assumptions and pivot where necessary. The beer liquor delivery business is getting a product market fit and has made progress in providing convenient and reliable delivery service.

Additionally, the beer liquor delivery business tracked several metrics, such as delivery time and customer satisfaction, which are critical drivers for business growth. These metrics help the business measure its success and identify areas for improvement.

In conclusion, the beer liquor delivery business has reached significant milestones and is proving to be a profitable and sustainable business. By continuing to evolve operations and adapt to market changes, the beer liquor delivery business is on track to provide customers with the convenience they want, generate revenue and provide investors with a promising return on investment.


Our beer liquor delivery business is seeking million in seed funding to scale the business and meet the growing demand for liquor delivery services. The investment opportunity is exciting, and we are confident that our unique value proposition, experienced team and proven track record will lead to a successful business.

The funds will be used to expand operations, hire additional staff and launch marketing campaigns. We plan to allocate funds as follows:

  • Product development: 40% of the funds will be invested in the development of our application and website platform to meet customer needs more efficiently, manage inventory and streamline the delivery process.
  • Marketing and Advertising: 30% of funds will be spent on marketing and advertising campaigns to build brand awareness, acquire new customers and retain existing ones.
  • New Employees: 30% of funds will be used to hire additional staff, including sales and marketing employees, software engineers, and delivery staff.
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We anticipate that the funds will help us achieve the following milestones:

  • Expand our delivery services to additional locations and cities across the country.
  • Increase our delivery capabilities to provide faster and more flexible delivery options for customers.
  • Grow our customer base and revenue stream by creating brand recognition and loyalty through effective marketing techniques.
  • Implement effective inventory management systems to ensure timely delivery of top quality products to our customers.

With our experienced team and high demand market, we are confident that our beer and liquor delivery business will return an estimated 3x ROI in 3 years.