Great Business Ideas: Invite Associates to a Trade Show

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Invite Associates to a Trade Show

If exhibiting at or attending a trade show is on your calendar this year, turn it into a valuable business trip by inviting business associates to meet you there. As soon as you sign up to attend, go through your database or business card file and make a list of everyone you know who lives within 100 miles of the show. Then invite them to meet you there. You might want to pay their registration fee, if it isn’t too exorbitant.

Meeting business associates or prospective customers at a show has several advantages. It saves you an extra trip to their city, for one thing, and if you are exhibiting at the show, they’ll see your products and services displayed in a high-profile place. They’ll also be able to meet your key staff members and see how you interact with the public. If you can wangle an invitation to speak at a seminar or take part in a panel discussion, better yet. Invite your associates to hear your presentation. What better way to position yourself as a leader in your industry?

If you aren’t exhibiting, it’s still great to walk the aisles with a colleague and check out the competition. You can brainstorm as you collect information and brochures; you can introduce your guest to others in your industry.

If several clients accept your invitation to meet, turn it into a party by planning a breakfast or dinner to entertain them. Be sure to make reservations early because the city may be overrun with convention attendees.

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Attending a trade show, with or without guests, is an essential activity for successful entrepreneurs—it helps you to keep up with the competition and connect with other industry movers and shakers.