Great Business Ideas: Meet Clients in Public Places

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Meet Clients in Public Places

The greatest thing about working at home is that by keeping your expenses low, you can spend more money on high-tech, high-productivity office equipment, travel, and entertainment. But of course there are some drawbacks to this arrangement.

Most home offices lack an appropriate space or place to meet with a client, vendor, or business colleague. If kids, dogs, and relatives preclude you from inviting a business associate to your home, and you can’t meet in their office, don’t panic: Make reservations.
No matter where you live, you can find an elegant restaurant or hotel lobby to host a meeting. Be sure to check out the location before you schedule the appointment. Make sure it’s easy to park, or better yet, look for a place with valet parking.

Reserve a quiet table far from the kitchen. Make it very clear to the maitred’ that your meeting is very important to your professional life. When you arrive and are shown to your table, be sure to give the maitred’ a generous tip ($10 to $20).

If there isn’t time to share a meal, invite your client to high tea at a luxury hotel. Late afternoon is an excellent time for a leisurely business meeting because it doesn’t interfere with lunch or dinner plans. If you or your client prefers to skip the food and drinks, meet in a secluded section of a fine hotel lobby. I have had many productive meetings in a quiet corner of a lobby.

Meeting important customers or clients in a public place is a wonderful solution for home-based entrepreneurs. Just be sure you pick the right place.

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