Great Business Ideas: Ask for Two Business Cards

Great Ideas for your Small Business: Ask for Two Business Cards

Whenever you meet a new, interesting person, always ask for two business cards. Why?

Because you want to keep one and pass the other along to someone else who might benefit from this person’s products or services.

I learned this tip from a veteran networker who attended many early morning networking breakfasts around Los Angeles. Asking someone for two cards is very flattering and serves another purpose. Your request will make you stand out in a crowd. And, chances are, you will more likely be remembered by the person you just met.

Here’s another business card-related tip:

When you attend a trade show, professional meeting, or conference, always wear a jacket with two pockets. Use one pocket to hold the cards collected from the people you meet and the other to hold your cards. This two-pocket systems eliminates fumbling in your purse or wallet to dig out a business card when people are on the move.

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