Great Business Ideas: Follow These Five Quick Time-Management Tips

Great Ideas for your Small Business:

Follow These Five Quick Time-Management Tips

Time-management guru peter gordon offered these five tips; I knew I had to pass them along to you.

  1. Start with the big picture. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, where you are trying to go, and what the most important things are for you to do. “This type of clear thinking will give you a solid foundation for goal setting, prioritizing, and establishing a clear sense of direction,” said Gordon.
  2. Use one planning and organizing system. “Consolidate your various calendars, schedules, and to-do lists into a single planning system. Eliminate those floating notes and scraps of paper,” said Gordon. “Integrate phone numbers into your system for quick reference.”
  3. Invest the time to plan each day. “Review and prioritize your to-do list, blocking out time for the most important tasks,” said Gordon. He suggests choosing the most “dis- tract-free” time to do your daily planning.
  4. Make appointments with yourself. Schedule time to do certain mundane tasks, especially ones you don’t like to do. Gordon says this is a great way to avoid procrastination and just get them finished.
  5. Batch the little things. When it comes to going through your “in” basket, answering e-mail, or filing, do it all together, advises Gordon. “For maximum efficiency, batch tasks together and handle them all at once, whenever possible.” Getting yourself more organized seems like a daunting task, but once you do it, it will change your life.

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