Great Business Ideas: Throw Away Your Expensive Time-Management System

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Throw Away Your Expensive Time-Management System

I don’t know about you, but i have a collection of pricey organizers – all gathering dust. I hate to throw them out because they are so darn expensive. But I’ve tried them all: the big chunky note- books, the planners, the runners, the memo managers—all for naught.

They were too complicated for me to keep up with, and I consider myself a pretty smart woman. I finally went back to one of the oldest—and cheapest—organizing tricks, the lowly index card.

Yep. A top corporate executive was the first person I saw pull an index card out of his shirt pocket. Every morning, his secretary handed him a card with the highlights of his day neatly typed. It included addresses, phone numbers, and a few details to remind him of what he had to say during important meetings. “I save them for a few weeks as a record, then I toss them out,” he confided.

Of course, you can save a year’s worth in a plastic recipe box and have your whole year on record, if you insist.

I must admit, I’ve backslid through the years and spent another few hundred bucks on organizers. I now use my Handspring Visor, which I grudgingly accepted as a holiday gift.
Try using index cards for a few weeks and see if you aren’t ready to toss out that heavy, expensive leather notebook you lug around.

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