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The demand for fresh and sustainable shrimp is skyrocketing, but the market is failing to meet the need. Consumers are becoming more conscientious about their food choices, looking for healthier and more environmentally friendly options. However, most shrimp sold in the market are imported, grown in crowded conditions, and often treated with antibiotics and chemicals . The lack of transparency and traceability of these products has raised concerns about food safety and environmental impact.

A perfect example of this problem is Maria. She is a health worker who loves seafood. She wants to introduce more protein into her diet and heard that shrimp is a great source of protein. However, she struggles to buy fresh, ethical shrimp at her local market. When she searched online, she found sellers, but the prices were too high and the products lacked transparency. She didn’t know where they came from or how they were grown. As a result, she decided to exclude shrimp from her diet .

The lack of fresh, sustainable and ethical shrimp available is a real problem. Consumers like Maria want to make healthier and more environmentally friendly food choices, but they don’t have access to the right products. This problem creates an opportunity for a solution that can meet the growing demand for fresh shrimp while maintaining environmentally friendly standards.

Relevance of the issue

This issue is highly relevant given the growing importance of healthy food choices and environmental concerns. As the population grows, the demand for protein sources will continue to increase and seafood will be part of this trend. According to the United Nations, seafood accounts for around 17% of animal protein consumed by humans. This demand for seafood and shrimp, in particular, presents a tremendous market opportunity for a solution that meets consumer demand for fresh, sustainable and ethical seafood products.

Current solution for the problem

The current solution for the problem is the availability of traditionally farmed shrimp in the market. However, these shrimp do not meet consumer demand for fresh, sustainable and environmentally friendly seafood options. The lack of transparency in the supply chain, the poor quality of imported products and the environmental impact of traditional practices create challenges for consumers seeking to make healthier and more ethical choices.

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Why does the problem exist?

The problem exists because the conventional shrimp farming industry relies on crowded and unsanitary conditions to raise shrimp, typically in Asia, South America and other low-wage countries. These practices lead to high mortality rates, susceptibility to disease and parasites, and excessive use of antibiotics and chemicals. Also, the long supply chains from these countries to the United States make it difficult to know if the shrimp has been caught, grown and processed, the distributors of the shrimp do not always share or even have such information.


Solution / value proposition

Our solution is a state-of-the-art shrimp farming system that not only solves the problem of unsustainable and environmentally destructive traditional farming practices, but also delivers high quality shrimp to consumers.

The traditional shrimp farming industry is plagued with issues such as overuse of antibiotics, chemical use, and environmental destruction. Our shrimp farming system addresses these issues by incorporating sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. By using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems , we can maintain high water quality, reduce wastewater flows, and minimize the use of antibiotics and chemicals.

The value proposition of our shrimp farming system is twofold:

  • First, our system provides higher quality shrimp that are free of antibiotics, chemicals, and other contaminants that are present in traditional shrimp farming practices. This means that the customer will not only enjoy the taste of our prawns, but also that it is safe and healthy to consume.
  • Second, our system is sustainable and eco-friendly, which means the customer will feel good about choosing our product instead of contributing to environmental destruction and unsustainable practices.

Our solution is not only amazing for the customer, but also for the shrimp. By creating a healthy environment for the prawns, we are able to grow them faster and further than traditional methods, which means we can offer a high quality product at a competitive price.

We arrived at this solution by combining our expertise in aquaculture and environmental science. We have researched the problem of traditional shrimp farming practices and developed a system that solves this problem. We believe our solution is one of the best on the market and has the potential to change the way people consume shrimp.

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Market validation

Shrimp are a popular seafood globally and are eaten in many forms. Although shrimp consumption is traditionally high in coastal regions, it has also seen an increase in popularity in the domestic market. The TAM for the shrimp market is estimated at billion per year, of which the United States accounts for over billion. With the growing demand for shrimp and the growing popularity of sustainable feeding practices, the market for a shrimp farm is strong and expected to grow significantly.

Shrimp farmers focus on 2 main segments: domestic and global markets. The domestic market consists of individual customers, restaurants, supermarkets, and wholesalers, while the global market consists of importers and exporters. The global shrimp market has recently witnessed a substantial increase in profitability due to increasing demand and limited supply.

Starting a shrimp farming business is a great idea considering the profitability of the shrimp industry, high demand, and the growing trend of sustainable food practices. The potential profitability of a shrimp business is valid due to the constant demand and high price of shrimp, which customers are willing to pay.

  • The shrimp farming market is steadily increasing year by year. According to a report by Research and Markets, the global shrimp farmers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period of 2021-2026.
  • In addition to the growing demand for shrimp and the growing popularity of sustainable food practices, we expect our potential customers to be willing to pay a premium for chemical-free, locally grown shrimp.

Therefore, market validation of a shrimp farm business indicates that there is a growing market and huge potential for profitability. The demand for sustainable food products and the limited supply of locally grown shrimp support this business idea, making it a viable and profitable business.

business model

At Shrimp Farm , our main goal is to focus on sustainable shrimp production. Thanks to our innovative closed-loop system, we are able to produce large quantities of shrimp without relying on wild populations or contributing to ocean pollution. Our business model is centered on producing and selling high quality, sustainable shrimp to markets in the United States and around the world.

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Revenue: As we expand our operations, our goal is to produce up to 1,000 metric tons of shrimp per year, generating approximately million in annual revenue. We will focus on selling to restaurants, distributors and retailers in the United States, as well as potential international markets in Asia and Europe.

The products that will generate revenue at Shrimp Farm will be our high quality and high bred shrimp. We have a strict set of standards that all of our shrimp must meet, in order to satisfy both environmental and health concerns. Thanks to our innovative production methods, we are able to offer a product that is both high quality and durable, making it an attractive option for businesses and consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Income streams: Our sources of income will come mainly from the sale of our shrimp to wholesalers, retailers and restaurants. We are also exploring opportunities to sell directly to consumers, either through our own online store or through partnerships with other e-commerce platforms. Additionally, we plan to offer advisory and training services to other shrimp farmers looking to adopt more sustainable practices, which could serve as an additional source of income.

  • Wholesale: A Farm Shrimp Revenue Stream sells our sustainably raised shrimp to wholesalers who supply retailers and restaurants. We plan to seek long-term contracts with these partners to ensure stable sales and revenue.
  • Retail: Another source of revenue will come from selling our shrimp directly to consumers through our own online store or partnerships with other e-commerce platforms.
  • Advice and training: We plan to offer advice and training services to other shrimp farmers looking to adopt more sustainable practices.

Overall, we believe our innovative closed-loop system, combined with our focus on sustainability, will allow us to generate significant revenue while having a positive impact on the environment. Join us in our mission to bring high quality, sustainable shrimp to consumers around the world.


As a shrimp farm, we have identified several major competitors in the market that offer similar products, such as seafood companies and aquaculture farms.

  • Seafood companies: These companies usually offer a range of seafood products, including shrimp. They may have established relationships with distributors and retailers, which could make it difficult for us to enter the market.
  • Aquaculture farms: These farms specialize in raising various types of seafood, including shrimp. They may be able to produce larger quantities of shrimp and have more experience and expertise in shrimp farming.
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However, we believe our unique approach to shrimp farming sets us apart from our competitors. We use a closed-loop aquaponics system that recycles water and nutrients, making our farm more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional shrimp farms. Our shrimp are also raised without antibiotics and other harmful chemicals, which appeals to health conscious and environmentally sensitive customers.

Our competitive advantages, or USPS, include:

  • The sustainability of our agricultural practices, which aligns with the growing demand for environmentally friendly products and services;
  • The purity and quality of our prawns, which are made using our farming methods without antibiotics or chemicals;
  • The freshness and flavor of our shrimp, which is enhanced through our use of all-natural food sources and our unique breeding and feeding protocols;
  • The convenience of our online ordering platform and home delivery services, which provide customers with a more convenient and accessible way to purchase our products.

We believe that our biggest competitors are seafood companies that have established relationships with distributors and retailers because they may already have a loyal customer base. However, we believe that our unique selling propositions, combined with our commitment to quality and durability, will set us apart from the competition and allow us to carve out a niche for ourselves in the market.

Founding team

Our founding team is made up of experienced and passionate people who are dedicated to making the Shrimp Farm a huge success.

John Smith – With over 20 years of experience in the aquaculture industry, John is our leading aquaculture expert. He holds a master’s degree in aquatic biology and has worked on many shrimp farming projects around the world. John’s expertise in shrimp farming brings a wealth of knowledge to our team, and he is dedicated to ensuring that our farm produces the highest quality shrimp.

Sarah Davis – Sarah is our marketing and sales expert. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has spent the past 10 years working in sales and marketing for various companies. Sarah’s experience in developing marketing strategies, building customer relationships and managing sales teams will be invaluable in driving sales for the shrimp farm.

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Michael Lee – Michael is our operations expert. He holds a master’s degree in operations management and has over 15 years of experience in supply chain management. Michael’s experience in managing complex operations and optimizing production processes will be essential in ensuring our farm runs efficiently and effectively.

Our goal is to provide high quality, sustainably farmed shrimp to customers across the country. We are committed to using responsible agricultural practices and providing a healthy, environmentally friendly and tasty product.

We believe our team has the right mix of expertise and passion to make the shrimp farm a success. However, we also recognize that there are areas where we may need to complement our team’s skills. We plan to hire additional staff with expertise in finance and accounting to ensure that our business operations run smoothly.

We are confident that we are the right people for the challenge of developing a successful shrimp farming business. Our team has a proven track record of success in our respective fields, and we are excited to work together to make the Shrimp Farm a leader in the aquaculture industry.


The shrimp farming industry has seen steady growth and our shrimp farm is no exception. Over the past six months, we have seen a 34% increase in shrimp production as we continue to streamline our processes and optimize our resources. This rate of growth is expected to continue as we pursue new sales channels and expand our customer base.

Our initial assumptions have proven true with positive customer feedback and growing demand for our sustainably farmed shrimp. In fact, we have achieved 100% Customer Satisfaction based on surveys and reviews.

In addition to customer feedback, our customer retention rate is at 85% , indicating a strong level of loyalty and repeat business. This has been a key driver of our growth and we expect it to continue as we focus on developing long-term relationships with our customers.

Additionally, we have achieved product market fit by focusing on sustainable farming practices and our commitment to high quality shrimp. As consumers become more aware of the source of their food, we have positioned ourselves as a leading choice for environmentally and ethically responsible shrimp, creating a unique selling point for our business.

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We also identified and tracked metrics critical to our business, including customer acquisition cost and lifetime value. Through our efforts to increase efficiency and optimize our resources, we have successfully reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 28% while improving our customer lifetime value by 20% .

In summary, our traction has been positive and we are confident in our ability to continue to grow and thrive in the shrimp farming market. Our focus on sustainability and high quality shrimp has resonated with customers and we are excited to pursue new opportunities to expand our reach and impact.

Fund raising

We are currently seeking million in seed funding to further develop and scale our innovative shrimp farming technology. Our technology aims to revolutionize the shrimp farming industry through the use of selective breeding techniques and advanced water management.

  • Product Development: million will be allocated to the ongoing development and refinement of our technology. This includes research and development, engineering and testing to ensure our technology is at the forefront of industry innovation.
  • Marketing: 0,000 will go towards marketing efforts to generate buzz and awareness of our solution. This includes digital marketing campaigns, event sponsorships and other promotional activities.
  • New Employees: 0,000 will be dedicated to hiring key team members in operations, engineering and sales to support growth and expansion.
  • Equipment: 0,000 will be used to purchase and maintain necessary equipment for our shrimp farming operations, including water management systems and breeding tanks.

With this funding, we plan to achieve several milestones that will be critical to our success, including:

  • Construction and launch of our first commercial shrimp farm
  • Significant expansion of our team to support continued growth and development
  • Scaling up production capacity to meet growing customer demand
  • Expansion into new markets and geographies

Overall, we believe our innovative technology and experienced team are well positioned to disrupt the shrimp farming industry and generate significant returns for our investors.