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Bob is a student at a local college who is an avid bubble tea lover. He loves the variety of flavors, the chewy tapioca pearls, and the refreshing sensation the drink provides. Unfortunately, Bob is having trouble finding a consistent, high-quality bubble tea Chague near campus. Some stores use low quality ingredients, while others lack flavor variety. Stores that carry a better product have long lines and are often out of popular flavors before Bob even arrives.

This is a common problem that many students face. Bubble Tea’s popularity in the United States has grown rapidly, but finding a high-quality bubble tea room remains a challenge for consumers. The issue is relevant because there is a demand for a bubble tea room that offers consistent quality and variety of flavors, and prompt service, especially in college towns.

Currently, the solution to this problem is to find the nearest bubble tea shop and hope for the best. However, this has proven to be a frustrating and unreliable solution for many consumers. Additionally, some have resorted to making their own bubble tea at home, which can be time consuming and expensive. The absence of a reliable solution highlights the existence of the problem and the need for a new approach.

The problem exists because the current bubble tea industry is fragmented and lacks standardization . Many stores do not have clear and consistent recipes or quality control measures, resulting in a varied product. Plus, supply chain issues add to the problem, as it can be difficult to source high-quality ingredients and tapioca pearls that aren’t pre-sweetened or dried. Taken together, these issues create an inconsistent and often disappointing customer experience.

  • Poor quality ingredients and lack of standardization
  • Long lines and sold out flavors of popular spots
  • Lack of fast service
  • Supply chain issues lead to low quality products

Solution / value proposition

Our Bubble Tea Cafe offers a unique and innovative solution to the problem of finding a beverage that is both refreshing and healthy. We specialize in serving delicious and healthy bubble tea made with high quality, natural ingredients that are free of preservatives and additives. Our menu consists of a wide range of teas which can be customized to suit the individual preferences of our customers.

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Each cup of bubble tea is carefully crafted with the perfect balance of tea, milk, fruit and toppings allowing customers to enjoy a sensational taste experience. Our bubble tea flavors include fruity, floral and creamy options that are perfect for customers of all ages.

We are confident that our Bubble Tea Coffee will exceed customer expectations and solve their problem of finding a refreshing and healthy beverage option that tastes amazing.

The bubble tea experience

Our Bubble Tea coffee experience is not just about drinking bubble tea. Our innovative approach to serving healthy beverages comes with a unique in-store experience that delights our customers. Our stylish and comfortable interior design, along with personalized customer service, make our Bubble Tea cafe a sought-after destination for customers.

Plus, our interactive and engaging in-store activities such as creative waving techniques and interactive art installations provide a unique experience that customers will remember for a long time.

Our history

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs struggled to find a healthy and refreshing option to satisfy their thirst, while avoiding added sugars and unnatural preservatives. After months of research and experimentation, we discovered the perfect bubble tea recipe that satisfied our cravings and health requirements.

It quickly became apparent that others shared our passion, and we decided to create a bubble tea cafe that provided a solution to the problem of finding a healthy and delicious drink. We are convinced that our bubble tea recipes have the potential to become very popular, and we strive to make it a daily habit for our customers.

Benefits for customers

  • Bubble tea made with high quality natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.
  • Customizable menu catering to individual preferences and needs.
  • A refreshing and healthy drink option that tastes amazing.
  • A unique and memorable in-store experience.
  • Engaging and interactive in-store activities for customers.

Market validation

Our market validation confirms that the bubble tea industry is growing rapidly, with the total addressable market size (TAM) projected to reach .3 billion by 2027.

  • Over the past five years, the bubble tea industry has grown at an annual rate of 20%.
  • Per capita consumption of bubble tea in the United States has increased by 24% over the past ten years.
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Our specific focus is on students and young professionals looking for a refreshing and unique drink option. Our research shows that our addressed market has a high turnover per customer rate, with an average sale of .50 per transaction. Additionally, our industry’s sales cycle has a shorter turnaround time, with a faster return on investment compared to other food and beverage companies.

Starting a Bubble Tea cafe is a great idea as there is a high demand for quality healthy beverages. Many Americans lead busy, health-conscious lifestyles. Our products are aimed at consumers looking for a refreshing and nutritious beverage option.

  • Millennials and Gen Z consumers, who make up 45% of bubble tea consumers, are willing to pay more for healthy, socially conscious products.
  • Our unique blend of tea, fruit and milk provides a healthier alternative to traditional coffee and soda beverages.

The bubble tea market is still growing and has an expected annual growth rate of 7.2% over the next five years. As a result, there is significant opportunity for growth and expansion. Additionally, we have identified a prime location in a high traffic area with a large number of students and young professionals, making it an ideal location for our business.

  • According to our research, the average customer is willing to pay to per drink, with 62% of bubble tea drinkers visiting a store at least twice a month.

business model

Our Bubble Tea Cafe generates revenue through the sale of bubble tea, desserts and merchandise. We offer a wide variety of flavors and customization options to suit each customer’s preferences. Our menu also includes special seasonal items to keep customers coming back for more.

Our business strategy is to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their bubble tea. We want to create a loyal customer base by providing high quality products, exceptional customer service and a unique experience. We also plan to expand our business by opening additional locations in busy areas.

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The total amount of revenue will depend on several factors, including the number of customers, average sale amount, and frequency of visits. Our pricing strategy is competitive, with prices ranging from to per drink, depending on size and garnishes.

In addition to bubble tea, we offer desserts such as cakes, cookies and macaroons. These items generate additional revenue and complement our beverages. We also sell merchandise, such as reusable mugs and t-shirts, which provide a source of revenue and help promote our brand.

To ensure repeat customers, we plan to offer loyalty programs and regular discounts. We will also use social media and targeted marketing to reach new customers and build brand awareness.

  • Income streaks:
    • bubble tea
    • Desserts
    • Merchandise

  • Pricing strategy:
    • to per drink, depending on size and garnishes
    • Competitive prices compared to other similar companies

Our goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to destination for bubble tea lovers. With a strong business model, a focus on quality, and a dedication to customer service, we believe we can achieve long-term success and profitability.


In the bubble tea market, several major competitors exist, including national chains like Koi, Sharetea, and Gong Cha, as well as regional and local establishments. These competitors have established brand recognition, a loyal customer base, and a variety of menu items to choose from.

However, none of these competitors specialize in organic and locally sourced ingredients like we do. Our unique selling proposition is our commitment to sustainability and health, as we source only the freshest ingredients from local farmers and use compostable cups and straws to reduce waste. This sets us apart from traditional bubble tea establishments that only offer standard flavors and use less environmentally friendly materials.

While we recognize that our competitors are doing well in terms of brand awareness and marketing, we plan to differentiate ourselves by offering a unique experience that appeals to our target demographic of health-conscious and environmentally conscious generational . We aim to be the go-to destination for anyone looking for a delicious, refreshing and sustainable beverage option.

Some competitors may do what we plan to do, but our commitment to sustainability and local sourcing, combined with our premium ingredients and unique flavor offerings, make us better than the rest. Our USPs include:

  • Organic and locally sourced ingredients
  • Compostable cups and straws
  • Unique flavor combinations
  • Top quality ingredients

We recognize that some customers may be reluctant to try a new establishment, especially those who are loyal to our competitors. However, by offering a superior product in terms of taste, durability and health, we believe we can attract customers from all walks of life. We also recognize that some competitors may try to steal our customers by offering discounts or offers, but we plan to combat this by leveraging our commitment to quality and sustainability and building a loyal customer base through a excellent service and unique offers.

Founding team

Our founding team consists of John Doe , Jane Smith , and Alice Wong , who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our bubble tea business.

John Doe – CEO

John holds a bachelor’s degree in business and has over 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. He started his career as a barista, eventually stretching up to managerial positions in various cafes. It has a proven track record of initiating and cultivating new food and beverage concepts.

Jane Smith – Coo

Jane holds a Masters in Hospitality Management and has over 5 years experience in restaurant and cafe operations. She has a deep understanding of how to create a welcoming and efficient customer experience, which is crucial to the success of our Bubble Tea Cafe. She has also been recognized for her leadership skills and ability to motivate employees.

Alice Wong – Marketing Manager

Alice holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has worked in the hospitality industry for several years. She has a strong understanding of customer behavior and how to effectively market to various demographics. She has experience launching successful marketing campaigns and has a passion for creating unique brand experiences.

Our goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment where customers can enjoy high quality bubble tea and snacks. We believe there is a lack of options for bubble tea lovers in our area, and we strive to fill this gap with a unique and innovative concept.

We believe we have the right team to meet this challenge and make our Bubble Tea Cafe a huge success. We have complementary skills and experiences that will be useful to launch and grow this business. Our team also shares a passion for providing excellent customer service and creating memorable experiences for our customers.

Although we have a strong team in place, we recognize that there may be areas where we lack expertise. We are open to seeking advice and guidance from industry professionals and are committed to continually improving our skills and knowledge to ensure the success of our business.


Our Bubble Tea Cafe has achieved significant milestones in the short time since opening its doors.

  • Growing Customer: We have steadily grown our customer base, with an average monthly increase of 15% since launch.
  • Repeat Customers: Our customer loyalty has been huge, with 45% of our sales coming from repeat customers, showcasing their love for our products.
  • Increase in Sales: With the increase in clientele and repeat customers, our sales have increased by 20% per month, with a total of 0,000 in gross revenue since opening our doors.

Ongoing efforts to maintain and grow our customer base include:

  • Marketing Campaigns: We have implemented various marketing campaigns to attract new customers, including social media advertisements and influencer partnerships.
  • Creative Promotions: We have introduced creative promotions such as a monthly bubble tea subscription service and discounted student parties to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Customer Feedback: We actively collected customer feedback through surveys and implemented changes based on their suggestions to further improve the customer experience.

Our progress in the above mentioned metrics proved our initial assumptions true and pushed us to achieve product market fit. Additionally, the bubble tea market continues to grow, with a 5% year-over-year increase over the past three years, showing the potential for growth in our business. With our commitment to continuous improvement, Bubble Tea Cafe is well positioned to capitalize on this expanding market and build on our current success.

Fund raising

For the Bubble Tea Cafe, we are seeking 0,000 in funding to cover initial start-up costs, including equipment, staff, inventory, and marketing expenses. Our goal is to establish our business in a prime location with a modern and welcoming atmosphere that appeals to both students and young professionals.

With this funding, we aim to purchase high quality equipment and ingredients for our bubble tea recipes. We will also hire talented and experienced staff who can provide excellent customer service to every guest who visits our cafe. Additionally, we plan to allocate funds for marketing efforts to build brand awareness, including social media, partnerships with local businesses, and building an online presence.

The funds raised will allow us to establish ourselves as a unique and attractive destination for bubble tea lovers in the region. Our goal is to create a warm, modern and exciting space to enjoy our signature drinks and other menu items. The funds will also help us reach key milestones, such as securing all necessary permits and licenses, renting a suitable location, and completing renovations and design.

Our target market is anyone who loves bubble tea and wants to try a fresh and unique approach in a great environment. We plan to offer a variety of flavors, add-ons, and even seasonal drinks to keep customers excited and coming back for more. We believe our modern and unique approach to bubble tea, combined with a strong focus on customer service and creating a welcoming environment, will set us apart from traditional cafes and attract a loyal and growing customer base.

  • Amount needed: 0,000
  • Funds spent on: equipment, staff, inventory, marketing costs, renovations and design, securing permits and licenses, and renting a suitable location
  • Accomplishments with Funds: Establishing ourselves as a unique and engaging destination for bubble tea lovers in the region, creating a warm and exciting space to enjoy our signature drinks and other menu items, and achieving key milestones such as the securing permits and licenses, renting a suitable location and renovation and design.

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