Empowering Your Lingerie Business: Pitch Deck Secrets

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Many lingerie stores fail to meet the needs of modern women who need support and flexibility in their daily lives. This is a significant problem that affects millions of women around the world. Imagine Jane, an office worker who has just had a baby. Jane struggled to find comfortable, supportive lingerie that allows her to move effortlessly while looking fashionable.

Jane is not alone. Many women face similar problems, which greatly affects their daily lives. Moreover, it is not only a physical problem but also an emotional one. Women want to feel sexy and confident under their clothes, which is hard to achieve when their lingerie doesn’t meet their needs.

  • What is the problem? – Lack of appropriate lingerie options for modern women
  • What is the relevance of the problem? – The problem affects millions of women around the world. Women need to feel comfortable, supported, and fashionable simultaneously, and lingerie stores fail to provide that.
  • What is the current solution for the problem? – The current offer on the market offers limited options that do not meet the needs of modern women.
  • Why does the problem exist? – The lingerie industry has yet to meet the changing demands of modern women. The focus has been on fashion and style rather than quality and support, which is the need of the hour.


Solution / value proposition

Our lingerie store provides a solution to the problem of women who struggle to find high quality lingerie designs that fit well and are comfortable yet fashionable in their daily lives. We specialize in the latest fashionable designs, with an emphasis on high quality materials and careful craftsmanship. Our products are designed to meet the needs of modern women who need support and flexibility.

Our store offers off-the-rack and bespoke lingerie, allowing our customers to choose from a wide range of options that meet their specific needs. We also provide personal styling advice and on-site bra accessories, ensuring our customers feel comfortable and confident in their lingerie. Plus, we have special same-day delivery options, providing everything the modern woman needs to look and feel your best.

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Our solution is unique and complete, meeting the needs of modern women who are looking for high quality and fashionable lingerie. We believe that our customers will love our products and will do anything to have them, given the comfort and confidence that our lingerie provides.

The experience of using our lingerie creates an emotional connection with our customers, fulfilling a need for luxury, comfort and support not widely available in most lingerie stores. Our solution not only looks amazing, but also meets the needs of modern women who want to look confident in their lingerie.

One of the ways we found our solution was to research the materials and designs that weren’t widely used in the lingerie industry. Our team then worked diligently to design and source the best quality materials that fit the modern woman’s need for support and flexibility. We also spoke with lingerie experts and our target audience to better understand the changing needs of modern women in the industry.

  • Does this really solve the problem discussed? Yes, it does by providing high quality lingerie designs that fit well, are comfortable and fashionable in their daily lives.
  • Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it? Yes, it is by offering a complete and unique solution that meets the needs of modern women.
  • How will the customer feel after using the solution? They will feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their lingerie, creating an emotional connection with our products.
  • Is the solution amazing? Yes, it’s amazing providing both off-the-rack and made-to-measure lingerie, personal style advice, on-the-spot bra accessories and special same-day delivery options.

Market validation

According to market research, the lingerie industry is currently worth billion and is expected to reach billion by 2024. This indicates a growing demand for lingerie, especially women who are looking for more options for luxurious, comfortable and supportive lingerie, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

  • Yourtango, a women’s lifestyle website, reported that women spend an average of 0 a month on lingerie.
  • A study by Acosta found that 68% of women consider comfort the most important factor when choosing lingerie, while 52% consider affordability.
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Additionally, the lingerie industry is witnessing a demand for inclusiveness and innovation. Consumers are embracing various body types and sizes and are looking for lingerie brands that meet their unique needs. This creates a perfect opportunity for the value proposition of our proposed lingerie store which emphasizes quality, customer service, style and custom fittings, and innovation.

Our research also indicates that the bespoke lingerie market is not widely available, giving us an edge in the market.

In conclusion, the growth of the lingerie industry, the demand for inclusiveness and innovation, and the willingness of customers to pay for quality lingerie make this an ideal time to launch our lingerie store.

business model

Our business model is centered on providing a personalized and luxurious shopping experience that emphasizes quality and convenience, setting us apart from other lingerie stores. We offer the latest in fashion designs, with an emphasis on high quality materials and careful craftsmanship, with off-the-rack and bespoke lingerie. Our competitive advantage is to offer bespoke lingerie, which is not widely available in most lingerie stores.

We generate revenue through a variety of streams, including lingerie sales, custom orders, and service fees from personal styling and fitting sessions. Our inventory includes a curated selection of the latest lingerie designs of the highest quality. Our custom orders also allow customers to find the perfect fit and style, ensuring maximum comfort.

Our on-site personal styling and fitting sessions provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our clients, ensuring they walk out with a piece of lingerie that not only looks fantastic but is also comfortable, supportive and luxurious. We charge a service fee for these personalized sessions, which adds a stable revenue stream to our business.

  • Revenue Generation:
    • Lingerie Sales: Selling a wide range of high quality and exquisite designs.
    • Custom Orders: Offering personalized fitting sessions and bespoke lingerie.
    • Service Fee: Earn additional income from Personal Style and Fit Sessions.

  • Total amount of income:
    • Our projected revenue potential is estimated at .5 million in the first year.

  • Products that generate revenue:
    • Off-the-rack lingerie that caters to all body types.
    • Bespoke lingerie for a personalized and comfortable experience.
    • Personalized fitting sessions that help our clients find their perfect fit.

Our business model provides a unique and compelling value proposition as it appeals to a wide range of customers seeking high quality lingerie. We are committed to creating an exceptional experience for our customers, ensuring that they feel confident and beautiful in their lingerie. Our revenue model reflects this commitment, generating revenue through multiple channels and is expected to be very successful.


Our main competitors in the lingerie market include Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, H&M and La Senza. These companies have established themselves as major players in the industry, offering a range of lingerie designs and styles that appeal to a broad demographic of women.

What these companies do well is offer fashionable and affordable lingerie that is easily accessible to their customers. However, where they fail is in their lack of attention to detail and quality, which often results in uncomfortable and poorly fitting lingerie.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on high quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and personalized service. Our customers can believe that the lingerie they buy from us will be comfortable, supportive and fashionable, with attention paid to every detail. We also offer off-the-rack and bespoke lingerie, as well as personal style advice and on-site bra accessories, ensuring our customers feel confident and beautiful in their lingerie.

Our USPs include:

  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Personalized service, including on-site bra fittings and personal style advice
  • Off-the-rack and bespoke lingerie options
  • Same day delivery options

When it comes to companies stealing from our customers, we consider Victoria’s Secret our biggest competitor. They offer similar products to ours but lack the attention to detail and personal service that we provide. Our goal is to position ourselves as a luxury lingerie store, providing a shopping experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Founding team

Our founding team has a diverse range of expertise and years of experience in the fashion and lingerie industry. We are passionate about providing modern women with high quality and comfortable lingerie, offering both off-the-rack and custom options.

John Doe , our CEO, has a degree in business administration and over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. He successfully launched several fashion brands including lingerie lines that achieved high levels of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Jane Doe , our head designer, has a degree in fashion design and has worked for several prestigious fashion companies, including Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret. Her experience in product design and development has been invaluable in creating our lingerie line.

Sara Smith , our fitness expert, has over 10 years experience in the lingerie industry. She is certified in bra fitting and has trained with several industry experts. Her expertise in fit and sizing has ensured our customers receive the perfect lingerie for their needs.

We work together as a team to ensure that our vision of providing comfortable and fashionable lingerie for modern women is met. Our goal is to empower women and help them feel confident and beautiful in their lingerie.

While we recognize that no team is perfect, we believe our combined experience and expertise make us the right people for the challenge. We are aware of any missing skills and constantly strive to improve in all areas of our business, from customer service to product development. We are committed to making our lingerie store a resounding success, and we believe that our team is the key to achieving our goals.


Our lingerie store has made significant progress in building a strong foothold in the market, and our focused efforts have yielded promising results. We have received positive feedback from satisfied customers and have so far reached several milestones in our journey.

  • Secure Prime Location: We have secured a prime location in the heart of the city, providing easy accessibility to our target demographic.
  • Initial inventory and branding: We have successfully completed our initial inventory and developed a cohesive branding strategy that resonates with our target demographic.
  • Established partnerships: We have established collaborations with industry experts, who provide valuable insights and advice.

We have carefully measured our progress and have key metrics that demonstrate we are on track to achieve our goals.

  • New Customers: Our customer base has steadily grown, with a high percentage of repeat customers, indicating customer satisfaction.
  • Strong social media presence: Our social media platforms performed exceptionally well, with growing numbers of followers and high engagement.
  • Leveraging Technology: Our innovative approach to same-day delivery and bespoke lingerie has been well received, and we continue to leverage technology to improve our operations and customer experience.

All of these actions demonstrate that we are making rapid progress toward achieving product market fit and positioning ourselves for deeper growth. Our traction slide provides a clear indication to investors that our business model is robust and our strategies are working. We are confident that our traction will continue to grow as we expand our reach through our online store and social media presence.

Fund raising

Our lingerie store has a total funding requirement of 0,000 , which we plan to allocate to various aspects of our business to provide top-notch products, service, and an exceptional experience for our customers. Monetary support from investors will help us immensely to achieve our milestones and expand our reach.

Out of the total funding, 50% will be spent on store food and inventory. Our store location has already been secured and the funding will allow us to transform it into a luxurious space that matches our brand. Inventory is essential to our business, and the funds will help us maintain a good stock level of various lingerie designs, including off-the-rack and made-to-measure selections.

The rest of the funds will be spent Development of our online platform (20%) , which is essential to improve our sales and reach beyond our physical store. It includes website and application development, payment gateway integration and website optimization to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for our customers.

20% of the funding will be used for marketing and advertising campaigns To promote our brand and store, which will include social media advertising, influencer collaborations and other advertising platforms that target our niche market. Establishing brand recognition is critical to our business, and the funds will help us succeed.

Finally, 10% of the funding will be invested in other areas of our business, such as salaries for new team members or unforeseen expenses.

The funds we will receive will enable us to achieve our milestones, including launching our online store and social media platforms, expanding our brand reach, growing our customer base and generating revenue sources. stable income. With the funds, we aim to establish ourselves as a leading lingerie store that meets the needs of the modern woman in terms of quality, design and personalized service.

We are confident that we will realize the desired return on investment within the first year of our commercial launch, with an estimated revenue potential of .5 million. That said, we are open to investment opportunities from interested parties who share our vision in revolutionizing the lingerie industry.