Trading Ants For Elephants – Negotiating

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 12. Trading Ants For Elephants

A Weekly Journal & Workbook to Help You Take Real Control of Your Money

What it is

Asking for what you want and working cowards a win-win compromise.

How it helps …

You’re more likely to get what you want and need.

You’re more likely to view money as something about which you have a say.

Key items to look for

Items that can be negotiated.


Ongoing as needed.

Keys to action …

Negotiate only with those who can adjust price, i.e., the decision-makers. a Decide on the amount you want to pay for the item. a Be flexible.

Learn some key phrases:

  • Let’s split the difference.
  • My budget would allow x$. Would that work for you?
  • Is there a discount for cash?
  • Can that price include the tax?
  • Is this your best price?



Understand the basic principles of negotiating. They can be applied to many circumstances.


Today, more and more purchases/sales are made on a negotiated price than ever before.


One of the benefits is that successful negotiations give you greater disposable income.


Your reaction to negotiating.

Your willingness to develop a new skill.

Your history of clearly asking for what you want.

What you tell yourself when you think of negotiating a price.

But what if …

Nothing changes?

This process only deals with noticing how you are now.

Changes will come later.

Thought primers…

To me, money means…

If I believed I had a say in the amount of money I have…

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If I could have all the money I wanted …

When I see how I use money, I…

One of the ways money could better support me might b e…

One of the changes I would like co make…

Trading Ants For Elephants - Negotiating
Trading Ants For Elephants – Negotiating