I Want More, More, More – Generating New Income

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 11. I Want More, More, More

A Weekly Journal & Workbook to Help You Take Real Control of Your Money

What it is …

Inventing new ways to bring more money into your life.

How It helps …

Increases income.

Increases your sense of resourcefulness around money.

Supports the concept of money as an expandable resource.

Reach goals.

Key items to look for…

Your personal characteristics that might lend themselves to new ways to increase income.

Time …

Two hours for initial process.

Ongoing exploration.

Keys to action…

Ona sheet of paper, list personal traits, hobbies, interests, talents, skills, and training.

Brainstorm, by yourself and with friends, ways in which those traits could be income-producing.

Select the easiest, quickest, and most interesting of methods.

Develop a strategy for making money.


Give yourself permission to investigate new avenues of interest.


Research will cost you little or nothing, and may bring a great gain.


You can always stop the process. You remain in control.


Your reaction to the idea of increasing income.

Your willingness to brainstorm.

Your reaction to asking friends for help.

Your sense of play in the project.

But what if …

I can’t think of anything?

See example and try again.

Thought primers…

When I look at myself with new eyes…

If I really believe I have a say in what I earn.. .

One of the ways I might make more money …

If I had more money, I m ight…

When I feel stuck, I could…

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When I look at how others make money, I…

I Want More, More, More - Generating New Income
I Want More, More, More – Generating New Income