Tips and Traps When Negotiating Real Estate: At Last!

Negotiating a Successful Deal: At Last!

Two days later, Madeline called to say that all escrows had closed. They needed to move immediately into their new home.

Once the escrows closed, everything moved like clockwork. Dana and Sondra moved into their new four-acre home. The Loves moved into their old one. And, presumably, the buyers of the Loves’ home moved into it.

About a week later, on a Saturday, Sondra and Dana were unpacking boxes. Madeline drove up and congratulated them on their new home. She brought them a flowering plant to help celebrate.

Before she left she said, “I was out the $1,000 in rent I paid to the Wilsons to keep the deal alive. Technically, you don’t owe it, since you didn’t move into the property until the deals closed. But, I was wondering if you would split it with me? After all, it’s what made the whole thing happen.”

Sondra looked at Dana, who nodded, then said, “That’s not entirely correct. The deal would have flowed smoothly 2/the termite work had been done in a timely manner. That was the fault of the Loves, or at least their agent. And by not being right on top of it, indirectly it was also your fault. There’s no reason we should pay any money for someone else’s mistakes.”

Madeline nodded and said she understood. She told them to remember her when they sold, and drove off.


Don’t let others blame you for mistakes that you didn’t cause. Stand up and correct the accusation. Accepting blame is the fastest way to lose money, if not the deal.

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