The advantages of life insurance and online contracts

Life insurance is one of the favorite investments of the French. According to the figures, it would represent, on average, 40% of the financial wealth of households. Like most money investment solutions, life insurance savings have not escaped the wave of digitalization of offers and services. Thus, more and more individuals and professionals are turning to the online solution. Behind this craze hides, in reality, several major advantages. Indeed, it is not just a simple mass phenomenon, online contracts are really beneficial.

If the subscription to a traditional life insurance is far from being tedious, know that the subscription to a life insurance online is even simpler. And for good reason, thanks to the online solution, you have the possibility of taking out life insurance without any hassle, anywhere and anytime. The only condition is to have an internet connection within your reach. It is not even necessary to make an appointment, in advance, with a client advisor or an account manager. You also do not need to be physically present for the signing of the contract or for the reading of all the administrative papers.

But beware, this does not mean that everyone has the possibility of subscribing to a life insurance contract. The legal conditions when subscribing to classic life insurance are the same as for online life insurance. To validate your subscription, you must provide the supporting documents requested. You also need to go through a few important steps:

But in most cases, you won’t have to move from home, because all the procedures are done online. By consulting the comparative classification of life insurance, you will notice that certain offers require an on-site subscription, but an online file registration.

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And if you have chosen to go to an entity where you are already a regular customer, you will see that the process will be even simpler. It is therefore strongly advised to take out life insurance with your online bank. Thus, the steps for the subscription will be fewer. Moreover, you may no longer have to provide certain papers. In addition, the validation of your subscription will be done more quickly.

It’s a fact: the success of online life insurance contracts also lies in the cost to be paid. And for good reason, it is clear that online contracts will cost you less than conventional contracts. The fact is that online platforms are based on lower cost structures, compared to the costs required for a traditional life insurance underwriting. What can explain this price drop? Several reasons including infrastructure, for example. Online platforms do not have a physical agency, one less expense that has a significant impact on the fees required for a life insurance contract and which allows you to benefit from advantageous taxation.

Another important point: most online platforms do not charge an entry fee. However, by choosing traditional banks, you must plan an entry fee of between 2 and 5%. Another figure that considerably reduces the bill: the annual management fee. With traditional banks, it takes between 0.7% and 1%. While for online platforms, these fees are between 0.6 and 0.8% of savings. Finally, online banks also very often offer to offer arbitration fees. Whereas with conventional banks, these arbitration fees are equivalent to 0.5% or even 1% of savings.

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If you want to take advantage of the most advantageous offers and optimize your finances to the maximum, I also suggest that you find out about the promotions and welcome offers offered by online banks. Some offer, for example sponsorship offers that allow you to spend less, or even earn money.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, online platforms offer a wide choice of units of account and euro funds. You will find, among others, the most classic offers:

But you can also take advantage of a wide range of investment vehicles. Faced with this very wide choice, you may not know where to turn. It is for this reason that most online platforms offer a managed management service. This will allow you to benefit from the skills of qualified professionals.

Online insurance is also an offer of effective and available assistance in any event. By turning to online solutions, you can, for example, use advanced savings assistance tools. This would include, for example, various simulators, information sheets and clear and comprehensive training and piloted management. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, client assistants and wealth advisors can be reached through an integrated chat, by phone or by e-mail.

Whatever your investor profile, you will always find a solution adapted to your needs and expectations. Thus, depending on your choice, you will have the possibility of completely managing your life insurance contract online or of being guided by a manager or an asset adviser. These support offers as well as the many advantages are all reasons explaining the enthusiasm of individuals and professionals towards the online life insurance contract. According to the latest statistics, online contracts account for 9% of new subscriptions this year, compared to 4% 5 years ago.

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