Housing assistance for young people: discover the different options available

Housing is a crucial issue for young people , whether they are students, apprentices or just entering working life. Faced with high costs and the precariousness of professional situations, numerous aids exist to facilitate access to decent housing. In this article, we present the main housing assistance solutions for young people to help you make the right choice according to your situation.

Certain financial aid is paid directly to young tenants by public organizations, thus making it possible to reduce the amount of rent to be paid each month.

Personalized Housing Assistance (APL) is financial assistance granted by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) to people with insufficient resources for housing. It mainly concerns approved housing, that is to say those whose owners have entered into an agreement with the State to set moderate rents.

To benefit from the APL, you must meet certain conditions, in particular resources and housing. The amounts of aid vary depending on family situation, income and location of housing. You can estimate the amount of your APL on the CAF website.

In addition to the APL, other housing allowances exist for young people who are not eligible for the APL:

As with the APL, you can simulate your rights to other housing allowances on the CAF website.

Several specific measures exist to help students find accommodation:

The Regional Center for University and School Work (CROUS) offers accommodation in university residences to scholarship students based on social criteria. Rents are generally lower than market prices and students can benefit from financial aid to pay them:

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To find out your rights to CROUS aid, you must complete a Student Social File (DSE) on the etudiant.gouv.fr website.

If you study in Paris, you can also claim specific housing assistance:

To benefit from this aid, you must go to the City of Paris website or to the visale.fr website.

In addition to the aid mentioned above, young people on apprenticeship contracts or work-study contracts can benefit from certain assistance for housing:

To find out your rights to this aid, you can contact your apprentice training center (CFA) or consult the actionlogement.fr website.

Finally, certain measures are specially designed to facilitate access to housing for young workers and job seekers:

To access these systems, you can contact the social services of your town hall, the partner associations of the Solibail system or consult the site fjt.fr.

In summary, several options are available to young people for affordable housing and financial assistance. It is important to find out about the eligibility conditions and the steps to take to make the most of these schemes.