Business and Personal Finance: Financing Major Purchases

More Ways Accounting Helps Your Business – Financing Major Purchases When your company is in need of substantial assets, cash on hand typically won’t cover the bill. Luckily, many big assets come with seller financing attached, and since the asset itself will be used for collateral, your company’s credit position may be less of an … Read more

Business and Personal Finance: Why Sell on Credit?

Handling Customer Credit – Why Sell on Credit? Most small-business owners do not want to deal with all the expected hassles that come with offering credit to customers. Most of them also realize that in today’s highly competitive markets, extending credit (at least to some customers) can be essential to success. Many drag their feet, … Read more

Business and Personal Finance: A Big Pile of Forms

Always Know Your Cash – A Big Pile of Forms Having employees can be pretty time-consuming all around. Paying them is no different. You have to deal with state and federal taxes, multiple report filings, unemployment insurance, and a whole lot more. Even if you have only one employee, you have to fill out every … Read more