Business and Personal Finance: Don’t Forget Amortization

Standard Operating Expenses – Don’t Forget Amortization Amortization expense is similar to depreciation, except it works only for intangible assets. This expense measures decline in the value of those assets over time. How do intangible assets decline in value? Well, they don’t wear out or rust, but some of them, such as patents, have specific … Read more

Business and Personal Finance: What Counts as a Transaction

Keeping Track of Transactions – What Counts as a Transaction A business transaction takes place when an event that can be measured in terms of money has occurred. There are dozens, probably hundreds, of events that happen in any business on any given day that have no monetary effect: opening the mail, talking on the … Read more

Business and Personal Finance: A Look at Liabilities

The Basic Accounts – A Look at Liabilities Every dime your business owes, no matter to whom or for what reason, is a liability. Owing someone a product (such as a magazine subscription) or a service (such as insurance coverage) counts as a liability as well. Although there aren’t as many kinds of liabilities as … Read more