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Currently, consumers visiting food courts face a major problem – they have no information about the ingredients or nutritional value of the food they are buying. This lack of transparency can be particularly dangerous for consumers with food allergies, medical conditions or dietary restrictions. Even though consumers want to make a healthy choice, they often cannot due to lack of nutritional information.

This issue is relevant because consumers are becoming more health conscious and aware of what they eat. According to a recent Nielson survey, 75% of global respondents say they “Be health conscious about the food and drink they consume.” However, in most food courts, there is no way to access this information unless customers specifically request it. This leaves consumers feeling uncertain about whether they are making the right food choices for their health.

Currently, the only solution for this problem is for consumers to take their time, research nutrition information beforehand, and only order from restaurants that have published nutrition information on their menus. Alternatively, customers can avoid eating entirely at food courts and opt for healthier alternatives which can be time consuming and also less convenient.

The problem exists because most food courts don’t make it a priority or a requirement for tenants or franchisees to disclose the nutritional value of the food they offer. There are no legal requirements or government regulations requiring restaurants to disclose the nutritional value of their menu items, which means most operators consider it an optional supplement.


Solution / value proposition

Our food court app solves the problem of long wait times and overcrowding at popular food places. With our app, users can search for nearby participating restaurants, place their order and pay in minutes. This technological solution aims to improve the dining experience of users while relieving stress on busy restaurants, especially during peak hours. The food court app provides convenience and speed, which is essential for modern consumers. Not only do we provide fast and efficient service, but we also provide users with a personalized way to order food. The app keeps track of users’ favorite dishes, lets them customize their orders, and chooses food options within their budget. We understand that customers are always looking for an exceptional experience. That’s why we designed the app with ease of use in mind. With just a few clicks, users can create an order and easily interact with our app. This provides a seamless experience, which leaves a lasting impression on our users. Our app provides a revolutionary solution that will intrigue and impress potential customers. The app delights customers by providing easy access to delicious food options that they can choose and customize with just a few clicks. Our unique approach to ordering food aims to provide a fantastic and simple experience. Our team worked hardto develop the food court app, and we are continually improving it to meet the needs of our users. Application is not just about solving a problem; It’s about providing an exceptional experience that customers will want to use again and again. In summary, the food court app addresses the issue of long queues and unreliable dinner services at popular restaurants. Our solution provides customers with a user-friendly application that enhances their ordering experience. Our app is a one stop shop for all of their dinner needs. With our competitive edge, we believe the food court app is an amazing solution that customers will be thrilled to use.

Market validation

According to market research firm XYZ, the total addressable market size for quick service restaurants in the United States is expected to reach billion by 2026. This presents a significant growth opportunity for our business as we aim to capture some of that market through our unique food court concept.

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Our target customer is the modern urban professional, who appreciates convenience, affordability and healthy options. According to our market research, the average turnover per customer is estimated at , with a sales cycle of 10 minutes per transaction.

We believe that our concept is perfectly suited to current market trends of consumers valuing the quality, variety and authenticity of their food options. Additionally, our food court design provides a social and community atmosphere, which is increasingly important to today’s consumers.

The market is certainly growing, with fast-food restaurants seeing a 7.5% year-over-year growth rate. This growth can be attributed to the trend of increasingly health-conscious consumers, as well as a growing demand for more convenient dining options.

Our target customer has expressed a willingness to pay an average of -12 for a meal, which fits well within our estimated average revenue per customer.

business model

Our food court functions as an aggregator for small food businesses, allowing them to showcase their unique cuisine in one central location. We generate revenue through a commission-based system, taking a percentage of each vendor’s sales. This encourages us to provide the best service to our suppliers and gives them access to a wider customer base than they could have on their own.

The total amount of revenue generated will depend on the success of our vendors and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. As we expand our customer base and add more suppliers to our network, our revenue potential can continue to grow.

Our revenue-generating products include food and beverage sales from our vendors, as well as potential partnerships with neighboring businesses and event organizers to provide catering and event services. We anticipate expanding our business model to include online ordering and delivery services in the future to further increase our revenue streams.

  • Commission-Based System: Our business model focuses on our commission-based system, which allows us to generate revenue through the success of our vendors.
  • Variety of vendors: By bringing together a diverse array of vendors, we are able to appeal to a wider customer base and increase sales potential.
  • Partnerships: To increase revenue, we plan to partner with other businesses and event organizers to provide catering and event services.
  • Future Expansion: Our business model is designed to be scalable, allowing for potential future expansion into online ordering and delivery services.
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Using our unique business model, we are able to provide a platform for small food businesses to succeed while generating revenue for ourselves through strategic partnerships and effective marketing. As we continue to grow and expand our network, we hope to become a major player in the food industry and give our customers access to a variety of high quality dining experiences.


Our market competitors are banks and alternative banking solutions that provide savings accounts to their customers. Major market players include as follows:

  • Traditional banks, such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase.
  • Alternative banking solutions, such as Ally Bank and Marcus from Goldman Sachs.
  • Online banks only, such as Chime and Varo.

These competitors offer similar services to our savings bank, but with some differences in their approach to customers and product offerings. Traditional banks offer savings accounts with low account interest rates and often have strict account requirements. Customers looking for higher returns can look to alternative banking solutions, but these may come with higher fees and may not provide additional financial solutions. Online-only banks provide convenience to customers, but may lack physical locations for in-person support.

What makes our savings bank better for customers is our diverse financial service offerings that meet the holistic financial needs of individuals and businesses. Additionally, we offer high interest savings accounts, which set us apart from other traditional banks. Our clients can choose the savings plans best suited to their individual needs, and our additional services such as loan and debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing and other financial solutions help our clients achieve their goals.

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Our Unique Selling Points (USPS) include:

  • High interest savings accounts that provide a better return on investment for clients.
  • A variety of savings plans, which offer customers the flexibility to select a plan that best suits their needs.
  • A full suite of financial solutions that take a holistic approach to client finances.
  • Excellent customer service, with a customer-centric approach that puts our customers’ needs first.

In terms of customer theft, the main competition comes from traditional banks and alternative banking solutions. Traditional banks have the advantage of being well established and customers satisfied with their services may not want to change. Alternative banking solutions have the advantage of offering higher interest rates and may attract customers who value this over additional financial services. However, by offering a complete financial solution that includes high interest savings accounts and additional services, we have a competitive advantage that sets us apart.

Founding team

Our founding team consists of individuals with extensive experience in the food industry who are passionate about bringing healthy and sustainable food options to food courts across the country. We believe that our diverse backgrounds and skills make us the perfect team to meet the challenges of this industry and make our journey a success.

[Name of Founder 1], CEO

  • Masters in Business Administration from [Top Business School]
  • Has over a decade of experience in the food industry, working in various roles at [top food companies], including as a senior executive in charge of new growth initiatives
  • Successfully launched a healthy food startup, which was later acquired by [Top Food Company]

[Name of Founder 2], COO

  • Bachelor of Food Science from [Top University]
  • Has experience working with a variety of food suppliers, including as a Quality Control Specialist at [Top Food Company]
  • Successfully launched and managed several food trucks and pop-up restaurants, specializing in locally sourced and sustainable foods
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[Name of Founder 3], CMO

  • Bachelor of Marketing from [Top University]
  • Has experience leading marketing campaigns for [Top Food Company], resulting in significant sales growth and brand recognition
  • Has extensive experience in building and managing social campaigns and digital marketing campaigns for food and beverage clients

Together, our team brings a unique combination of business, food science and marketing expertise. We are united by our passion for healthy, sustainable and delicious food, and our commitment to bringing these options to food courts across the country.

We believe we have the skills to succeed in this business. However, we recognize the need to continuously learn and adapt as the industry evolves. We are committed to remaining nimble and open, and to using our collective strengths to meet the challenges that may arise.


Our traction and milestones have been strong indicators that our business will thrive in the food court industry. We have seen a steady increase in sales, a growing and loyal customer base, and improvements in our operational efficiency.

  • Our weekly sales have grown an average of 10% per month since we opened, with an average order value of .50.
  • Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.8 stars on our online ordering platform.
  • We have been successful in forming partnerships with local businesses, resulting in an increase in our catering sales revenue of 25%. Thanks to our partnership with a local bike rental agency, we have also seen an increase in bike delivery orders .
  • Our client demographics have shown that our target market is primarily made up of working professionals during lunch hours and young adults on evenings and weekends .
  • We successfully implemented cost-saving measures, resulting in a 20% drop in customer acquisition costs and an increase in our customer value .
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Overall, our traction shows we have a strong product market, with customers showing strong positive reception to our food and service offerings. We believe our approach to partnering with local businesses will continue to drive growth as we seek to expand our reach and engage more with our local community.

Fund raising

At this point, we are looking to raise million in seed funding to finalize our product development and release a beta. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for food vendors in malls and food courts, streamline their ordering and payment processes to increase operational efficiency and grow their customer base.

We plan to allocate the funds in the following areas:

  • Product Development: 50% of the funding will go towards finalizing the development of our mobile app and web platform.
  • Marketing: 30% of funds will be used for marketing and advertising to increase brand awareness and user acquisition.
  • New Employees: 20% of funds will be allocated to hire additional staff to support product development and marketing efforts.

With the raised funds, we aim to achieve the following milestones over the next 12 months:

  • Officially launch our mobile app and web platform with a public beta.
  • On board at least 50 food vendors during the first six months of operation.
  • Improve our user interface and experience to ensure it meets the needs and expectations of our target audience.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with food courts and shopping malls to integrate our solution into their operations.
  • Secure additional funding to expand our operations and expand to new markets.
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We believe these milestones will help position our company as a leader in the foodservice technology space, delivering an innovative solution that meets the needs of food vendors and customers. We are excited about the growth potential of our platform and the impact it can have on the industry.