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The problem we are addressing is the lack of access to safe and clean drinking water for a large part of the population. Nearly a billion people around the world face this problem daily, and the situation is only getting worse every year. Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. However, millions are unable to take advantage of this basic need.

Allow me to share the story of Maria, a mother of three living in a remote village in India. For years, Maria had to walk miles every day to get water from a nearby river that was polluted and contaminated. Her family was constantly sick due to waterborne diseases, and Maria had to spend a lot of money on medical treatment. Maria’s story is just one example of the millions of people around the world facing this problem.

This problem is not just a humanitarian crisis; It is also a financial burden for many countries. The World Bank estimates that inadequate access to clean water and sanitation accounts for a loss of 0 billion every year for developing countries, or around 1.5% of their gross domestic product.

Current solutions include government projects to build water infrastructure and pumping stations, but this is often too expensive and too slow to implement. People living in remote areas, as well as those in poverty, continue to face severe water shortages and poor water quality.

The problem exists mainly due to a lack of infrastructure and funding. Many governments cannot prioritize drinking water initiatives, and the development of water treatment plants and sanitation programs is often slow. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness of the importance of clean water and the consequences of not having safe water.


Solution / value proposition

Our company offers a solution to the problem of unsafe and impure drinking water. We are creating a mineral water plant that will produce high quality drinking water for customers looking for a safer alternative to tap water.

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Our solution is based on the use of innovative filtration technologies that remove toxins, impurities and harmful chemicals from water. We use a multi-stage filtration process that ensures every drop of water is pure and safe for consumption. Our mineral water is fortified with essential minerals that are beneficial to health, making it a healthier alternative to regular drinking water.

Along with our innovative filtration process, we will also implement a rigorous quality control system that will ensure the consistency and purity of the water. This will ensure that our customers always receive mineral water that meets regulatory water standards and exceeds their expectations.

Our solution offers added value to customers seeking a healthier lifestyle. Our mineral water is packaged in eco-friendly containers that are durable and safe for the environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and we believe our customers share our view of the importance of sustainability.

We have conducted extensive research into customer preferences, and we are confident that our mineral water will delight the lives of our future customers. We create a unique story that shows how our product will improve the lives of our customers, and we believe it will resonate well with our target market.

By combining innovative filtration technologies, a rigorous quality control system, eco-friendly packaging and our commitment to sustainability, our solution offers a unique value proposition that solves the problem of impure drinking water in a safe way. and efficient.

Market validation

According to a recent report, the total size of the addressable market ( Tam ) for mineral water in our target region is estimated to be around 0 million per year. This presents a significant opportunity for our mineral power plant business as we enter the market.

Our targeted customer base consists of health conscious consumers who are willing to pay a premium price for high quality mineral water. The specifics of this market include revenue per customer of approximately per month, with sales cycles ranging from weekly to monthly depending on customer preference.

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Starting a business in this market is a good idea due to the growing demand for premium mineral water, driven by health awareness campaigns and the growing trend of avoiding sugary drinks. Moreover, the scarcity of natural mineral water springs in our target region enables us to become a dominant player in the market.

The premium mineral water market is growing at a steady rate of 8% per year. Moreover, consumers are willing to pay premium price for high quality mineral water with unique taste and mineral content. The competitive advantage of our mineral plant is the superior quality of our water, which has undergone strict quality checks to ensure it meets international standards.

Customers are willing to pay a premium price for high quality mineral water. Based on our research, the average price for premium mineral water is around per 1 liter bottle. Since our water comes from a rare underground aquifer, we can price our product at a premium while ensuring a high quality and unique taste.

  • Addressable market ($): 0 million
  • Revenue per customer ($): /month
  • Sales cycle: weekly to monthly
  • Market growth rate: 8% per year
  • Average price for premium mineral water ($): per 1 liter bottle

business model

Our mineral water plant operates on a B2B (business to business) model, where we sell our products to other businesses for resale or use in their operations. Our sources of income come from the following sources:

  • Sale of bottled mineral water: Our main product is bottled mineral water, which we sell to companies in large quantities. Pricing is determined by volume purchased, with larger orders receiving discounts.
  • Custom Bottle: We provide custom bottled mineral water for companies that require specific branding or labeling for their products. This service generates additional revenue, with prices depending on the level of customization required.
  • Water Treatment Services: Our plant also offers filtration and treatment services to businesses that require specific water quality parameters for their operations. The price of these services is determined according to the level of treatment required and the volume of water treated.
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Our total revenue per year is expected to be $xxx with the majority of revenue coming from mineral water bottle sales.

Our business strategy is to focus on quality and customer service, providing a reliable and consistent source of mineral water to our customers. We also aim to be competitive in maintaining profitability, continually improving our operations to minimize production costs while maintaining product quality. Additionally, we plan to expand our market reach through partnerships with distributors and retailers in our target markets.

To operate our business, we have the following cost structure:

  • Raw Materials: We source our water from local mineral springs, ensuring a consistent supply of high quality water. The cost of raw materials represents an important part of our expenses.
  • Production costs: This includes costs associated with production, such as labor and operating expenses for machinery and equipment.
  • Marketing and advertising expenses: We plan to allocate part of our budget to marketing and advertising to reach potential customers and build our brand.
  • Logistics and Shipping: We will incur expenses for the transportation of our products to our customers and other business-related logistics.

Overall, our business model prioritizes quality, customer service and profitability to ensure profitability and market growth. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we believe we are well positioned to expand our business and contribute to the growth of the industry as a whole.


In the mineral water market, we will face competition from both local and international brands. Major competitors in our market include:

  • Brand A: This is a well-established local mineral water brand that has been in the market for over 20 years. It has a strong distribution network and a loyal customer base. However, it lacks innovation in terms of product offerings and has a limited online presence.
  • Brand B: This is an international brand of mineral water that has recently entered the market. It has a strong brand reputation, innovative product offerings and a wide distribution network. However, it is relatively more expensive than local brands, which may deter some price-sensitive customers.
  • Brand C: This is a medium-sized brand of mineral water that has been in the market for five years. It has a moderately successful online presence and a growing following. However, it lacks a unique selling proposition and has limited distribution channels.
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Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to sustainability and our focus on using natural and locally sourced ingredients to create a unique flavor profile. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by:

  • Use biodegradable packaging materials to reduce waste and promote a circular economy
  • Partnering with local communities to source our ingredients, provide economic benefit to the region and promote sustainable farming practices
  • Invest in innovative marketing strategies to build brand awareness and establish a strong online presence through social media and content marketing

Our customer base is primarily made up of environmentally conscious people who are willing to pay a premium for natural and sustainable products. Our USPs include:

  • Unique flavor profile that is distinct from our competitors
  • Biodegradable packaging that reduces plastic waste
  • Community-driven procurement practices that support local economies
  • Dedicated focus on sustainability and environmentally conscious practices

We anticipate that our main competitors will be brands that offer premium natural mineral water products with a comparable flavor profile, catering to similar customer demographics. However, we also recognize the potential impact of upcoming local brands and new market entrants that may pose a threat to our market share.

Founding team

Our Mineral Water Factory team is made up of highly qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, all dedicated to making our business a huge success. We have a clear purpose and a shared passion for sustainability, health and wellness.

John Smith , our CEO, has over 20 years of experience in the water industry. He holds a degree in business management and has successfully launched and managed several water treatment plants. His expertise in processing, distribution and marketing is invaluable to our team.

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Anne Lee , our Chief Financial Officer, has over 15 years of finance, accounting and investment experience. She is a Certified Public Accountant and her expertise in financial modeling, forecasting and risk management is crucial to our success.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez , our Chief Scientist, holds a PhD in Chemistry and has over 10 years of experience in water treatment and analysis. She is a respected expert in her field and has published numerous articles and patents. His expertise in water quality, testing and purification is invaluable to our operations.

David Brown , our Director of Marketing, has over 10 years of marketing and sales experience. He holds a degree in marketing and has successfully launched and managed several brands. His expertise in branding, product positioning and digital marketing is crucial to our success.

Together, our team has the right mix of skills and experience to meet the challenges of the water industry, and we are confident in our ability to make our company a market leader.


Traction is a vital indicator of success for any business, especially a mineral water plant. At [Company Name] , we are proud to share some of our significant milestones and accomplishments to date.

  • We have secured [Number of Partnerships] Partners with key suppliers for our mineral springs, ensuring a consistent supply of high quality minerals.
  • We have completed our product development and testing phase and launched our mineral water plant. Since then, we’ve seen a steady increase in sales, with a [X%] month-over-month growth rate.
  • We received positive feedback from initial customers, and our NPS (Net Promoter Score) [Y] , reflecting the high level of customer satisfaction.
  • We incorporated customer feedback into our product development process, resulting in several new product offerings, including flavored mineral water.
  • Our dedication to sustainability has resonated with consumers, and we’ve seen a growing demand for environmentally friendly mineral water packaging. To meet this demand, we have launched a new range of mineral water packaged in biodegradable bottles.
  • We have implemented several marketing initiatives, including targeted digital advertising, social media campaigns and influencer partnerships, resulting in a steady increase in brand awareness and customer acquisition.
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We believe these milestones demonstrate our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability while positioning us for future growth and success.

As we continue to expand our product line, increase production capacity and explore new markets, we remain focused on building an exceptional brand that delivers premium mineral water while minimizing our environmental impact.

Fund raising

For our mineral water plant, we are seeking million in financing to support our expansion efforts and help us achieve our ambitious goals. Our investment opportunity offers an innovative solution to meet the high demand for clean and safe drinking water. We plan to use the funds for:

  • Acquisition and installation of new high-tech equipment to increase our production capacity
  • Research and development of new product lines and packaging designs
  • Expansion of our marketing and advertising campaigns to reach new customers and raise awareness of our brand
  • Hiring and training new staff including engineers, bottling line workers and sales representatives

We believe our business has significant growth potential, and the funds raised will help us achieve several milestones, including:

  • Expand our distribution network to new markets and retail channels
  • Partnering with hotels and restaurants to offer our premium mineral water as part of their menus
  • Investing in sustainable and eco-friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are confident that our innovative approach to bottling natural mineral water and revolutionizing the growing demand for safe and environmentally conscious drinking water will revolutionize the industry. With your help, we can achieve our goals and bring our products to a wider audience.