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Imagine you are a wine enthusiast who likes to try new varieties of red, white and sparkling wine. After a tiring day at work, you want to relax in the comfort of your home and sip a glass of your favorite vintage. However, you realize that you have enough wine left in your storage. To restock, you need to head to the nearest liquor store or wait until the next day to place an order online.

This drawback is not only frustrating but also leads to lost opportunities. With limited delivery options and no dedicated app or platform that caters to alcoholic beverages, you have to make do with what’s available. Additionally, with the ongoing pandemic, a significant portion of the population is staying indoors, further impairing their chances of acquiring alcohol.

Therefore, the problem we want to solve is: Inconvenient access to alcohol for those unable or unwilling to leave their homes. Limited delivery options for beer and liquor. Inability to increase alcohol intake without leaving home.

The issue is relevant because there are millions of people consuming alcohol around the world, and the pandemic has further increased the demand for home delivery services of all types. As people seek convenience and ease of use when shopping, we see an opportunity to fill a gap in the market.

Currently, there are various delivery services available, including food and grocery delivery, but none caters solely to alcohol delivery. Although some liquor stores offer delivery options for their products, there is no dedicated app or website platform to access these services. This leads to inferior customer experience and missed revenue opportunities.

The problem exists because the technological resources to develop a full-fledged liquor delivery service are not readily available and require upfront investment, supply chain management, and compliance hurdles.

Solution / value proposition

The seed retail store offers a convenient and affordable solution for customers who find it difficult to access fashionable or fashionable take offs on an online platform. Our platform is designed to enhance the shopping experience of seed lovers by offering a wide range of seed varieties of different crops; Vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and more, solving the problem of limited online seed options.

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Our online seed shop platform also offers solutions to the problem of inaccessible seeds due to international borders. We eliminate the need for third-party seed research, reducing the cost of seed acquisition for customers. Our website and mobile app platform provides a user-friendly interface where customers can browse, select and order seeds of their choice with just a few clicks.

We aim to provide our customers with the best of both world quality seeds at affordable prices with the convenience of online shopping. Our wide range of seed options are sourced specifically from local and international breeders, using unique seed technologies with strict quality control measures.

The Seed Retail Store Value Proposition includes:

  • Wide range of seeds from different crops
  • Affordable prices
  • Convenient online shopping platform
  • Access to unique seed technologies
  • Quality assurance and strict quality control measures

With the seed retail store, customers can now access and order quality seed at their convenience. They no longer have to worry about limited options, high cost, or inaccessibility to international seeds.

Our mission is to transform the online seed retail market by providing customers with a unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

Market validation

Market validation is a crucial part of any investor pitch game, as it demonstrates that there is a viable market for the business solution. In the case of the seed retail store, we conducted extensive research and analysis to validate our business idea.

Our Total Addressable Market Size (TAM) is significant. The global seed market is expected to reach USD 127.5 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2020 to 2027. In the United States, the seed industry generates approximately USD 15 billion annually. Our initial focus is on the US market, which represents a significant growth opportunity.

One of the specificities of the seed market is revenue per customer. A typical customer can spend between and 0 each year on seeds, depending on their gardening needs. Additionally, there is a growing trend of consumers moving towards organic and heirloom varieties, which may have a higher price tag. This makes the seed market an attractive space for business ventures.

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Starting a business in the seed market makes sense for many reasons. First, there is a growing awareness and demand for sustainable and healthy food options. Second, the pandemic has led to an increase in home gardening and renewed interest in growing its food, further fueling the demand for high-quality seeds. Finally, the seed industry is dominated by a few established players, leaving ample opportunity for new players to disrupt the market.

The seed market is growing rapidly. According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets, the global seed market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2020 and 2025. This is attributed to increasing demand for people and food, along with technological advancements in genetics seeds, propelling the development of the market .

Our market research also shows that customers are willing to pay a premium for high quality seed, especially organic and heirloom varieties. This presents us with a significant revenue opportunity.

business model

Our seed retail store will operate through a combination of online and offline sales channels. Our business strategy is to partner with local growers to provide high quality seeds to our customers. We aim to create a unique customer experience that sets us apart from other retailers in the market.

Income generation: Our income will be generated by the sale of seeds, gardening accessories and delivery services. We will also generate income through partnerships with local growers who will provide us with top quality seeds.

Total revenue: Our projected total revenue for the first year is 0,000. We expect to double our revenue by the end of the third year of operation.

  • Seeds: We will sell a variety of seeds online and in our store. We will ensure that our seeds are of high quality and come from reputable sources.
  • Gardening accessories: We will also sell gardening accessories such as pots, soil, fertilizers and tools online and in our store. These accessories will be sourced from reliable and reputable vendors who will offer them at a reasonable cost.
  • Delivery Services: We will deliver products directly to our customers’ homes or offer pick-up services for those who live nearby. We will charge a small fee for delivery services.
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Partnerships: To ensure a steady supply of high quality seeds, we will partner with local growers who will supply us with their products. We will build long-term relationships with these growers to ensure a consistent supply throughout the year. In return, we will offer them a fair price for their wares and the potential to reach a wider customer base.

Our business model is based on offering high quality seeds and gardening accessories to our customers. By providing an unparalleled customer experience and partnering with local growers, we aim to build a loyal customer base and become a top player in the seed retail industry.


The seed retail store faces competition from several major players in the retail industry, including big box stores, boutiques and other online seed retailers. Although these competitors offer similar products and services, there are notable differences in their approach to business.

  • Big box stores: These competitors offer a wide selection of products, including seeds, but lack quality and customer service. Shoppers are often faced with long lines and minimal one-on-one attention from staff.
  • Boutique Shops: These competitors offer quality seed selections curated by experts, along with personalized attention and expert advice. However, their prices are often on the high end and their inventory can be limited.
  • Other online seed retailers: These competitors are similar to the seed retail store in terms of e-commerce, but may not offer the same level of expert advice or quality products.

Seed Retail differentiates itself by combining the wide selection of big box stores with the personalized attention and expert advice of boutiques. The company’s unique selling points (USPS) include:

  1. Competence: The seed retail store will have knowledgeable staff who provide expert advice and recommendations to customers, setting it apart from other online retailers.
  2. Wide Selection: The seed retail store will offer a wide range of seeds, including rare and exclusive strains, which will set it apart from its competitors.
  3. Affordability: The seed retail store will maintain prices at a competitive rate for its quality products. This sets it apart from boutiques that often charge higher prices.
  4. Convenience: The seed retail store offers online shopping with quick and easy delivery of products to customers’ doorsteps. This sets it apart from big-box stores, which can require customers to travel to a physical location and wait in long lines.
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The seed retail store is aware that it may face competition from Copycat startups trying to replicate their offering. However, the founders have obtained high quality seeds and knowledgeable staff who will keep their business ahead of the competition by providing quality products, superior customer service and expert advice.

Founding team

In the seed retail store, we have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team with backgrounds in technology, logistics and the liquor industry. Together, we are focused on providing our customers with the most convenient and efficient alcohol delivery service.

John Smith, CEO: John holds a degree in Business Administration and has over 10 years of experience launching and scaling startups. He is passionate about developing disruptive technologies that solve real-world problems.

Sara Lee, COO: Sara holds a degree in logistics and has over 8 years of experience in supply chain management. She is an expert in optimizing operational workflows and ensuring efficiency.

Ted Johnson, CTO: Ted holds a degree in computer science and has over 15 years of experience in software development and managing technology teams. He is a strong leader with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions.

Tom Brown, CMO: Tom holds a degree in marketing and has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and branding. He is passionate about building client relationships and growing.

Our team is driven by a common goal of providing our customers with the most convenient and reliable alcohol delivery service. We understand the challenges our customers face and are committed to providing solutions that meet their needs.

Although our team has a diverse range of skills and expertise, we recognize that there may be skills or experiences that may be lacking. We actively seek partnerships and collaborations to complement our skills and expand our capabilities.

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We firmly believe that we are the right people for the challenge of establishing a successful alcohol delivery business. Our team’s combined experience and passion for innovation gives us the edge we need to disrupt the market and establish ourselves as an industry leader.

Together we are a cohesive and passionate team, united in our mission to change the way people access alcohol and improve their lifestyles.


The pull slide is where we give investors proof that our business will succeed. Here we present all the positive signals that increase confidence in our idea. We were successful in gaining positive feedback from beta testers, establishing partnerships with local liquor stores, and generating high levels of interest and demand through our initial marketing campaign. All of these milestones are significant achievements that prove that our company is on the right track.

Our beta testing has been very successful, with positive feedback from our customers. Beta testing also helped us identify areas where further improvements could be made. We evaluated our user feedback and were able to design our app to make it more user-friendly and faster to use.

We have also partnered with local liquor stores that help us expand our reach and provide customers with their favorite beverages. Our partnerships allow us to have access to a variety of liquor inventory, and order processing is efficient and hassle-free. This has allowed us to develop a loyal customer base and improve customer satisfaction.

Our initial marketing campaign also helped us generate high levels of interest and demand. We saw a spike in customer orders, and our team was able to keep up with the high demand. We have also received positive feedback from our customers, which has allowed us to further crack down on our service.

We also continuously measure and track our progress, assessing if our previous assumptions are holding true, if we are achieving product market fit, if our customers are loving our product, and if there is massive growth in the market. Key metrics we monitor include our cost of customer acquisition, our app activation rates, and customer retention rates.

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In summary, our company has reached important milestones that show that we are progressing and that our business is growing. We are poised to capitalize on the increased demand for alcohol delivery services and take advantage of the growing market opportunity.


Our startup is seeking million in seed funding to scale our business operations and bring our product to market. This funding will help us achieve our vision of bringing alcoholic beverages to our customers at their doorsteps.

We will use this investment to expand our operations, hire additional staff, launch marketing campaigns and strengthen our technology platform for efficient operations.

Funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Product Development: We will invest 30% of the funding to complete our product development and release betas to early customers. This will allow us to get feedback and improve the platform for better customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing: We plan to allocate 40% of funds to launch a national marketing campaign to build brand awareness and attract customers.
  • Operations and Hiring: 20% of funds will be used to hire additional staff and expand our operations to new markets. This will help us provide faster delivery and better customer service to our customers.
  • Emergency Fund: We will also allocate 10% of funds as an emergency fund to meet any unexpected expenses that may arise.

We aim to achieve the following milestones with the funding:

  • Expand our operations to five new cities within six months.
  • Launch the product in beta mode and get at least 1000 active users within three months.
  • Sign partnerships with more than 50 local liquor stores within six months.
  • Establish our brand as the leading liquor delivery service within two years.

We believe this investment will help us achieve our vision of providing convenient access to alcoholic beverages for our customers while growing the business and generating good returns for our investors.

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