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Ever crave a soft and delicious Aunt Anne pretzel, but had to travel miles to get it? Or maybe you went to a movie theater, and the only snack offered was Popcorn? These scenarios may seem insignificant, but they illustrate the problem we are solving. The snack industry is monopolized by popcorn. Despite its popularity, it does not satisfy everyone’s craving. The masses want options and alternatives. They want to indulge in different snacks while they wait for a movie, or just while they run errands.

Our potential customers want tasty, copycat and, above all, affordable snacks. They don’t want to have to travel far to find the snacks they love. Popcorn has been the go-to snack for as long as we can remember, but it’s not the only option. There is a gap in the market, and we want to fill it by offering Aunt Anne’s Pretzels as an alternative snack option.

To put this problem into context, consider the story of Sarah, a busy mom who had to travel far to get her pretzel fix because there was no Aunt Anne’s location nearby. Every time she wanted a pretzel, she would have to drive for miles. It was not only time consuming but also expensive. She had to spend money on gas, and sometimes the trip took up too much of her day for her to do other errands.


This issue is more relevant than ever as people are looking for both affordable and convenient options that meet their preferences. The snack industry has evolved over time, but the options available have remained limited when it comes to affordable, filling snacks that are both delicious and easy to find. People no longer want to settle for limited options and are looking for snacks that provide variety while being cost-effective.

Current Solution

Popcorn remains the most common snack in cinemas, malls and other public places. We’re not suggesting that we eliminate popcorn altogether but provide alternative snack options that people can choose from.

Why the problem exists

The lack of variety in the snack industry is the result of limited options available to franchises and vendors. Popcorn is affordable, easy to make, and has been the go-to snack for decades. It takes a bit more effort to make pretzels, which might make it a turn-off for some vendors. Overhead could also be a concern for some, meaning a lack of variety in snacking is almost inevitable.

We believe, however, that there is a market for Aunt Anne’s Pretzels, and we want to offer our customers a better snack option that caters to their preferences and cravings. With our company, customers won’t have to travel far to satisfy their pretzel cravings. We want to provide them with a convenient, accessible and delicious snack that will keep them coming back every time they run errands or catch a movie.

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Solution / value proposition

Our solution is to become a franchisee of Aunt Anne, the largest soft pretzel franchise in the world. We’ll bring soft pretzels, drinks, and other baked goods to low-traffic areas and events, solving the problem of accessing fresh, delicious baking treats. Our innovative solution includes leveraging partnerships and loyalty programs to ensure customers always have access to their favorite pretzels.

Our franchise stands out from the competition by offering a wide variety of baked goods including pretzel dogs, cinnamon sugar pretzels and frozen lemonades. Our product will become a staple for food vendors in low traffic areas because we offer an affordable, unique and tasty snack. Plus, our loyal customers will benefit from monthly subscription plans that give them first-tier priority access to the latest flavors and custom pretzel shapes.

Our Aunt Anne’s candor ensures customers feel the love and care we put into every freshly baked item, making them feel comfortable and welcome. By providing a warm and charming environment, we ensure that our customers can relax and enjoy their baked goods and beverages, which has given us a leg up in customer service over our competitors.

The solution we offer is incredible because it provides customers with incredibly delicious and fresh baked goods, and although Tante Anne is an established brand, we bring this reliable menu to places where it has not been accessible before. Our innovative marketing strategies, advanced sourcing and perfect delivery services ensure that our products and services are attractive to customers. We provide a fun, unique and enjoyable customer experience that is unforgettable and keeps them coming back for more.

Our founding team consists of professionals with extensive experience in hospitality, marketing, finance and business management. With the support and guidance provided by Aunt Anne, our team is fully poised to establish a thriving business.

The success of our solution lies in our ability to sell 10,000 pretzels per week, at an estimated cost of US.50 each, generating US.5 million in annual revenue. Within three years, we expect to open 20 profitable locations dispersed across the United States, with the goal of reaching 100 locations over the next ten years.

  • Does this really solve the problem discussed?
  • Is the solution so good that the customer will do anything to get it?
  • How will the customer feel after using the solution?
  • Is the solution amazing?
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Yes, our Aunt Anne’s franchisee offers accessible, delicious and affordable products that are widely enjoyed by people of all ages, it becomes the perfect problem solver. Our unique loyalty program keeps customers coming back and also guarantees priority access to the latest flavors and custom pretzel shapes.

We think the solution is so good that customers will be willing to wait for us to arrive in their area. Our baked goods offer something exclusive and unique to customers that they will love and appreciate when consumed.

The customer will feel happy, happy and satisfied after consuming our products. Aunt Anne’s offers a comforting taste that most customers crave, and it’s always hot and fresh. Bringing the freshly baked smell and warmth that Aunt Anne is known for, we’re sure customers will know the lengths we go to ensure they receive only the best.

Our solution is undoubtedly amazing. Our innovative marketing strategies, advanced sourcing and perfect delivery services ensure that our products and services are attractive to customers. We create a fun, unique and enjoyable customer experience that is unforgettable.

Market validation

According to research conducted by Ibisworld , the pretzel and snack industry generated billion in revenue in 2020 alone. The total addressable market size of Aunt Anne’s franchisee is estimated to be approximately 0 million with an annual growth rate of 2.5%. This indicates that there is a significant untapped market for Aunt Anne’s franchise in the snack industry.

The average revenue per customer varies by store location and size, but on average each customer spends around – per visit. Our research shows that our customers are likely to make repeat visits, which makes our sales cycle short. Additionally, the demand for pretzels and other baked goods is relatively inelastic, making our product essential in the market regardless of economic fluctuations.

It’s a good idea to start a business in the pretzel and snack industry because it’s a growing market with a high demand for delicious, fresh, and healthy snacking options. Aunt Anne’s franchise offers a unique and exceptional experience that stands out in the market. Our signature freshly baked handmade pretzels, as well as other baked goods and beverages, along with our warm, friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service, sets us apart from the competition.

The industry continued to grow, even during difficult times. According to Statista , the snacks industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% from 2021 to 2026, making it a thriving market with plenty of growth opportunities.

Our primary target audience is families and young adults. Our research shows that they are willing to pay between and for our pretzels and to for our drinks. Offering affordable prices, along with superior quality and excellent service, makes Aunt Anne’s franchise a perfect fit for our target audience.

  • Aunt Anne’s franchisee’s TAM is estimated to be around 0 million.
  • Each customer spends around – per visit, which makes our sales cycle short.
  • This is a growing market with a high demand for delicious, fresh and healthy snack options.
  • The snacks industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% from 2021 to 2026.
  • Our primary target audience is families and young adults who are willing to pay – for our pretzels and – for our drinks.
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business model

As an Aunt Anne franchisee, our business model revolves around providing delicious, freshly baked pretzels and other baked goods to our customers. We will operate as a quick service restaurant and offer a range of products that appeal to a wide customer base.

Revenue generation

Our primary source of revenue will be from the sale of our specialty pretzels, such as the Classic Pretzel, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel, and Jalapeno Pretzel, at a competitive price. Additionally, we will be offering a variety of other baked goods, such as pretzel dogs, dips, and sandwiches, to generate additional revenue. Our focus on providing high quality products and exceptional customer service will drive repeat business and increase sales.

Total income

Based on initial projections, we expect total Aunt Anne franchise revenue to be approximately .5 million in the first year, with a profit margin of approximately 25%. Our revenue growth plan is to open five locations over the next two years, followed by five additional locations over the following year. This planned expansion would increase our total revenue to million over the next five years.

Product offers

  • Pretzels: Our main product offerings include various flavors of pretzels, including classic, cinnamon sugar, and jalapeno pretzel.
  • Pretzel Dogs: To appeal to a wider audience, we will be offering a range of Pretzel Dogs with different fillings and flavors.
  • Dips and Sauces: We will provide various dips such as melted cheese, mustard or sweet glazes for use with our pretzels and pretzel dogs.
  • Beverages: We will offer a variety of hot and cold beverages such as soda, tea, coffee and lemonade to complement our baked goods and enhance the customer experience.

By offering a diverse line of baked goods and providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, we will attract and retain customers, generating steady revenue growth and profitability for our Aunt Anne’s franchise. We have the expertise and resources to execute our business model successfully and become a thriving player in the competitive quick service restaurant industry.


As Aunt Anne’s franchisee, we are well aware of the competition in the market. Our main competitors include:

  • Pretzelmaker
  • Wetzel Pretzels
  • Annie’s pretzels
  • Mr. Pretzels
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These competitors have established a strong presence in the market and have loyal customer bases.

What our competitors do well:

  • Pretzelmaker and Wetzel Pretzels offer a wide range of pretzel flavors and toppings to satisfy customer cravings.
  • Annie’s Pretzels and Pretzels offer high quality, freshly made pretzels that taste delicious.

What our competitors are doing wrong:

  • Pretzelmaker and Wetzel’s Pretzels have limited offerings in addition to pretzels, limiting their appeal to a wider audience.
  • Annie and Mr. Pretzels’ pretzels lack customer engagement and interaction, which makes the experience of a pretzel less enjoyable.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Our unique selling point is our commitment to providing an interactive and fun experience for our customers. Unlike our competitors, we offer a wide range of dipping sauces that complement our freshly baked pretzels, as well as a range of tasty drinks. Additionally, our staff is trained to engage with customers, providing a personalized and memorable experience.


  • A wide range of dipping sauces and refreshing drinks that complement our freshly baked pretzels.
  • Interactive and fun experience for customers, with personalized and engaging staff members.

Who is stealing from our customers:

We have noticed that our customers are often attracted to competitors who offer more variety in their menu offerings. Additionally, customers who prioritize convenience over experience may opt for fast-food chains instead. Therefore, we plan to expand our menu and offer more snack options to appeal to a wider audience, while prioritizing our commitment to personalized and interactive service.

Founding team

Our founding team is comprised of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals with proven track records in their respective fields. With years of experience in business management, marketing and restaurant operations, our team is well equipped to meet the challenges that come with establishing a successful chain of Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

Our CEO, John Smith, has over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, having previously worked as a regional manager for several large chains. He holds a degree in business administration from the University of Texas and is an expert in franchise development and management.

Our Director of Marketing, Sarah Johnson, holds a marketing degree from Texas Christian University and has worked in marketing for over a decade. She has helped establish successful marketing campaigns for numerous restaurants and has a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends in the food industry.

Our Director of Operations, Michael Lee, has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, having previously worked as General Manager of Texas Roadhouse and several other leading restaurants. His experience in restaurant operations has equipped him with the skills to help streamline processes and ensure high quality service is delivered consistently across all of our locations.

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In addition to our core team, we are also building a strong network of advisors and investors, including experts in franchising, real estate and restaurant operations. We are confident that this invaluable support system will help us meet the challenges that come with expanding our business.

Our goal is to provide a unique and enjoyable dining experience for our customers, while generating strong returns for our investors and franchisees. We have a shared passion for quality food and entertainment, and we believe our business model has the potential to disrupt the market and change the industry.

Recognizing the competitive nature of the restaurant industry, we have identified potential skills we lack and have taken steps to fill these gaps through strategic partnerships and hiring practices. We believe our continued efforts to improve and evolve our business will help us stay ahead of the competition and continue to deliver value to our customers.

We are confident that as a team we have the skills, experience and drive to make this adventure a huge success. Our dedication to providing excellent service and our passion for quality food and entertainment sets us apart, and we believe our shared vision for the future of the restaurant industry will take us far.


Our traction slide highlights the significant progress we’ve made in establishing our Aunt Anne’s franchise business. We have seen steady growth in sales and customer retention, indicating that we are developing in the right direction. Our previous assumptions about the synergy between expert customer service and high quality products have proven true , with positive customer feedback.

To ensure that we are achieving product market fit, we have been measuring customer engagement and loyalty with our loyalty program. Our measurements show that customers are very satisfied with our products and will return often. We also use customer surveys to track our Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our most recent NPS of 9 shows that our customers recognize our commitment to quality and service.

We are expanding into a market with massive growth recognized by industry-specific research reports. More people are looking for high-quality snack and beverage options, which is a growing need for Aunt Anne’s franchise services. We’ve secured ten locations , with two currently open in popular malls in Texas. The data confirms that capturing the right location is critical to the success of our business model. Our team has prime locations identified with high foot traffic , ensuring our business is accessible to a wide range of customers.

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As we create a distinctive brand identity in the marketplace, we have focused heavily on refreshing our social media strategy and have seen positive results. Using Instagram influencers to promote our products and store brand has seen a 3x rate of return on investment. Additionally, we measure our social media engagement, website traffic, and click-through rate .

Our fundamental metrics highlight our potential for growth and generating new investment in our business. We improved our average revenue per user by 63% over three months, and our cost of acquisition has already shown a 2x reduction in kiosk marketing spend. Our most critical driver for growth, customer lifetime value, should go up as we continue to improve the quality of our services, loyalty programs and marketing strategies.

  • Increased sales and customer retention
  • Proved our assumptions true with expert customer service and high quality products
  • Customer engagement and loyalty measured with loyalty program and surveys
  • Prime locations identified with high foot traffic
  • Refresh social media strategy and measured social media engagement, website traffic and click-through rate
  • Improved average revenue per user by 63% over three months
  • Reduced acquisition cost by 2x in kiosk marketing costs

Fund raising

For our Aunt Anne’s Franchisee Investment Opportunity, we are seeking million in funding to cover the costs of establishing multiple franchise locations, marketing and hiring a team of highly skilled professionals. .

Our plan is to allocate most funds to securing suitable locations in prime areas for franchise development, as this will be key to attracting customers and building a loyal following. We will also allocate funds for marketing campaigns that will help raise awareness and promote our brand.

We plan to hire a team of professionals who will help us create a unique brand identity, grow our franchise network and develop effective marketing strategies. This team will consist of experienced professionals, brand strategists, marketing professionals and franchise development experts.

Our goal is to establish at least ten locations in the first two years and expand to 50 locations over the next five years. With the funding we are raising, we aim to achieve the following milestones:

  • Identify prime real estate locations for franchise development
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote Aunt Anne’s franchise brand
  • Secure franchise agreements with at least ten franchisees within the first two years of operation
  • Provide training and support to all franchisees, ensuring excellent customer service and brand consistency across all locations
  • Generate a return on investment within five years and a solid reputation within the franchising industry.

We believe we can establish a successful chain of Aunt Anne’s franchise locations across the country, and with your investment support, we can achieve our goals.