Preschool Pitch: Tips for a Secure Winning Deck

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Parents are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly learning environments for their children. However, the current options available are limited, leaving parents frustrated and disappointed.

Consider Mary; She is a mother of a two year old who is passionate about providing the best early childhood education for her child. However, she struggles to find a preschool that promotes creativity, hands-on and experiential play, and academic content while being environmentally conscious. Marie visited several preschools in her area, but the options available left her feeling discouraged.

The problem is that there aren’t enough preschools that cater to parents like Marie, who want to instill values of environmental awareness in their young children while providing a well-rounded education.

This issue is particularly relevant in urban areas, where people are increasingly aware of the impact of human activities on the environment. Parents seek to provide a positive influence on the environment through the education of their children.

Current Solution

The current solution to this problem is limited to a few eco-friendly preschools available in the market. However, these preschools may not provide parents with the academic rigor that parents may seek in their child’s early education.

Additionally, these preschools are expensive, which limits access to environmentally friendly learning environments to a select few. Unfortunately, not every parent can afford to pay premium prices for their child’s early education.

Why does the problem exist?

The problem exists primarily due to the lack of emphasis on early childhood education and environmental sustainability. Although there is an awareness of both issues, the integration of both has been inadequate in the education system.

Also, conventional preschools do not provide the environmentally friendly atmosphere that parents are looking for. The lack of knowledge and incentive to create an environment-conscious learning environment is the main reason for the absence of environment-friendly preschools.

It is therefore necessary to provide a curated atmosphere that promotes creativity, nature-based learning, and social and emotional development while emphasizing academic content. This configuration recognizes the importance of early childhood education while emphasizing the importance of environmental preservation.

Solution / value proposition

Our preschool offers a unique solution to the problem of limited options for environmentally friendly learning environments for young children. We have created an educational atmosphere that emphasizes nature-based learning, creativity, and social and emotional development. Our curriculum integrates academic content in the form of literacy, math, science, and social studies, so that children receive a well-rounded education while having fun.

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At our preschool, we believe in hands-on, experiential play. We want children to explore and learn about their surroundings through tactile experiences that spark their imaginations and sense of wonder. Our facilities are designed to be environmentally friendly and safe, ensuring a healthy learning environment for children.

We also prioritize social and emotional development. Our emphasis on empathy and respect for one another fosters positive relationships between children and adults, helping them develop important interpersonal skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. We strive to create a sense of community and belonging among our students and their families.

In summary, our solution to the problem of limited ecological learning environments for young children is a unique preschool that prioritizes learning from nature, academic excellence, and social and emotional development.

  • Our focus on hands-on, experiential learning encourages children’s creativity and imagination.
  • Our facilities are environmentally friendly and safe, promoting a healthy learning environment.
  • We prioritize social and emotional development, helping children develop strong interpersonal skills.

We believe our solution will be incredibly valuable for parents looking for a well-rounded education for their children in an ecological and socially positive environment. Our nursery school is unlike any other on the market, and we are sure it will be in high demand.

Market validation

Market research indicates that there is a strong demand for secure preschools in urban areas. The total size of the addressable market for preschoolers is estimated to be around billion in the United States alone. According to a report by Research and Markets, the global green baby products market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.58% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. This indicates a growing interest in sustainability among parents in the world.

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Our chipped preschool fills a specific gap in the market for parents who are looking for sustainable learning environments for their children. The preschool market in the United States is valued at .7 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% by 2025. Parents are willing to pay a premium for high-quality education and care for their children, with an estimated monthly cost of ,000 from ,000 to ,000 for preschool services in urban areas.

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for safe outdoor learning environments. We have seen an increase in demand from parents concerned about the safety of their children in traditional indoor classroom settings. Our approach aligns with the growing trend of integrating outdoor learning spaces into educational institutions, providing a unique selling point for our preschool.

With a growing focus on early childhood education and sustainability, now is the perfect time to launch a scruffy preschool. Our preschool caters to a growing market of parents looking for an eco-friendly, nature-based learning environment for their children. By meeting this need, we anticipate significant demand and growth potential for our preschool in the years to come.

  • The global green baby products market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.58% during 2020-2025 (Research & Markets).
  • In the United States, the eccentric preschool market is valued at billion (estimated).
  • Parents are prepared to pay monthly fees of ,000 to ,000 for preschool services in urban areas.
  • In the United States, the preschool market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% by 2025.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for safe outdoor learning environments.

business model

Our preschool revenue model is based on monthly tuition. We offer parents a variety of options, including full-time and part-time programs, as well as extended care hours to meet the needs of working families. Our tuition rates are competitive with other local preschools, allowing us to remain accessible to families while generating income.

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In addition to tuition, we are exploring partnerships with local businesses and organizations to create additional revenue streams. We plan to offer workshops and events focusing on sustainability and nature-based learning, which could be hosted offsite or on our campus during non-school hours. By partnering with organizations that share our values, we can expand our impact while generating revenue.

Our total revenue will depend on registration numbers and our partnerships with local businesses. We expect to generate 0,000 in revenue in our first year of operation, with growth expected in subsequent years.

Our main product is our Safe Childhood Education Program. We offer a unique approach to learning that integrates environmental sustainability and nature-based learning into academic content. Our program is designed to support the development of key skills such as literacy, math, science, and social studies while promoting creativity, social and emotional development, and a connection to the natural world.

Additionally, we plan to offer additional products such as workshops and events, as mentioned earlier. These offerings will provide additional revenue streams while expanding our reach and impact beyond our core program.


Our main competitors in the market are Ecokids Preschool and Green Sprouts Academy. Both schools offer green learning environments, but they differ from our approach in several ways.

EcoKids Preschools: Ecokids Preschool operates a single downtown location and focuses exclusively on outdoor learning activities. They do well in offering a diverse range of activities, but they lack a structured school curriculum and do not include indoor learning activities for inclement weather.

Green Sprouts Academy: Green Sprouts Academy operates multiple locations throughout the city, providing many opportunities for families in various neighborhoods. They have a strong academic program and offer indoor/outdoor activity options, but lack a clear emphasis on nature-based learning and don’t prioritize hands-on, experiential play.

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In our preschool, we pride ourselves on our balance of nature-based learning and structured academic content. We offer a variety of outdoor and indoor activity options, ensuring that bad weather does not hinder learning. We emphasize hands-on and experiential play, integrating academic content seamlessly into our curriculum.

Our Unique Selling Points (USPS) include:

  • A focus on environmentally friendly learning environments that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • A comprehensive academic curriculum integrated with nature-based learning activities
  • A focus on hands-on and experiential play activities

We believe our approach offers a unique value proposition to parents who are looking for a respectful preschool education for their children. We recognize that our competitors may take some of our customers, but we are confident that our dedication to providing a comprehensive and comprehensive learning experience will set us apart over time.

Founding team

Our founding team is made up of experienced educators and environmentalists passionate about creating a sustainable future for our children.

John Smith , our CEO, is a Certified Educator with a degree in Early Childhood Education and over 10 years of successful preschool experience. He has a background in environmental sustainability and has taken various courses on sustainable practices in education.

Mary Johnson , our COO, has experience managing preschool operations and curriculum development. She has a degree in child development and a passion for creating learning environments that promote social and emotional development.

Dr David Nguyen , our Environmental Advisor, has a PhD in Environmental Science and over 5 years of experience in sustainable practices. He advises us on environmental sustainability, waste management and reducing our carbon footprint.

Anna Lee , our homeroom teacher, has a degree in early childhood education and experience creating nature-based learning activities. She is passionate about integrating hands-on and experiential learning into daily activities.

Together, our team has combined 20 years of experience in early childhood education and environmental sustainability. We are committed to creating a preschool that promotes creativity, nature-based learning, and social and emotional development, while incorporating academic content.

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Our goal is to provide a clean, high-quality preschool that inspires children to become lifelong learners and environmental commissioners. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes sustainability and social responsibility.

We recognize that there may be skills in areas such as marketing and fundraising. To meet these challenges, we sought out external consultants and advisors to help us achieve our goals.

We are confident that our team is the right group of individuals to meet the challenges of creating a successful green preschool. Our combined background in education and environmental sustainability positions us well to create a unique and impactful learning environment for children.


As a growing preschool specializing in safe learning, our company is dedicated to measuring our progress and our impact on the local community. Here are some of our key milestones and metrics that demonstrate our growth and success:

  • We secured 0,000 in funding from angel investors, which enabled us to secure a location and begin construction of our first kindergarten. This funding will cover our initial start-up costs and allow us to focus on providing an exceptional learning experience for our students.
  • We have received over 100 inquiries from parents interested in enrolling their children in our preschool, demonstrating strong demand for our unique approach to early childhood education.
  • Our team has designed and implemented a comprehensive nature-based curriculum that integrates academic content in literacy, math, science, and social studies, while emphasizing hands-on, experiential learning.
  • We have partnered with several local businesses and organizations to provide additional green resources and experiences for our students. These partnerships not only enhance the learning experience, but also provide potential revenue streams for the company.
  • We have begun construction on our first preschool location and anticipate opening in the fall of 2022. Our team is currently in the process of hiring experienced and passionate educators to bring our vision to life.
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Overall, our company is making steady progress towards our goal of becoming an eco-focused preschool in urban areas. Our traction metrics give us confidence that our assumptions are proving true and that we are working towards product market adjustment. We believe we have a unique value proposition in the market, and the positive response from our community is a great sign that there is massive growth potential in this area. We look forward to continuing to measure our progress and demonstrate our value to potential investors.

Fund raising

For our scrambled preschool, we are seeking 0,000 in additional funding to cover operational costs for the first year and are expanding to additional locations in the future. This investment opportunity presents a unique chance to make a difference in early childhood education while promoting environmental sustainability.

Funds raised will be used to cover several key areas of our business including:

  • Construction and renovation costs for our current location
  • Acquisition of educational materials and resources
  • Salaries for our experienced team of educators and environmentalists
  • Marketing and advertising expenses to attract families to our preschool
  • Explore partnerships with local businesses and organizations as sources of additional revenue

We believe that with the 0,000 investment, we can achieve several important milestones, including:

  • Opening of our preschool in the fall of 2022, after meeting all necessary regulations and licensing requirements
  • Attract a diverse group of families who seek environmentally conscious and hands-on learning for their children
  • Increase our capacity enrollment and achieve profitability in the first year of operation
  • Expansion to additional locations in the future that will serve even more families in the community

We believe that our unique approach to early childhood education, coupled with our commitment to environmental sustainability, has the potential to become an invaluable resource for families in urban areas. With your investment, we can turn this vision into reality.