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Solution / value proposition

Agricultural lavender is a thriving industry with endless potential. Our solution is to provide a full package of lavender farming services – from growing and harvesting to manufacturing and marketing. We offer lavender farmers the full support needed to start their business and thrive.

Our team of experts are passionate about lavender and willing to go above and beyond to provide top-notch service. Our services are customizable and tailored to your specific needs and budget. We promise to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We have created a brand that values health, sustainability and quality. Our lavender is grown organically and our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Our customers will easily stay knowing that they are purchasing an all natural product made with care.

How we found the solution

Our team has traveled the world to learn the art and science of lavender farming. We’ve spent years working alongside farmers, scientists and industry experts, learning how to grow the perfect lavender crop.

Our journey has led us to create a unique farming methodology that maximizes efficiency and reduces waste. Our process is innovative and continually evolving to ensure optimal results for our clients.

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Benefits for our customers

  • Complete set of services, from growth to marketing
  • Customizable services tailored to specific needs and budget
  • High quality organic products at an affordable price
  • Sustainable agricultural methodology that values the environment
  • A brand that values health and well-being

In conclusion, our solution is the answer to the growing demand for sustainable and organic agriculture. Our passion, expertise and innovative approach ensure customer satisfaction and success in the lavender farming industry. We invite you to join us as we grow and prosper in this burgeoning industry. Thanks for your consideration.

Market validation

According to recent research, the global lavender market size was valued at USD 1.8 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 2.5 billion by 2028, growing at a growth rate of 4.1% by 2021 to 2028 (source: Researchandmarkets). Given the growth potential of the lavender market, we strongly believe that our business has a great opportunity in this space.

Our target customers are individuals or companies looking for high quality lavender products. We have conducted market research and found that the current customer base is relatively small, but growing with increasing demand for natural, organic and eco-friendly products.

Our researched data indicates that customers value the market value of lavender relative to the price. We believe that our commitment to providing the highest quality products will lead to increased sales and customer retention. We are confident that we can offer something new and unique to the market that will attract and retain customers.

With the pandemic causing disruptions in the supply chain, many customers in the health and beauty industry are now looking to build relationships with producers to secure their supplies. Having our own lavender farm, we can provide our customers with a direct supply of high quality lavender products. This makes it a great idea to start a business in the lavender farming space, and we are sure that we can carve out a strong market position with our offerings.

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The increase in demand for lavender products is expected to continue increasing in the coming years. A growing number of people are realizing the benefits of using natural products, and lavender is known for its many therapeutic properties. By offering a range of products tailored to customer needs, we aim to capture a significant share of the market.

Through various surveys, we have determined that our customers are willing to pay a premium for the quality of our products. With a strong focus on creating the best products possible, we plan to offer differentiated products that will cost a premium. Additionally, we have implemented a direct-to-consumer model eliminating the middleman and delivering the savings to our customers.

business model

Our business model at Lavender Farming is designed to generate revenue by producing and selling high quality lavender products to consumers. We plan to operate online and in a brick and mortar store to cater to a wide range of customers.

Our main stream of income will come from the sale of lavender products such as essential oils, dried lavender, lavender infused honey and soaps. We will offer our products at competitive prices to attract a diverse group of customers. Additionally, we plan to offer workshops and classes on lavender farming and product making, which will also generate income.

Our business strategy is based on creating a loyal customer base, strong brand image and continuous product development. We will differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing high quality, environmentally friendly products grown and produced on our farm. We will also provide a personalized experience for customers, such as personalized gift sets and bulk order discounts.

To maximize our revenue potential, we plan to partner with local businesses such as spas, boutiques and gourmet food stores. These partnerships will allow us to reach a broader customer base and generate additional revenue streams.

In terms of revenue, we expect annual sales of 0,000 in the first year of operation. As our customer base grows and we expand our product offerings, we expect to see significant revenue growth in the years to come.

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In summary, our business model is based on producing and selling high quality lavender products through multiple channels including online, a brick and mortar store and partnerships. Our personalized approach and focus on customer satisfaction will allow us to establish a loyal customer base and generate revenue while providing a unique experience to our customers.


In the lavender agricultural industry, our competitors range from small local farmers to larger companies that export globally. Some of the major market players include:

  • Company A: A large-scale farm that exports lavender products to the world. They have a diverse product line and offer competitive pricing. However, they source their products from multiple farms, which can impact product consistency.
  • Company B: A small family farm that focuses on the production of high quality organic lavender. They have a loyal following and a strong reputation for their commitment to sustainability. However, their production is limited and their prices are higher than the industry average.
  • Company C: A well-established retailer of lavender products that sources from multiple farms. They offer a wide selection of products and have a strong online presence. However, their products may not have the same consistency and quality as those produced by a single farm.

While our competitors have different strengths and weaknesses, our unique selling points (USPs) allow us to stand out from the crowd. Our USPs include:

  • Vertical Integration: Unlike many of our competitors who source from multiple farms, we control the entire supply chain as we grow and process our own lavender. This ensures product consistency and traceability while mitigating any potential quality issues.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable farming practices and use only organic fertilizers and pest control methods. We also use renewable energy to power our operations and implement a water conservation system to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Customization: We offer custom products tailored to our customers’ needs, including unique blends and packaging options. This allows us to cater to a wider variety of customers and increase our competitive edge in the marketplace.
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We believe that our USPs will allow us to gain market share and compete effectively with our rivals. The customers we think our competitors will steal from us are those who prioritize price over quality and consistency. However, we are confident that our commitment to quality and durability will resonate with customers looking for a premium product that adds value to their lives.

Founding team

At Lavender Farming, we believe our team is our greatest asset. We are a group of passionate and experienced professionals who are committed to making our business a huge success. Our team consists of:

  • John Smith, CEO and Founder: John has over 10 years of farming and farming experience. He holds a degree in agricultural science from the University of California at Davis, and has worked on several farms in California and Oregon. John has a proven track record of success in starting and scaling agricultural businesses.
  • Mary Johnson, COO: Mary has over 10 years of operations management experience. She holds a degree in business management from Stanford University and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. Mary has a wide range of skills and experience in project management, logistics and management. of the supply chain.
  • Tom Lee, Chief Agronomist: Tom is a Ph.D. in Plant Science from the University of California, Davis, and has over 15 years experience in agronomy and crop science. He has worked for several major seed companies and has extensive experience in plant breeding, genetics and physiology. Tom’s expertise is crucial in ensuring that we produce high quality lavender crops.

Our goal is to bring high quality lavender crops to market that are grown and harvested sustainably. We believe there is a growing demand for lavender products, and we are well positioned to capitalize on this trend. Our team has the skills and experience to grow and scale our business while maintaining a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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Although we have confidence in the abilities of our team, we recognize that there are skills that may be lacking. To address this, we partner with consulting firms and industry experts to fill any gaps in our knowledge and experience. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement to ensure that we provide the best possible products and services to our customers.

We believe we are the right people for the challenge of developing a successful lavender farming business. We have a shared passion for sustainable agriculture and a commitment to excellence. With our combined skills and experience, we are confident that we can make lavender into a thriving and profitable business.

Traction / Milestones

The pull slide is the perfect place to prove that our business is moving in the right direction and now is the right time for investors to join us on this exciting journey. We are pleased to report significant growth in our business, which is supported by key metrics and a rapidly growing market.

  • We were able to acquire several contracts with the main lavender retail stores in the region, which allowed us to increase our product portfolio.
  • Over the past 6 months, our customer base has grown by 60%, which has also resulted in a significant increase in revenue.
  • Our customer reviews have been nothing but exceptional. Both online and offline, we’ve managed to build a dedicated fan base that loves our products for their unique flavors and quality.
  • Due to our growing demand, we have secured a partnership with a local production facility. They will be able to provide us with bulk orders of lavender, which will increase our product portfolio and streamline our process costs.

We closely monitor our metrics and use them to drive growth within our business. We believe that with our pull slide, investors will see how we are progressing and notice that our previous assumptions turn out to be true. Customers love our product and we are moving towards achieving product market fit. We strongly believe that investing in our business will not only bring you great returns, but will also help us expand our offerings and create a more significant impact in the lavender industry.

Fund raising

For our lavender farming business, we are thrilled to announce that we are seeking 0,000 in funding to catapult our business to the next level. With this investment, we plan to expand our operations and better compete in the industry by implementing a cutting-edge technology solution and expanding our operations to more locations.

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Our breakdown of expenses can be divided into three parts:

  • Product development: The majority of the funds will be used to finalize the development of our technological solution. We want to ensure that our product is user-friendly and efficient, able to help us manage our farming operations efficiently and provide our customers with the best experience.
  • Expansion: Expanding our operations is key to our growth, and this funding round will help us lease new land and increase our workforce to boost productivity.
  • Marketing: We plan to establish a strong online presence and generate leads by creating a robust marketing campaign. We leverage paid advertising, social media and other channels to reach our target market.

With this investment, we hope to achieve important milestones that will help us take our business to the next level. These milestones include:

  • Implemented our technology solution to our agricultural operations, resulting in a 30% decrease in operational costs and a 40% increase in productivity.
  • Expansion into new territories, a 20% increase in production and 25% revenue growth.
  • Gaining significant recognition in the market leading to a noticeable increase in customer base which ultimately led to profitability over the next 12 months.

We are thrilled to be part of this journey and to partner with investors who share our passion for innovative solutions and sustainable agriculture. This financing round will be a significant boost for our business and will create significant value for our customers, our investors and the environment.