Life insurance, stock market, real estate… In what to invest in 2015?

Despite a fairly complicated economic situation, the 2015 financial year still has some interesting investment vehicles in store for investors wishing to make their money grow optimally. Between the stock market, the stone and the life insurance, the possibilities of investments are numerous. Life insurance is one of the investments that continues to hold some … Read more

The pros and cons of CFDs

Lately, we hear a lot about CFDs. But what do we really mean by “CFD”? This is a contract stipulating that the difference resulting from a transaction (gain or loss) will be credited or debited to your account. CFDs (“contrat for differences” in English; “contrat d difference” in French) are derivative instruments that allow positions … Read more

The 10 commandments of the happy investor!

Of course, there is no miracle investment, but some sound advice exists and allows you to be attentive to the good veins and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Of course, it is always good to have a few veins but the advisers are not the payers. So, when you invest, know why you are doing it, … Read more

European equities: what can we expect for 2017?

Political, economic and also security realities provide an atmosphere of uncertainty in the world of financial markets. Investors are sometimes overwhelmed by the information coming from both sides. They don’t always know where to turn. However, doubt is a feeling that has no place in their profession. Indeed, it is essential that its investors can … Read more

6 tips for getting started with the online stock market

Have you decided to invest in the stock market while you are still a novice in the field? Above all, do not worry and follow these few tips that we are revealing to you. Thanks to them, you will start your investment with confidence while protecting yourself from many risks. Without further ado, discover them! … Read more

How much can you really earn with the scholarship?

In France, the stock markets are often shunned by individuals. Less than one in eight French households hold shares, either directly or through investment funds. This for several reasons: generally the stock market is perceived as too risky, too complicated or not profitable enough. However, it is a mistake to neglect this investment (especially in … Read more

Focus on crowdfunding through bond subscription


In a still dense crowdfunding market where more than 250 crowdfunding platforms in France are registered with the single register of insurance, banking and finance intermediaries “ORIAS”, there is a category of crowdfunding often little known to the general public. and which nevertheless represents the main source of growth for alternative finance in France. This … Read more

Evaluate a company on the stock market: simple & fast method

Evaluate a company on the stock market

The stock market is certainly the most profitable financial investment. Indeed, by investing in quality companies, it is not uncommon to make large capital gains and receive monstrous dividends. However, the risk of poor performance exists… …or even worse: you can even leave all of your capital there. So how do you invest in the … Read more

The shortest way to become an investor

Become an investor

Investment can take many forms. This is an ultra-complex field, as there are hundreds of different ways you can invest… …and yet each time you have to control the risk and obtain a good return. But, exactly, where to start? Wouldn’t it be great to have a solid starting point that prepares you for financial … Read more