Personal branding: the art of putting yourself forward

Also called personal marketing, personal branding aims to promote one’s own image and skills in order to attract clients or recruiters. The individual then builds and shapes his brand image like a company in order to enhance its value on the market. As you will have understood, it is the art of building your digital … Read more

Escadrille, a springboard for your career!

ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil is the Junior-Enterprise of TBS Education , formerly Toulouse Business School and ESC Toulouse. Created 45 years ago, in 1978, it allows the students of the school to carry out consulting assignments with various clients such as entrepreneurs, VSEs/SMEs and major accounts. Thus, as a student, you can choose to work … Read more

Be a leader in the digital age

Diagram of the four pillars of communication, in the digital age.

Still wondering if your communication methods are impacting your sales ? The answer is yes. However you communicate about your brand, this communication will necessarily have positive or negative consequences. It is essential to think carefully about the first approach you will use to seduce your potential prospects. The objective is to market your product … Read more

Focus on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in France

Do you know “THE” number of entrepreneurship? 4 out of 10 entrepreneurs were employed before starting a business. Audrey Baillot, Sylvain Juliachs (Insee) The year 2022 was prolific for business creation . Indeed, another year where more and more entrepreneurs were: 1,072,000 is the number of companies that were born in 2022. This is 2.1% … Read more