Men Don’t Peek – For Women Only

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 50. Men Don’t Peek – For Women Only

What it is …

Financial considerations and traditions that are generally unique to women.

How It hurts…

Traditional rules discourage independent thinking.

Financial savvy is not as highly valued.

Income for women is generally less than income for men.

Women live longer than men.

Women are often the subjects of stereotypes.

Key items to look for…

Your assumptions regarding financial matters.

The roles that others expect you to fulfill regarding money.


An ongoing exploration.

Keys to action…

Examine your assumptions and roles.

Discuss your concerns with your partner.

Become active in all financial decisions.

Negotiate new methods for money management chat take care of each of you.


Many attitudes about women and money come from Family backgrounds.


Review your decision­ making process for financial matters.

Look for patterns related to gender roles.


Seek new ways to find and fulfill your roles and give thought to how money relates to your identity and self-esteem.


Your reaction to the traditional notion that women don’t know how to handle money.

Your reaction to accepting financial responsibility.

Your reaction to getting more involved in financial decision-making.

But what if…

My husband doesn’t want me to get involved and/or I don’t want to get involved?

  • Choose and accept the consequences.

Thought primers…

At the thought of taking a more active role with money…

If money management meant planning for the future instead of paying monthly bills…

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The good thing about letting my husband make the decisions ..

If I became more of a team player...

If my husband and I worked together effectively…

Men Don't Peek - For Women Only
Men Don’t Peek – For Women Only