love and marketing

At first glance, marketing and love are two radically opposed concepts. The first concept aims to promote and sell products or services through communication and persuasion techniques . The second is a feeling of affection , tenderness and attachment towards a person. Unlike marketing, love is a basic human need.

How then to explain their rapprochement despite this antagonism?

Marketing in love with love

First, let’s take a look at the opportunities that love offers to marketing. Marketing techniques can be used to promote or sell love-related products such as chocolates for Valentine’s Day or flowers as romantic gifts. Here love is perceived as a mere marketing tool. But this relationship goes beyond a relational sketch . Indeed, marketing must instil a real fusional love. How and why ?

love and marketing
Love and marketing “hand in hand”

Love, a lever for marketing

This notion is linked to love because the value of love is a powerful and emotional feeling that can arouse strong reactions in individuals. Thus, a brand has every interest in enhancing this emotional connection with its audience. This is why a robust love of an audience vis-à-vis a brand ambassador has a strong influence on his behavior for example.

In the luxury sector, Marylin Monroe has embodied and will embody Chanel number 5 for decades to come. A story that however began during an interview when Ms. Monroe answered firmly: “only n°5” to a question from a journalist. Implicitly, to wear this perfume is to metamorphose into your idol, in any case this is what the brand with the famous orange bottle has brilliantly succeeded in conveying.

In fact, marketing techniques are able to adapt their strategy to attract prospects by playing on the emotions and sensitivities of consumers . These techniques are used all the more during festive periods, such as Valentine’s Day.

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A well-rehearsed marketing strategy that knows how to take advantage of love

The Valentine’s Day craze has long attracted commerce. Indeed, this holiday has become so popularized that it perhaps loses its primary meaning, namely love with a capital A. Today it is a growing opportunity for the commercial sector, as evidenced by this research development related to Valentine’s Day (Semrush):

love and marketing
Monthly “Valentine’s Day” search volumes in France.

Over a four-year period, search popularity nearly doubled.

What lessons can we draw from this observation?

First, Valentine’s Day is getting more and more popular , that’s a fact. But at a time when couples are becoming rarer, it’s quite paradoxical. Love has therefore evolved, without however being forgotten.

How has marketing adapted to the changes?

Valentine’s Day is a highlight for many lovers. It is also an appointment not to be missed in a marketing strategy.

Here are some clear numbers:

  • 83% of consumers turn to the internet in their search for Valentine’s Day gifts
  • +77%, number of searches related to Valentine’s Day on Google

Even if flowers, chocolates, jewelry, restaurants or stays still dominate, everyone can take advantage of this period of high demand. Some play the game-competition card, like BNP Paribas’ We Love Cinema campaign. The winners were able to enjoy an immersive and somewhat atypical experience in a bed set up in a cinema room privatized for the occasion, but also much more.

The advantages of a contest are multiple (and very profitable):

  • Engage new prospects
  • Interact with your community on Social Networks
  • Collect data, usable for e-mailing campaigns for example
  • Communicate and create buzz

Why pay attention to it?

This period is an opportunity to reach a new target , in particular that of suppliers.
As you have understood, Valentine’s Day is an unmissable calendar event because it undeniably sells. In addition, the average basket is quite substantial, €100 for women and €140 for men. Symbol of its influence, Americans spent almost 24 billion dollars in 2022 for this holiday. This is two billion more than the previous year (National Retail Federation).

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It is therefore in the merchants’ interest to offer an offer adapted to this “romantically” profitable period.

ESCadrille helps you get started!

Festive periods such as Valentine’s Day are an opportunity to reach new customers. For this it is necessary to communicate effectively to reach and interest a new target. We are able to help you from A to Z whether it is for the realization of a communication plan , a Web-Marketing strategy or digitalization . Call on us for your communication strategy.

Integrating a market in a period of high activity is a wise choice, ESCadrille carries out market studies in order to support you and thus know the opportunities and the environment of this one . This information is essential to launch its activity or develop a new product serenely.