4 steps to start a business in 2021

The evolution of business creations despite the health crisis

In France, despite the health crisis, nearly 850,000 businesses were created in 2020, i.e. 35,000 more than last year. This 4% increase is a new record.

1,071,900 creations in 2022 is a 2% increase compared to 2021 and its record year (+17% / 2020).

This is mainly due to individual companies registered in the National Business Register, under the micro-entrepreneur regime which corresponds to the status of platform workers. Indeed, 547,900 creations were registered under this regime in 2020, i.e. 9% more than in 2019.

Real estate and trade (distance selling) are also sectors that have experienced significant growth.

Even if the Covid has had disastrous effects on the economy and the project leaders do not know how to launch their activity, the idea of creating and succeeding by setting up a start-up is not utopian.

So, what are the steps to follow and the tips for creating your box during the health crisis?

4 steps to start a business in 2021

1. Introspect

If you want to set up your business, it is important in this particular context to do a skills assessment. This tool will allow you to:

  • Identify the skills you have mastered and those that you still need to acquire as part of the launch of your project. (team management, labor law, etc.)
  • To challenge your motivation in order to be persuaded to want to set up your company. Indeed, such a project is not trivial, it is necessary to have a real desire to undertake in the long term.
  • Establish a project that suits you and define the steps necessary to implement it.
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4 steps to start a business in 2021

2. Choose a buoyant sector in the current context

Analyzing booming sectors is an essential step before launching your start-up.

Indeed, with the crisis, new trends have emerged. New consumer needs and expectations are reshaping the economy.

What are the 3 most promising sectors since the start of the health crisis?

  • E-health : As our previous article explains, the aging of the population and more generally the importance of health, the lack of healthcare personnel and finally the weaknesses of the logistics chains that the crisis has revealed are all factors that testify that this sector will experience very strong expansion in the years to come. Thus, creating a Start-up in Telemedicine or creating its own health application seems appropriate. According to Health Insurance figures, more than 1 million teleconsultations were billed simply between April 6 and 12.
  • Digital : With the Covid, the rise of digitalization is in full swing. Applications, video games, streaming platforms and digital tools are at the heart of new lifestyles. You just have to take telework to perceive multiple business opportunities (remote management of teams, tools to optimize comfort, etc.)
  • E-commerce : This sector is also experiencing significant growth given the health restrictions. This is particularly the case for Drives. “7% of French people tested Drive for the first time during this crisis. And 30% of them would be ready to return post-containment” Kantar study.

We must not forget other niche sectors such as Green Tech, which links ecological transition and digitalisation, or even Silver Tech for the elderly.

3. Follow new trends by creating a sustainable and responsible project

It is certain that this health crisis has changed mentalities .

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This is reflected in particular by new expectations among consumers who feel more concerned about the protection of the environment , the fact of consuming locally and values such as solidarity or fraternity.

These are criteria to take into account when launching your project. It is by following these trends that you will be able to attract demand and retain customers around values that are dear to them.

4 steps to start a business in 2021
The real attraction for “Made in France”

It therefore seems relevant to:

Focus on Made In France or even hyperlocal.

To take into account its stakeholders . This can result in the establishment of reassuring and fair conditions for employees while involving them in decisions and strategy.

To take into account its environmental impact in its activity.

4 steps to start a business in 2021
COVID-19 is revealing new consumer trends

4. Train to better drill

Nearly 32% of French people take vocational training each year .

As we discussed in our article on continuing education, this enthusiasm is explained by the need to develop ever more skills in order to be agile in a world that is constantly changing .

Thus, following a training course is interesting following a skills assessment. This makes it possible to overcome any weaknesses and give yourself every chance to succeed in your project.

This is all the more true for people who embark on entrepreneurship .

Moreover, growth sectors require fairly specific qualifications , whether in digital or e-health.

There are degree cycles specially designed for project leaders, such as an Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship for example.

4 steps to start a business in 2021
TBS Education, Toulouse business school

The school to which we are affiliated offers MBAs and supports graduates in their professional retraining or the launch of their project.

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You want to make your business shine, ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil will accompany you!

Are you keen to start your business?

It’s a chance, the core business of ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil is precisely to support entrepreneurs, VSEs-SMEs or Large Accounts on the development of their project .

4 steps to start a business in 2021
ESCadrille client portfolio (50% entrepreneurs in 2020 and 42% in 2021)

For 45 years , we have been supporting many entrepreneurs. ESCadrille has therefore developed real expertise in this area and has extensive experience .

We offer many services that will meet your needs. Among them, market studies , business plans , communication plans or reputation studies .

Aware of new growth sectors, we have also developed services related to Corporate Social Responsibility and digitalization .

These services echo the skills that we are developing internally, as evidenced by the obtaining of ISO 26000 , in fact, we are the first Junior-Enterprise in Europe to obtain this standard.

Finally, ESCadrille offers training in CSR , digitalization and human resources . Nothing better to start on a solid foundation and develop your business in the years to come.

So, if this article has convinced you that it is quite possible to launch and make your company shine in 2023 , do not hesitate to call on a close-knit and available team that will best meet your needs .