I Can Find It – Organizing Your Materials

52 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – 45 . I Can Find It – Organizing Your Materials

What it is…

A simple method of locating, using, retaining, and monitoring financial records; a way of keeping all of your important papers in one place; and a system for locating your documents easily.

How it helps…

Everything is at your fingertips.

The system is flexible— you can adjust the segments as your life changes.

It is a call to action.

It puts all of your key information in one place.

It gives you the knowledge that you need to be in control.

It keeps you in touch with all pans of your life and your future.

Key items to look for…

Major areas of interest: investments, savings, assets, social security, retirement planning, location of documents and keys, liabilities, credit cards, copies of wills and durable power of attorney

Other sections that apply to your lifestyle.

Make your record book attractive through the use of colored pens, stickers, or pictures.


Two hours or less to set up.

Continuing, one hour every three months. If the job feels overwhelming, set aside a specific amount of time, perhaps fifteen minutes a day.

  • At the end of that time, stop— no matter where you are. Then, take up the project again the next day.

Keys to action …

Materials needed: large three-ring binder, dividers, binder paper, and plastic, pocket-type sheet protectors.


Assemble the materials you need— the note­ book and its parts, plus some of the papers that will go inside.


Be flexible. If you see the need for new sections, add them.


Consider this a type of family album. It keeps you up to date.


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Your feelings about gathering all the materials.

Whether you find it easy to become distracted.

But what if…

I can’t find everything on the first try?

  • Keep going with what you have.
  • Make a list of what’s missing and work on it later.
  • Know that the book is for you and that no one will see it unless you show it to them.

Thought primers…

To me, organizing means…

Keeping everything in order means.. .

The good thing about being disorganized might be…

If I could find things when I wanted to…

Saving time might mean…

It’s beginning to dawn on me that…

I Can Find It - Organizing Your Materials
I Can Find It – Organizing Your Materials