How Much to Start a Hemp Farm: Startup Cost Breakdown

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The hemp industry has seen massive growth in recent years and has the potential to become an even bigger and more powerful resource for those who invest in it. According to the US Hemp Authority, hemp sales reached just under billion in 2019 with over 25,000 employees in the hemp processing industry. For those looking to participate in this rapidly growing industry, starting a hemp farm could be a great option to earn money and take advantage of this valuable resource.

If you want to get started in the hemp industry, one of the first places to start is starting your own hemp farm. But the cost associated with setting up your farm and starting to grow your own hemp isn’t always clear. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what it takes to start and maintain a hemp farm, including a cost breakdown.


start-up costs

Starting a hemp farm requires considering the costs associated with land, equipment, machinery, greenhouse and seedling resources, harvesting and post-harvest handling, land preparation, irrigation and pest control tools and supplies. The average cost of these start-up costs can range from ,000 to 0,000, with some costs varying depending on the size and scope of the operation.

start-up costs Average cost (USD)
Land for the hemp farm ,000 – ,000
hemp farm equipment ,000 – ,000
Hemp farm machinery ,000 – ,000
Greenhouse or growing facilities for hemp farm ,000 – ,000
Entering and planting resources for the hemp farm ,000 – ,000
Harvesting and post-harvest handling for the hemp farm ,000 – ,000
Soil preparation and additives for the hemp farm ,000 – ,000
Hemp Farm Irrigation Tools and Supplies ,000 – ,000
Hemp Farm Pest Control Supplies 0 – ,500
Total start-up costs ,000 – 0,000

It is important to note that these costs are largely estimated and may vary depending on the size and scope of the project. When factoring in the cost to get your hemp farm up and running, be sure to factor in overhead costs such as labor, taxes, and insurance.

Land for the hemp farm

When looking to start a hemp farm, the biggest cost is often the land you will use to grow the hemp. Depending on location and size, the cost of land can vary greatly. It is important to consider future growth plans when choosing land for your hemp farm.

Statistically speaking:

  • The median value of single-family homes in the United States is over 6,000 , according to Zillow.
  • In Canada, four-bedroom homes can range from 0,000 to over 0,000.
  • In Europe, the average housing price of a three-bedroom house was €267,000 in 2020.
  • Commercial land prices in Europe range from €180 to €270 per square meter .
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The cost of land can vary greatly depending on location, size and zoning laws. In addition, land leased by a farmer may be cheaper than land purchased. When setting up a hemp farm, it is important to choose land with enough room for growth, as well as to stay compliant with local and state regulations.

hemp farm equipment

Starting a successful hemp farm requires more than quality hemp seeds – it requires a significant investment in the right equipment. You’ll need the right tools and infrastructure to grow, process, and store hemp, while achieving the highest yields possible. Here we’ll cover the basics of the equipment you’ll need to get started, plus total cost estimates.

The equipment needed to start a hemp farm largely depends on the size and type of farm you plan to run. Extractors, often the most expensive type of equipment, may not be necessary if you are making whole products like smoked hemp flower. But, other types of equipment (like harvesters, dryers, and storage units) apply to almost every hemp grower.

In terms of essential equipment for your hemp farm, you will need:

  • Dispatcher: The main brands of dispatchers cost around ,000, with some at the higher end of the spectrum reaching as high as ,000.
  • Tractor: If you don’t already have one, you will need to purchase a tractor to pull your harvester. Tractors come in a variety of sizes and models, with a range of features. Depending on the features you want, you can buy a tractor for ,000 to 0,000.
  • Bed Preparation Equipment: In order to prepare a hemp field, you may need to purchase equipment such as a tiller, cultivator, or roller. Costs for these machines can range from ,200 to ,000.
  • Dryer: Hemp must be dried adequately in order to maintain desired cannabinoid levels. Industrial hemp dryers can range from ,000 to ,000.
  • Extractor: If you plan to make finished products from hemp, an extractor is necessary. Low-end models cost around 300,000 USD, while more advanced models reach up to 800,000 USD.
  • Storage Containers: Storage is key to keeping your hemp safe and reducing potential spoilage during transit. Storage containers come in a variety of sizes and can be made from a range of materials such as plastic, steel, or even shipping containers. Depending on the size, these containers can cost anywhere from ,000 USD to ,000 USD.

In addition to the aforementioned equipment, growers may also want to purchase items such as irrigation equipment, pest and disease control tools, lighting, testing equipment for quality assurance and potentially a biomass handling system in the case of biomass production. Overall, the cost of setting up your farm can easily reach million USD or more depending on the type and scale.

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Hemp farm machinery

When starting a hemp farm, keeping costs down is key, especially in the early stages. Buying machinery is one of the costs to consider when getting this business. The amount spent on the machinery and equipment needed to run a hemp farm will vary depending on the size of the farm and the type of environment in which the hemp is grown.

When considering the machinery needed, the cost will vary depending on the size of the hemp farm. Among the items needed on a hemp farm, the minimum supplies needed for hemp production are:

  • Dispatcher: A harvester is an essential piece of machinery and can cost upwards of ,000 depending on size and brand.
  • Tractor and plow: These machines can cost between ,000 and ,000.
  • Thresher: The threshing process is required to separate the hemp material from the seed husks and it will cost an average of ,000.
  • Cultivator: This machine is used to loosen the soil, remove weeds and turn the soil into suitable material for planting and these cost around ,000.

Additional machinery can also be used to increase the efficiency of hemp farming operations. These items are more expensive but can help increase the quality of the hemp harvest:

  • Dryers: Heat is needed to dry harvested plants and this can be accomplished using commercial dryers which can cost up to ,000.
  • Chopper: These can be used to aid in the chopping process and run around ,000.
  • Packers: This machine can save time and effort and is priced at around ,000.
  • Combine: These combine the harvesting, stripping, and winnowing processes together and can cost up to ,000.

While these machines are necessary for a successful hemp farm, some farmers may opt for a smaller-scale operation that requires fewer machines. However, the cost of these items can still be substantial and will vary depending on the size of the farm and the type of environment the hemp is grown in. Therefore, it is important to do your research and determine exactly how much it will cost to start a hemp farm before investing.

Greenhouse or growing facilities for hemp farm

If you are looking to start your own hemp farm, one of the biggest investments you will need to make is in a greenhouse or growing facility. A good greenhouse can provide the optimum growing atmosphere to ensure that your plants stay healthy and your harvest is full and bountiful. Depending on your needs, the type, size and cost of your greenhouse can vary greatly.

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The cost of building a hemp grow facility will mainly depend on the size and structure of the facility itself. There are many options to consider when deciding on the best green house structure for your hemp farm. The most common types are traditional hoop-style greenhouses, gutter-style greenhouses, and tall, tall-supported greenhouses. Each of these structures comes in a variety of sizes and requires an initial investment. The cost of hemp farm greenhouses also varies greatly depending on the materials you choose for construction.

According to the latest research from Hemp Benchmarks, the cost of building a base tunnel style greenhouse for hemp production averages ,000 . For a tall gutter style structure, prices start at ,000 and can go up to 5,000 for a 30 x 96 foot installation. For the most supported structure, costs start at ,000 for a 30 x 96 foot greenhouse and can go up to 0,000 for larger structures.

In addition to the cost of building your hemp greenhouse, there will also be other related costs such as infrastructure, equipment, seeds and associated materials, ventilation, and energy. Other elements such as trellising, irrigation, heating and cooling, and lighting will also require initial investments.

To find the best value, hemp farmers should research their local market and speak to industry professionals to understand the different pricing options and find the ideal structure and materials needed to meet their needs.

Entering and planting resources for the hemp farm

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to opening a hemp farm is the initial cost of seeding and planting. Depending on the size of the farm and the equipment used, these costs can vary considerably. But generally speaking, here are some of the costs associated with seeding and planting hemp crops:

  • Seeds: The cost of hemp seeds can range from to per pound, depending on the variety you choose. Additionally, the cost of seeds also varies depending on whether you plan to buy certified or non-certified seeds.
  • Tractors: Tractors are necessary for most hemp farms and can range in cost from ,000 to 0,000, depending on the size and capabilities of the tractor.
  • Planting Equipment: The cost of planting equipment such as seedlings, harvesters, planters, and other machinery can range from ,000 to ,000, depending on the specific machinery you purchase.
  • Soil treatments: Hemp plants require soil treatments in order to grow properly. These treatments can range in cost from to per acre, depending on the type of soil treatment used.

In addition to the costs associated with seeding and planting, there are also additional costs associated with maintaining the hemp farm. These costs include costs to maintain the soil, purchase fertilizers and pesticides, and monitor the crop for pests and diseases.

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The cost of seeding and planting a hemp farm can be significant, but is a necessary investment to run your hemp business. With the right equipment and a little know-how, you can start growing hemp and making a profit in no time.

Harvesting and post-harvest handling for the hemp farm

Harvesting your hemp crop and handling it correctly after harvest are essential steps to ensure the highest quality of your product while adhering to industry regulations. While some of this process can and should be done on your farm or hemp processing facility, the drying and extraction of CBD usually happens off premises in specialized facilities.

The cost of harvesting and post-harvest handling for hemp farms can vary widely and is based largely on the size and complexity of the harvest. Generally, large hemp farms can expect to budget .00 to .00 per pound of dried hemp for harvesting and related work.

Below are sample estimates for various hemp farming services:

  • 5 to 0 per acre for harvest and desperation
  • to 0 per acre to treat clumps or plants
  • to 0 per acre to dry flower
  • 0 to 0 per acre to dry seed
  • 0 per acre to treat seed
  • per acre for flower extraction
  • per acre for seed extraction
  • to per acre for cleanup and storage

These costs do not include the cost of extracting the CBD, which will be an additional cost. CBD extraction is usually performed in a specialized processing facility, with cost estimates ranging from .25 to .50 per gram of CBD. It is important to fully understand the cost associated with harvesting and post-harvest handling of hemp to ensure that you are budgeting correctly.

Soil preparation and additives for the hemp farm

Soil preparation is a crucial step in creating the perfect environment for growing hemp. It is necessary to assess the pH and nutrient levels of the soil as well as perform various tests to ensure it is suitable for hemp. Additionally, a number of additives may be required in order to optimize soil quality and ensure hemp plants have the most ideal growing environment.

The cost of soil preparation and additives for the hemp farm varies greatly depending on the type of soil, the size of the farm, and the quality of the ingredients used. Based on a survey conducted by the hemp industry daily in 2020, the average cost of soil preparation and additives for a one-acre hemp farm ranges from 0 to ,200 in the United States. .

Here are some of the most common additives used in soil preparation for hemp farms:

  • Organic Matter – This provides essential nutrients, increases water holding capacity and boosts soil health. It can cost between 0 and 0 per acre, depending on the form used.
  • Gypsum – This helps improve soil structure, reduce toxicity and provide extra calcium. The cost of gypsum for hemp farms ranges from to 0 per acre.
  • Organic Fertilizer – These provide the necessary nutrients for hemp plants and can cost anywhere from to 0 per acre.
  • Mycorrhizal Fungi – These fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant root systems and can cost up to per acre.
  • Lime – This is used to adjust the pH level of the soil and can cost up to 0 per acre.
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Overall, the cost of soil preparation and additives for hemp farms can be quite high. For example, if you’re starting a small-scale hemp farm, you can expect to spend between 0 and ,200 just to prepare the ground for cultivation. It is important to consider the influence of these costs on the overall budget of your hemp farming operation.

Hemp Farm Irrigation Tools and Supplies

Before you can open a hemp farm, you must have the necessary irrigation tools and supplies to ensure your crops are properly watered. Irrigation tools and supplies for a hemp farm have an average cost of anywhere between ,000 to ,000 . This cost varies depending on the size of your farm, the type of irrigation equipment you need, and the number of fields that require watering.

The most common items you will need for irrigation include the following:

  • Drip irrigation systems or sprinkler systems (costs approximately ,000 )
  • Water control valves and other irrigation control equipment (costs typically range from 0 to 0 )
  • Irrigation pumps (costs typically range from 0 to ,500 )
  • Water supply pipes (costs typically range from 0 to 0 depending on length)
  • Irrigation pumps with variable speed motors, control systems and other accessories (costs range from ,500 to ,000 )

In addition to these irrigation tools, you may also need to purchase agricultural chemicals and fertilizers to ensure your crops are properly maintained. These chemicals and fertilizers usually cost between 0 and 00 per acre of land, depending on the type of chemicals and fertilizers you need. Also, you may need to rent or buy a tractor or other machinery to help with harvesting, fertilizer application, and other tasks, which will cost between ,500 and ,000. .

Overall, it is important to consider the cost of irrigation tools and supplies when setting up a hemp farm. The total cost of these items depends on the size of your farm, the type of irrigation equipment you use, and the number of fields that need watering. So, if you’re planning on opening a hemp farm, it’s essential to do your research and factor these costs into your budget.

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Hemp Farm Pest Control Supplies

Pests can cause significant losses in a hemp crop and cause a negative impact on the profitability of a hemp farm. It’s important to have the right pest control supplies on hand to prevent and mitigate pest damage. It starts with the selection and application of pest control products designed for hemp farms.

The cost of pest control supplies depends on the size of the hemp farm and the type of pest control used. Generally speaking, the cost of pest control supplies ranges from ,000 to ,000. The higher end of this range will include the purchase of an insecticide sprayer, traps and other supplies.

Factors that can affect the cost of pest control supplies include:

  • The size of the hemp farm
  • The type of pest control used
  • The amount and type of pest control products needed

Depending on the climate the hemp farm is in, it may be necessary to purchase additional pest control products to control various insects and vermin. In some climates, specialist products, such as those designed to control mites, aphids and other pests, may be necessary. These additional products can significantly increase the cost of pest control supplies.

In addition to the cost of pest control products, hemp farmers may need to hire a professional pest control technician. The cost of hiring a technician can range from to 0 per hour. The cost of hiring a technician depends on their experience and the type of pest control needed.

Overall, hemp farmers should factor the cost of pest control supplies into their budget when planning their hemp farm. By taking the time to purchase the right pest control products and hire the services of a professional pest control technician when needed, hemp farmers can ensure that their crops are protected from pests and that their profits are maximized.


Buying land, designing and creating successful infrastructure, and investing in appropriate equipment, machinery, and resources all come with a high associated cost. Ultimately, starting a hemp farm has an average cost of between ,000 and 0,000 depending on the scope of the project. Growing and launching a successful hemp farm can be a time and money consuming endeavor, but the emergence of this revolutionized industry can make it a very worthwhile venture.

The financial costs of starting a hemp farm can seem daunting, but with proper planning and execution, the hemp industry could be your most lucrative investment. The possibilities with hemp are nearly endless, and with the industry growing rapidly, now is the time to enjoy something amazing. So finish your business plan and start investing in your future hemp farm today.