How is Made in France a promising market?

59% of French people believe that the country of manufacture is an important criterion during the purchasing process. According to a study carried out by ProFrance , an association that bears the “Origine France Garantie” certification, the French are increasingly sensitive to the origin of the products they buy.

In recent years, the French have a real craze for Made in France. Their purchasing behavior is proof of this, since there has been a very clear increase in brands offering products made in France. Starting with textiles, passing through food or toys, all sectors of activity in France are concerned.

For French and foreign consumers alike, Made in France is synonymous with quality . It is also synonymous with supporting the national and responsible economy . More and more consumers want to consume less but better. This reflects a promising trend for the Made in France market.

Therefore, how is it appropriate, nowadays, for a brand to position itself on Made in France and to communicate on this trademark?

Consumer attractiveness for Made in France

Conscious consumers

In recent years, French consumers have clearly changed their eating habits and lifestyle. this in favor of consumption centered on eco-responsible products, including Made in France products.

Today, 92% of French people are concerned about the origin of their food. Above all, they are looking for organic and local products.

The tendency to be conscientious in one’s purchasing process has become a priority for French consumers, but also international ones. According to Ifop, in 2017, 75% of French people thought French products were of better quality and 74% were willing to pay more for them . These figures are not insignificant and demonstrate the desire of consumers to consume more responsibly.

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How is Made in France a promising market?

Already, consumers favor quality, which is a growth opportunity for the Made in France market. Indeed, the products from this market are assimilated to quality products for 92% of French people. For the latter, it is also the assurance of being manufactured according to standards that are socially respectful of employees for 87% of them. By buying Made in France, the French consumer can then fight on his own scale against overconsumption and for the respect of working conditions.

Also, consuming Made in France has advantages in terms of environmental protection . 84% of French people think they promote respect for the environment by buying French products. This is due to an optimization of transport and a reduction in waste.
Indeed, some countries are very polluted because of their massive textile industry. For example, 70% of waterways in China are polluted due to toxic substances from textiles released during their manufacture. According to the NGO Greenpeace , each item of clothing contributes 20 times its weight to greenhouse gases.

A desire to encourage national production

While the French textile industry represented more than a third of national production in the 19th century, the latter continued to close under the pressure of globalization. Nevertheless, since the 2000s, the textile industry has regained a momentum of growth thanks to the mention of the Made in France label, which inevitably attracts consumers.

An exponential number of French people want to promote national production by buying Made in France products. Buying French also means supporting the national economy and its know-how. This has even become a civic gesture. 93% of French people believe that buying products made in France means supporting French industry and employment in France.

A good argument to boost your sales

The Made in France market was, a long time ago, a real commercial niche market. For what ? Because the French companies tended to internationalize their production and to minimize the production in France because it is more expensive.

Today, many companies are setting up on the Made In France market, a promising market and a real competitive advantage .
62% of them find that Made in France is an argument that has a strong impact on sales. Indeed, the demand is strong, which pushes companies to take responsibility.
Companies can then display a price higher than the market since consumers agree to pay for the assurance of French quality and know-how.
For example, large-scale distribution companies such as Leclerc or Intermarché have redesigned their communication strategies, now focused on organic and local commitment while seeking to promote employment.

Thus, today, the Made in France sector represents nearly 40,000 jobs for an annual turnover of 7.2 billion euros.

Also, promoting Made in France abroad helps to promote the export of national production . Indeed, many foreign consumers are interested in French products which are synonymous for them with know-how, tradition, quality and refinement.
For example, the Maesa company, a producer of bespoke perfumes, has experienced exponential growth in recent years thanks to exports. The French know-how of the perfumer is recognized by the international scene. The French company then achieved 80% of its turnover internationally, which rose from 9 million to 76 million euros in six years.

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China is a fervent consumer of French products. In 2016, 30% of the e-commerce market was covered by China. The Chinese market therefore offers numerous development prospects for French e-merchants. Many internationally oriented Chinese e-commerce sites offer visibility to French brands.

Made In France, an effective marketing argument

The demand for Made in France is strong in France. This is why companies whose production is essentially, or even 100% French, have an interest in focusing their communication on this theme. This sales argument must then appear in the eyes of the consumer when he is interested in a product. It is an effective consumption tool and a real opportunity to improve the image of the company. The mention Made in France must be everywhere but above all proven. The consumer expects true information from the company.

It is also an opportunity for the company to claim values such as quality, civic and environmental commitment. Communication tools that are undeniable today. This modern initiative is a real proof of commitment to ethical and civic values. Indeed, consumers are increasingly looking for companies with real authenticity. Made in France is a way to achieve this and directly reach the consumer.

Le Slip Français is a company that focuses all of its communication and marketing process on Made in France. And it works!

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Today, the mention Made in France is taken up by many companies because its effectiveness has been proven. Many denominations exist on the different products such as “Made in France”, “100% French”, “Origin France”… Widely accessible and uncontrolled, the manufacturer can affix this mention if the last transformation took place in France or if 45% of its added value was achieved in France. This can pose a problem for the consumer who needs to be reassured about the product he is buying. Indeed, according to Ifop, 92% of French people would like to set up a stricter label.

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In this logic was created the collective mark “Origine France guaranteed” certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, world leader in certification. About fifteen companies benefit from this label. The goal is for them to be valued as corporate citizens and to guide the consumer towards quality French products. It is the only officially recognized and certified label.

Apart from these labels, there are also platforms that list products made in France. For example the Madine France directory or the La fabrique hexagonale site. It’s a good way to be present on these platforms to increase your visibility.
Communicating about its French production is a real opportunity for visibility and winning market share.

ESCadrille helps you identify opportunities in your market and communicate your strengths

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By having the ambition to position itself on the Made in France market, the company can call on ESCadrille. For what ? To know how to communicate with its target consumers, enhance its image. An important component to stand out from the competition.

This also leads to other issues such as adapting its communication to its context and to its customers. Made in France targets a specific clientele that it is important to detect and reach through appropriate communication.

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